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(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)




In Brazil still reigns the happiness, the harmony and much hope of everything getting better more and more, as there it is the RATIONAL CULTURE for the development of everyone´s culture, to equilibrate everyone, improve everyone, and everyone from the good to the better.

And for that reason, in Brazil everyone still lives very well, for it is one of the younger countries.

And for that reason, everyone with much hope.

Now, you are with the Rational development culture, with much positive confidence, mainly everyone who came to know themselves.

They know that, with the development of the Reasoning everyone will improve a lot, because there will be equilibrium among all, through the development of the Reasoning.

You see that Brazil only goes for the better, for the best in everything.

The improvements of Brazil growing always and the world multiplying its improvements.

And for that reason, it was born in Brazil the Rationalization of the Peoples phase, which is everyone to know the world of your race and know how to go back to it.

Only that is the greatest grandiosity of all times.

And all that was born in Brazil.

To see that in the whole world there is much suffering.

Places in which the persons suffer so much that have lost the will to live.

Everyone´s wish is only to give up life, for the lapidation is ferocious.

To see that in the whole world life is different in several parts of the world.

To see that Brazil is the land of the True God.

The True God appeared in Brazil and is a Reasoning Superior to all Reasoning.

Nature is the one who elects its government, for she is the owner of all makings.

She made everyone, she maintains everyone and she governs everyone, through the Rational Energy, and for that reason, it is her who elects the government to rule her makings, for she is the owner of everything.

And who is linked to her is the winner.

Whoever speaks of Reasoning, this one is the winner, for the Rational Energy Knows the Rational Phase.

He has not a broad knowledge, but will have, for he had not yet time to have a broad knowledge of what is the phase of the development of the Reasoning.

But for already having entered in contact with the Rational Energy, it is enough to be elected.

To see that shines the one who is linked to the Rational Energy. For that energy there is no impossible, nor obstacles. Who already made contact with that energy is a privileged and preferred one by the phase.

The impossible becomes possible, because it is in the day in the hour that one sees who rules what Nature wants the government to be.

At the day, all the doors are opened, and sometimes a little before the day, for the realization of the Patriarchal event.

The representative of the Brazilians’Father.

Today you find it impossible; when the day arrives, you will see that it is possible, because for Nature, for who commands Nature, there is no impossible. Only for who thinks, is that everything is impossible.

To see that life is very good, mainly now, in the Rational Phase, for the ones who are linked to the Rational Energy, as everyone has seen infinity of cases impossible of being solved, as everyone has seen the RATIONAL SUPERIOR OF THE EARTH presents Himself in all places, to solve whatever is necessary and required.

In every place He is, at once, solving and resolving what is necessary to be solved.

To see, that the ones who are linked to the Rational Energy, are not be afraid of anything about who will be the Government of Brazil.

The Government of Brazil is someone who has already been in contact with the Rational Energy, with the RATIONAL SUPERIOR OF THE EARTH.

And the Energy goes on preparing everything and everyone for the arrival of the day of the triumph and the hour of the triumph.

Before that, she prepares everything the way it should be prepared, for the victory of who should be victorious, for being linked to the most powerful energy that exists, the Rational Energy of the first world.

To see that win the ones who are linked to the Rational Energy, through words said by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR OF THE EARTH.

Words said by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR OF THE EARTH are positive words of the happening of the days of tomorrow.

And woe to anyone who douts!


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