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Everybody’s will is to know themselves

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Among the most curious questions we receive, the most frequent are:
“Why are there so many sects and religions with so many gods? Isn’t God only one? Or are there others? And why are there the atheists who don’t believe in anything and, sometimes, live even better than those who believe? Is Rational Culture just another religion with the purpose of bringing up another god?”

These are some of the most frequent questions posed. However, in order to answer them it is necessary to do a review; go back to the beginning and know the bases of how everything started.

It is necessary to know that we came from monsters that evolved to savages. Therefore, it is going to be easier to deduce that the females had their offsprings that were bred loose like any other animal when the concept of family was nonexistent.

With the development of relationships the word GOD, which meant GRAND, was assimilated by the family circles and was used to define the authority of the father, who dictated all the rules and made all the decisions in the family. It was the Father-God.

Eventually families became multiple, the fights started among families and the need of a grand peacemaker for the whole group of families became mandatory. So a God was created for each tribe.

But, then, these tribes started fighting each other and the big wars came about, so the need for a nation’s god was necessary. The nations got into war and then the chaos of gods fighting one another was installed and the reality of The War of Gods became unbearable. Now, then, the need for a Universal God was crucial. And it came from the GODS THEMSELVES who were tired of fighting.

So now, the ultimate formula for dominating the human masses by fear was reached and no tribe would diverge from the point that there was only one God. All tribes would be united under One King, One God. For this reason, it was said that the Kings had blue blood; it was a way to make a distinction of God’s direct descendants – the kings!

Some of the most bizarre forms of adoration were expressed to God; it is known that, for instance, children were offered as sacrifices to praise God.

Hopefully everything changed and evolved so that the religions today conform to the works of charity, faith and social actions with the aim at meeting the redemption of humanity.

Nonetheless before RATIONAL CULTURE, nobody ever knew the truth as how God started to be worshiped among men. The source of information we have are the stories told by ancient people in different historical times. There, one will find registers of Polytheist Religions which defend the existence of a plethora of gods.

Great thinkers such as Maomé, Buda, Joseph-Smith, among others, created their own religions. Each person can interpret in his own way what he reads and access from these stories and, thereby, create a new religious concept. We understand that man proceeds in this way because of his unawareness and ignorance of the truth  and himself. Thus man will need to define God to their limited understanding. Actually, it is the need of personalizing the forces that are surrounding him and manifesting in himself.

Today in RATIONAL CULTURE, one will know that each human creature is an astrological center where energies are manifested in forms of thought and imagination. These energies produce thought in one person and, later, can materialize exactly in what the person first thought or imagined; thus the person will really believe that he witnessed the realization of a miracle!

That is how angels, saints, demons came in apparition to the very eyes of the believers who gave testimony of their existence. Actually, these beings are energies – good and bad, electric and magnetic. The magnetic energy is the vibration of the solid particles, that is, MATTER!  The magnetic energy comes from earth, whereas the electric energy is the vibration in waves coming from water; this energy is an apparent good and transitory. And there is the mediator energy which produces the true good and has the mission of bringing humanity back to the Eternity.

The mediator energy is the Rationals who stopped their progress in the beginning of the deformation of the Plain. Their actions gave birth to what is known as the Superior Astral. They became semi- pure but this did not make them into gods, for they are, likewise, out of their true natural – THE RATIONAL WORLD. And everything that is out of the true natural – THE RATIONAL WORLD – belongs to the deformed universe.

The good and evil are fruits of these two energies. Action and Reaction for the improvement and development of humanity. Under these process, the first families were led to create the word God, which has always served as  reference to the existence of life throughout the times.

None of the creators of the word GOD had ever seen God. Nobody had known what or who God is. Only now, it is known that God is the ruling energy of each epoch. All messengers, apparitions, lights and voices, seen or heard to date have been the manifestation of energies from diverse layers of the Universe which aimed at preparing humanity to meet with the Rational Energy, God’s true personality.

Nonetheless a class of atheists emerged because not everybody will believe in things they never saw or heard. The Universal Concord will only be achieved by all classes of thinkers when humanity reaches its self-knowledge, that is, its knowledge of Origin and destination; knowing that they will be able to get in contact with the true God.

In Rational Culture we learn that we are RATIONAL BEINGS deformed into Rational animals; it was due to this fact that we got in this inferior class of life – away from the SUPERIOR RATIONAL. 

For transforming into matter we got adrift from our World of Origin.  But we still carry the name Rational because we are Rational animals.

Therefore RATIONAL CULTURE is way above any concept of religion; RATIONAL CULTURE reveals the identity of the true God. It is transmitted through messages sent by GOD HIMSELF – THE SUPERIOR RATIONAL!

Make no mistake about it: RATIONAL CULTURE will be adopted by everyone. Those who reject it today will accept it tomorrow. There will be frequent signs in space made by the Flying Saucers who are the inhabitants of THE RATIONAL WORLD. They will project the image of the book “UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT IN SPACE”.  In addition to that, some human beings will levitate and fly as the birds, giving testimony of the new phase – THE RATIONAL PHASE. They fly around and then back to THE RATIONAL WORLD – THE WORLD OF ORIGIN OF HUMANITY.

This is what was, a long time ago, written in the Holy Scriptures: “THE RAPTURE” (revelation 21:1-4)

You can laugh about everything that has been said here but once you see with your own eyes the reality depicted here and that autosuggestion is no longer working in this world to diminish pain and suffering, then, you will look for the Development of the Reasoning in the book ‘UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT’. Grab this book as soon as you can.

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