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(RACIONAL SUPERIOR – Subject extracted from the 13th volume of the Replica of the Books  Universe in Disenchantment – Collaboration by Mário Toledo, Brasília, DF)


And so, many ads have already been made; ancient and modern, that the eternal salvation of all would come in this century. In South America, there would be a knowledge of the true Universal Redemption of everyone.

And so, there it is, the knowledge of where everyone came and where they will all return.

Everyone is of Rational origin, returning to the RATIONAL WORLD.

Many are waiting and know, above all, that this knowledge is already on Earth.

They are just waiting to get their hands on it.

Many have already been warned by the inhabitants of the cosmos, who are on the Rational Line.

So, they have already warned their human receivers that the Rational Knowledge of eternal salvation is already on Earth, in Brazil, in a locality.

That is in great progress and great evolution, by great advertisement of those who have taken notice and those who are taking notice.

In this way, Brazil will be small to host the whole world.

The whole world has been waiting for this for a long time.

And today, in Brazil, it is the knowledge of universal concord, the Rational Knowledge, the true knowledge of the salvation of the Rational animal.

And Brazil will be small, to contain the universal crowd, who want to see the Rational house in person.

And to see up close also, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR OF THE EARTH, the true Divine Being, who will lead all mankind to eternal life to its true place, in its true World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

The movements from now on will be the most alarming in all corners of the world, because the Inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD will take action on all sides and everywhere, advertising in space with their luminous bodies calling the attention of all mankind.

And so, something strange (so to speak, to be well interpreted) is happening on Earth.

Until they come to know that it is the knowledge of Eternal Salvation. And so, in every corner, on all sides, in every way, in the whole humanity, the desire and the desperation to possess the Book of this Redemption, in hands will surface .

And so in the world, everyone will immediately take action, for they all want to be saved.

The universal rush will be great because it is the greatest interest in the world: the salvation of humankind, universally.

The rush is great, the euphoria is much greater, the joy is general because the movement is all done by Rational Energy.

All this is coming soon. Because mankind can no longer bear so much suffering.

So it is for now because the despair is great: they live, all crying, asking for mercy.

And the Rational Energy there on Earth is going to provide for the salvation of all people.

Then the people alarmed will see the signs in space and say: Something is happening in the world.

This is all happening now. It was an inhabitant who came to Earth for the salvation of the humankind, for everyone is returning to their World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

And in this way, Brazil is small to contain the whole world.

Everybody wants to see; Everybody wants to see him closely.

Who is this person, on Earth. It is well known the reason for the joy of the people and the euphoria of the people because the people have been suffering for a long time.

So it is obvious there is euphoria and joy, for everyone wants to know that this true solution of all humanity is there on Earth.

Everyone wants to know where they came from and how they came, where they are going and how they going.

And, therefore, everyone considers themselves enlighten because they know that here on this earth they will not be born anymore.

They know why they are here and because here on Earth they will no longer be born, so it is in the hands of everyone, the true knowledge of the animal of Rational origin.

The return of the animal to the RATIONAL WORLD, ceasing to be animal, to be pure, clean and perfect Rational Being.

And there is the great future of humanity.

The greatest treasure of humanity.

The true, eternal salvation, so to speak.

Finally, the day has come, everyone knows the true salvation; know where they come from, how they came and where they are going and how they are going.

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