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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ)



Only the ones unknown of themselves think that life belongs to them only, and look for self-destruction immolating oneself for any reason when in reality everyone has its hour established by Nature. And when the hour comes there is nothing that may delay the moment of the living creature´s in this second world. As said in the popular jargon: “shot and fall”.

The owner of all lives in the universe of matter as well as in all the RATIONAL WORLD, is the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, the One who generated everyone and everything, created, maintains and provides their salvation which is the return from this second world degenerated and deformed to the First World, pure, clean and perfect.

GOD, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, is the only owner of the lives and of everything else that exists anywhere, and does not accept when people do not wait with patience and comprehension the unwinding of the facts in their lives and the right day of their removal from this second world.

Nature´s natural laws are made to be complied with and not to be distorted by the free-will and used in a perverse way. These ignorant of themselves do not know that life´s value is in the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD materialized in the form of Reasoning machine in his own head.

They do not perceive that upon taking their life in their own hands, they are also taking the life of the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD, for they are two lives in one only, who also waits anxiously the moment of ascension to the RATIONAL WORLD. Non payable debts!

Debts impossible to be paid in the short term, debts impossible to be paid with the attenuated level of suffering that was imposed until then to everyone, irrational debts that can only be paid to Nature with the reverse side of the coin: in the long term and in the irrational state of being of the animals, vegetal and minerals.

That term determined by the Rational Tribunal refers to one eternity multiplied seven times, equivalent to 1/3rd of the 21 eternities already suffered since you descended from the First World due to the unforgivable disobedience to our Father, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR. Thus, the total penalty, is of 28 eternities!

Who came to know himself only wishes the good to his neighbors as well as to himself. He only wishes everyone´s salvation for he is linked to the First World´s Nature, the RATIONAL WORLD.

The fate of the ones who do not know how to live is due to the ignorance of themselves and of everything else and for that reason they live destroying themselves and destroying one another. To see that this world of matter does not belong to anyone, much less to their makings and their lives.

In order for life to smile at you, it is necessary that everyone comes to know oneself, to know who the RATIONAL SUPERIOR is, and who the Reasoning is.

The pure, clean and perfect Reasoning is you before being what you are, however, now, materialized inside your Pineal gland in the form of Reasoning machine. He is, therefore, the most important being in your life, living prisoner inside your head, waiting for you to come and rescue him. That will only be possible when you come to know yourself, know from which world you came, to where you go, when and how.

We are then, in the Third Millennium, the Reasoning Millennium that succeeded the second millennium of the thought and imagination. We have reached the final moments of life in the matter and know how to escape from that prison, for we know how to dematerialize the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD that lies materialized inside our Pineal.

We know our way back to our true world, for we have had access to the most important Literary Work generated by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR for humankind´s liberation: “Universe in Disenchantment“ of Rational Culture. That Transcendental Work was dictated to the RATIONAL SUPERIOR OF THE EARTH, Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho, who in turn dictated it to His students and printed it in the Rational Ashram´s Printing Shop, in Rio de Janeiro, then the capital of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

With the reading everyone coming to know themselves, jubilated by the RATIONAL WORLD for knowing who is the First World, who is the second world, ending thus all the failures, for everyone has  with whom to rely on and where to hold on.

Now, the ones who are linked to these two electric and magnetic energies from the ground, who continue to think, thinking that the thought is everything, they are going through the worse of the “he who can saves himself if he can” phase, not having where to hold on nor anyone to rely on.

Living in a world of wars, killings, atrocities, black and white slaveries, incurable diseases and everything else one might expect from the electromagnetism. Everything that comes from the ground is evilness. Everything that comes from the Above is kindness. Who is linked to the  RATIONAL WORLD will always have where to hold on and someone to rely on.

The ground is no one´s land and what belongs to the ground is the nothing, which for being nothing ends like everything and everyone: in nothing.

The nothing is good for one thing: lapidate through great sufferings and death, to provide the living creature conditions to know the everything of life, who is the inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD who is materialized in the form of Reasoning machine.

The nothing that lapidates the nothing to see if the nothing transforms itself in something that may define his own “I” and thus come to know himself, to free himself from the death sentence who everyone lives with in this second world of matter.

And today, for our knowing ourselves, we know the why of this second world, the why of the cause of the second world and the why of the First World, the true world of the Rational Apparatus.

Today, the ones who came to know themselves are spreaders of happiness, advertising to show where the true happiness is, living in the second world, but linked to the eternals, to the RATIONAL WORLD of the pure, clean and perfect.

And for being linked to the RATIONAL WORLD, returns to the RATIONAL WORLD, and will never more be born in this world.



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