glândula Pineal

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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ)



Reasoning came to the matter egress from the RATIONAL WORLD, bearing its original form of Rational Energy, when a few, inadvertently, entered a part of the RATIONAL PLAIN which was not ready to make progress.

That part of the plain, then, displaced itself and started a descending course, taking with it the Rational Energy bodies of those few, as well as of its own, starting a progressive process of deforming transformations, caused by the loss of their pure, clean and perfect virtues.

As they touched that part of the RATIONAL PLAIN that descended and divided itself into gum and resin, those “few ones” extinguished themselves on top of the beginning of the water, originated from the gum, and on top of the beginning of the earth, originated from the ash. That occurred at the start of the Universe´s materialization process.

That virtue that remained from the bodies of the “few ones”, upon materializing itself in the beginning of the water and of the earth, gave origin to the masculine Reasoning and to the feminine Reasoning, forming the bodies of both sexes that started to sprout from the ground, initially as little monsters, evolving afterwards to the condition of Rational animal.

That remaining virtue came to compose the Reasoning, and gave cause to the material mechanics, forming the thought and the imagination. In its turn, the material mechanics gave cause to the celestial mechanics.

Thought and imagination came to rule the Rational animal. The development of the imagination came first through the magnetic energy, and the development of the thought came later, through the electric energy, until the phase of the development of the Reasoning arrived, for the Reasoning remained materialized in the Pineal Gland in the center of the Rational animal´s head.

Everything in the visible matter has its fluidic counterpart in the space. And that is how the Rational Fluid corresponding to the Reasoning is in space.

And the passing through the first and second millennium were necessary for the maturation of the human being´s formation, for the arrival, then,  of the Rational phase of the Third Millennium, for the development of the Reasoning and its connection to the fluid of its true being, the Rational Fluid.

That is how the beginning of the Pineal Gland´s superior function started: the transcendental function.

Since the origin of the water drop, which is the semen, is Rational, it comes complete as a human body and as the essence of the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD, who will eventually materialize himself in the fertilization of the Rational animal.

That essence will only have an effective function in the living creature, after the complete development of the Reasoning, when the connection to the Rational Fluid is achieved and the fluid comes to rule the living creature´s body.

There are, then, two living bodies materialized in the matter: the degenerated, degraded and polluted human being, which is the beast or animal part originated from the RATIONAL PLAIN that was not ready to make progress,  itself degenerated deformed and polluted; and the pure, clean and perfect human being, which is the Rational Energy materialized in the Pineal gland of the living creature.

Therefore, it is up to humankind during its existence in the matter, to become aware of that duplicity of lives and triplicity of energies inside oneself, through the reading and study of the “Universe in Disenchantment” Literary Work, in order to develop the Reasoning, the Clairvoyance and the Apparatus.   

That procedure will dematerialize the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD who promptly reacquires his original corporeal form of pure, clean and perfect Rational cosmic mass, and returns to his World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

That was the DIVINE PROVIDENCE´s gift to humankind, which with the arrival of Rational Culture´s Superior Knowledge, linked the First World to the Second World, allowing the connection of the people of the Earth to the pure, clean and perfect ones of the RATIONAL WORLD, saving thus, the Rational animal from extinction.

To see that the Rational Energy, in order to be able to act intelligibly in the world of matter, was molded in the form of a  Rational Energy wrapping, which came to be called “Reasoning” and sent to the second world printed in the pages of the Book “Universe in Disenchantment”.

The noun “Rational Energy” gained a new presentation in the “Reasoning” mode, being used either as a substantive or as a verb, to flexibilize the word and adapt it to the contingencies and limitations of the language spoken by the terrene community.

In the RATIONAL WORLD, since everyone and everything are RATIONAL ENERGY, they are endowed with a tacit, instantaneous and permanent understanding in their ways of communication, for everyone and everything is originated from the FOREMOST BEING, the Generator, Creator and Maintainer: THE RATIONAL ENERGY, SUPERIOR TO ALL ENERGIES; THE RATIONAL SUPERIOR.

Since the natural of the phase in force in Nature is Rational, Nature herself also comes to develop the Rational Energy paralyzed in the form of Reasoning inside the human being´s head, collaborating thus, on the recovery of its function.

For that reason, Nature is an important supporting element of the BOOK “Universe in Disenchantment” in the development of the dematerialization of the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD and in His ascension to the  world of his origin.

All the changing and transformation times came to humankind through Nature. That is the reason why everything works according to the temporal limits of phases and epochs, millennia and eternities, 1935 being the entrance of the Rational Phase into the universal matter.

Eternity is the natural state of everything and everyone in the RATIONAL WORLD, which the terrene ones, with their vision blurred by the narrowness of their state of being, insensible, materialist and egotist, came to glimpse with the development of the Reasoning. They also came to realize their brutal backwardness, the insignificance of the thought and of the imagination, and of everything else that refers to life in the matter, vis-à-vis life in the RATIONAL WORLD.

The Transcendental Scripture “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture conceived by GOD, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, is a unique implement, with the fantastic power to detach us from the matter´s electromagnetic attraction and lead us back to the RATIONAL WORLD.

Its content was specifically formulated to supply the living creature with everything that he needs and requires to come to know himself; reading, studying, researching, understanding and comprehending who the Reasoning is, and finally taking the right road back to his World of Origin.

Through the Rational Knowledge acquired, the evolving transformations go on gradually and naturally taking place, redirecting the living creature to his true natural state of pure, clean, perfect and eternal being, with his fluidic and luminous body of Rational cosmic mass.





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