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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira. RJ)





The basis of the origin of the magnetic energy is the Earth.

The basis of the origin of the electric energy is the water.

The basis of the origin of the Rational Energy is the RATIONAL WORLD.

All of them contained inside the living creature´s head. The Reasoning is the phase of the eternal life´s third cycle, for the Third Millennium Phase is the continuation of the uninterrupting life along the eternities: meeting with the eternal life, the Phase of the peoples Rationalization.

Reminding that everyone’s origin is contained in a BEING infinitely Superior to everyone and everything: GOD, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, and the REASONING SUPERIOR TO ALL REASONING.

The ones who still are about to connect themselves, are the primary students who do not have as yet the necessary ripening to assimilate the basic parts required by the Knowledge for the development of the dematerialization of the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD,  who is materialized in the form of Reasoning machine in the person´s Pineal gland.

Now, the more ancient ones in the reading are the pioneers, more matured by the years in the process of studious, serious and thorough reading, have more intimacy with the assimilation of the knowledge, a degree not likely to occur with the primary ones who accomplished only a few years of reading to acquire the condition to expose with perfection and total command what he read and learned about the culture of the development of the Reasoning´s objective.

All fruits are good only when seasoned.

The electric and magnetic energy dematerializes the electric and magnetic body of the Rational animal to materialize it in inferior classes of the irrational species of the animal, vegetal and mineral kingdoms.

This body which was a machine of matter comes to be again what it was: electric and magnetic energy. It is the body of matter returning to its true origin, the second world.

On the other hand, Reasoning, who is the materialized Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD, returns to the RATIONAL WORLD, his true World of Origin.

The body of matter returns to its true origin which is the second world, whereas the Reasoning returns to the First World.

For being Nature´s natural evolution, the evolution is quite quick, for being a dematerialization and not a materialization or growth. Growth takes time because the person takes time to grow. Dematerialization is different; it is much quicker than the growth for being Nature´s natural evolution.

It is much quicker to destroy than to build.

In order to make lapidation effective, Nature created conventions through its tools, infinity of appearances, each thing one thing, all appearances; “that” denominates “this”, the “other” denominates “that other”, stipulating with apparent things the lives of  suffering and mortal people on Earth.

Everything stipulated by the thought and the imagination for the Rational animal lapidation.

The owner of the thought had to act likewise due to the human being´s rudeness, backwardness and brutality in that primitive stage it belonged and that many others also belong today, during the ruling stage of the civilized instruction in force.

For that reason exist the good and the bad, as well as the monsters. And for that reason there are the evils and the monstrosities, everything that exists and existed with their reason for being thus.

All that was thus until 1935, when a REASONING SUPERIOR TO ALL REASONING arrived here on Earth, the TRUE GOD of the Apparatus of Rational Origin, bringing with him a Rational Compendium entitled “Universe in Disenchantment”, which came to establish in the second world a new Culture from a world unknown by everyone, the First World, the RATIONAL WORLD.

Unknown why?

That should not be the case, for everyone was originated there in the pure, clean, perfect energy. But from there they descended and decayed to the deplorable state in which they are of degenerated ignorant, degraded and polluted beings.

Then, what was the reason?

In a pure, clean and perfect world, where everyone  lived in eternal harmony, a few decided on their own to exit the RATIONAL WORLD and enter a part of the RATIONAL PLAIN which was not ready to enter into progress, and from there on, progress by their own account.

GOD, The RATIONAL SUPERIOR, warned them of the crime they were committing, but HIS warnings were not heard or acknowledged, and those few proceeded carelessly their jaunt, judging they were progressing by their own account.   

Joyful mistake!

That part of the plain started to move away unperceptively from the main part of the RATIONAL PLAIN thus losing its virtues, together with everyone else who was in it.

Shortening a long story which is narrated with minute details in the Top Most Scripture of Rational Culture “Universe in Disenchantment”, that part of the plain and everyone in it went through a process of transformations and loss of virtues, (which are the pure, clean and perfect lives that they lived before).

Those virtues gathered themselves in a focus of cold and white light that with time warmed up and transformed itself into the sun. And thus, that focus of light each time hotter and hotter, started to heat that part of the plain in which those few were progressing, a progress that really was a regress, and everything deforming itself more and more. A resin coming out of the plain with the heat started to blister, than to burn, afterwards to roast to finally become ashes, which transformed themselves into the earth.

The other part of the plain, with the heat started to melt, turning soft and gummy, eventually became a thick liquid, later on thinner and finally turned into water.

Life of these few in their new world of matter, carried on in a process of rustic phases of materialization, such as vegetal sprouting from the ground; initially as monsters in various forms, then backward and advanced savages and finally as civilized ones.

In the 17th eternity, still in the first millennium, the procreation process of humankind started through the natural insemination by way of sexual relations.

These phases are known as the first millennium phase, the second millennium phase and the Third Millennium Phase. The second millennium phase is the Rational animal phase whose category is of Rational beast divided into two classes: Rational animal and irrational animal.

Everyone passed through the magnetic phase of the imagination and the electric and magnetic phase of the thought of the first and second millennium, two very heavy lapidation phases. As of 1935, in the Rational Phase, the Reasoning needs to be urgently dematerialized inside the Pineal gland of the living creature.

We reached a crucial and culminating point on this long, bumpy and suffered journey, and the only aim of those few who descended here due to a very serious disobedience to our FATHER, is now to excel in the reading and deepen oneself in the Rational Knowledge, in order to dematerialize the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD who lies materialized inside the living creature´s head, allowing him to reacquire his original corporeal form of pure, clean and perfect cosmic mass, and return to his World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.   

This is the weak point to be reinforced with the development of the Reasoning, which will allow everyone´s return to the eternal intimacy of our FATHER, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR and of our pure, clean and perfect brothers who so sagely remained there.

For that purpose, we must take the Rational Knowledge to our brothers who are still unaware of its existence, in all ways, forms and manners, doing the good to all, regardless, and only wishing for our neighbor all the good things one wishes for oneself.   

This act will only aggrandize everyone´s merit towards the RATIONAL TRIBUNAL and will make one a true Representative of the RATIONAL WORLD on Earth, continuing the pioneer work of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR OF THE EARTH, LORD MANOEL JACINTHO COELHO.



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