(Severino dos Reis, a student of Rational Culture, Belo Horizonte, MG – BRAZIL)


This the life of those who never knew from where they came and to where they are going – by the way, if they are not told by their parents, or anybody else, when they were born, if they happen to get lost from their parents at birth, they will certainly spend the rest of their days unaware of their age. Human beings are surrounded by mysteries.

It is a world where everything turns out differently from day to night and there is such a wide variety of animals, insects and vegetation that nobody can really qualify all that exists down there.

In a Universe where planets, satellites, galaxies and stars are all in an accurately organized movement and, at the same time, outdistancing from something which no astronomer can precisely determine what it is, nothing is left to know but an immense mystery.

Nonetheless, we will try to explain the 4º mystery of the following riddle: WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF NATURE.

If in the evolution of the human beings, three (3) cycles had been pre-established as Pre-historical Culture, Civilized Culture and Rational Culture, it is so because the logic puts three moments in any intellectual development known as beginning, middle and end.

Thus with the pre-historical and civilizatory phases, we have accomplished only part of our mission. For this reason, we are still surrounded by mysteries of all kinds and unanswered questions.

We never had the pretension to answer all questions and disclose all riddles, however, if we are doing it now it is because we study the ultimate CULTURE, THE RATIONAL CULTURE, which closes the third cycle of cultural human development.

We state here that it is no one’s priviledge, for the RATIONAL CULTURE is on Earth at everyone’s reach, indistinctly. And anyone can study what was written at the simplest language possible, so that one can access a very simple and accurate understanding without being nagged by any farfetched academic concept.

The RATIONAL CULTURE will fill in the gaps left by the civilized culture. This culture is the culture of Nature. The capricious mother, who from the very beginning, taught us how to speak and made us from illiterate beings to highly academic beings, allowing us to enter the 2nd cultural cycle – CIVILIZATION.

And Nature is still proceeding to keep us on track to learn what is left to know about her.

What were we back then?

We were speechless and Nature taught us to talk and took custody of our evolution until we ascended to the third millennium. Man, however, got lost trying to conceptualize Nature instead of understanding her. Nature is the plain that melted in water and earth; the water penetrated the earth and caused it to produce the microbial life. Since the Rational Beings extinguished on the water and earth, they got incubated in the microbial organisms, which produced the very first materialized rational beings. These first material rational beings started to evolve to the point where they are nowadays.

Nonetheless the water never stopped wetting the earth and producing different sorts lives continuously: animal, mineral and vegetable. And, from time to time, we get surprised when we realize that new forms of life are always forthcoming. The lives that sprung from these incessant transformations will always assume the forms of the epoch and time they are in.

The material bodies possess their own energetic vibration regardless of the fact whether they are animals, vegetable or mineral. These vibrations are provided by the water and earth, which are the essential field of vibrations of all existing life.

Therefore, when we speak of Nature, we are not talking of her in terms of Faun and Vegetation but of everything that composes the material and vibratory levels of life – visible and invisible, earthly and astrological – for everything is the product of the deformation of the RATIONAL PLAIN AND THE RATIONAL BEINGS.

If you read the explanation of the 3º riddle: the APPEARANCE OF LIFE, you have certainly realized that the RATIONAL BEINGS were carrying out a progress of purity in the Rational World, but they lost their total natural freedom to be immersed in this DEFORMATION, in which they lost completely their RATIONAL LIGHT and developed an inverted life: they died for their Natural Origin. An inverted light appeared which kept heating up to the point of becoming the beginning of what is known as the Sun. The Sun produced the electric and magnetic energies, which impregnated the water and earth with life.

This is what we mean by inversion – that is – the RATIONAL BEINGS got dead for the ORIGIN and the RATIONAL PLAIN converted itself into this LIVING NATURE, where the RATIONAL MICROBIAL LIFE evolved to HUMAN BEINGS and the remaining microbes turned into the Irrational Beings. Thus the purpose of the deformed rational beings is to acquire their RATIONAL AWARENESS and ascend to their World of Origin.

Bottomline: it is there where all the planets and galaxies are moving up – To THE RATIONAL WORLD! This is the sole purpose of NATURE: to improve, sustain Life and bring it back to its original state of pure, clean and perfect Rational Life.

NATURE will accomplish her task of preparing humanity to be able to understand the CULTURE OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE REASONING which can only be attained in the RATIONAL CULTURE. You will find all this and much more in the RATIONAL CULTURE BOOKS.


(*) Text in Portuguese:

Sobre nalub7

Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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