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(Prof. João de Castro, a student of Rational Culture, Brasília, DF – BRAZIL)


The enchanted sciences could never have reached the Reasoning, for this power can only be accessed through the Rational Energy from our World of Origin.  Anyway, the Reasoning is connected only to the same being that holds it in the pineal gland.

The Reasoning is confined in the head of the Rational Animal to which it corresponds in that there is no second, third or forth parties as in the case of thought and imagination.

Arthur C. Clark (2001 Space Odyssey) once said that the difference between fantasy and science fiction is that the first will never become reality whereas the second brings up evidences which may transform the future. Films like THE LORD OF THE RINGS           and JURASSIC PARK are examples to that. Not that JURASSIC PARK is not a fantasy, however it brings to the knowledge of the public realistic aspects such as cloning – something well explored in the late 90’s.

Cloning had been a taboo until a Scottish scientist managed to clone a lamb in 1997 which he named Dolly. Dolly looked like a perfect animal; however it started to display symptoms of precocious aging among others.  

The human cloning researches have been officially shut down since Bill Clinton passed a law prohibiting scientist from carrying on with them. Religious leaders ravaged against what they called preposterous sciences. 

They affirm that the human soul cannot be cloned. There are also groups for human life ethics that consider an outrageous act to use human clones as storage of organs to supply their sources, in this case the humans from which they were cloned.

Many other movies have been made about the subject among which there are films such as THE ISLAND (SCARLETT JOHANSSON AND EWAN MACGREGOR) and THE SIXTH DAY (ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER).

We will talk about the SIXTH DAY here because of its philosophical implications. The first one is, is it possible to clone the personality? The second one is, is it possible to clone the history of a whole human life?

To deal with this problem, the director Roger Spottiswoode created the
“sync record”,  which shows us during the film that the human brain can be scanned, transforming all the mental impressions into data, which will be transferred to the brain of the clone! The person will, then, be able to immortalize himself living from cloned body to cloned body.

In fact this Idea had already been explored by an English philosopher called David Hume (Edinburg – from May 7, 1711 to August 25,1776)  He conceived the bundle theory, in which the Self is an illusion created by someone’s experiences.

It is over this theory that the materialistic mind supports itself to affirm that there is no Self, but a bunch of experiences that turn the illusion of the Self into something real that we judge being the core of ourselves.

Another researcher in the field of computer sciences, Ray Kurzweil, is conducting studies to create a program that will be able to scan the human mind and put it on sync-recordings, so that the human personality can be kept on hard disk.

The duality between our experiences and personality gets clearer and clearer as we fathom the studies of Rational Culture

In the RATIONAL CULTURE BOOKS, we will find out about the existence of three personalities, which Interact in the mind of the person as a result of the effect of three energies, which compose Nature and the human body.

Therefore we have:

The terrestrial or material, which is ruled by the electromagnetic energies, and the Rational or universal, which is ruled by the Rational Energy.


Hence we can assume that David Hume was correct in his hypothesis involving the illusion of the Self, for he had as basis only the material knowledge; however he missed yet another point which is the origin of man from where comes the real and intact Self – THE REASONING.

The Reasoning is the Rational Being from the world which gave cause to this one here. The RATIONAL BEING got extinct and materialized in the form of Pineal Gland that contains information of life before it got materialized on this plan. 

The Reasoning is the Rational Being materialized in this organ, so it is a machine of reasoning – the oneness that produces life as we know – dual and deformed.

In fact, duality has its cause in the unity. And the unity is the PERFECT, CLEAN AND PURE RATIONAL.  The human personality was in constant transition, because it was being ruled by the Rational Personality so that humanity would return to their world of origin.

It is worth saying that Nature put three machines in the human brain which connects to these energies naturally which have their right places  in the human brain. The right hemisphere – thought   – and the left hemisphere – imagination! In the center of the brain is the pineal gland – the Reasoning Machine.

The philosophers and scientists could never have reached the Reasoning, because it can only be accessed with the Rational Energy of our True World of Origin – THE RATIONAL WORLD! The Reasoning connects to the same being through its different lives. Therefore the cloning of the human beings is a fantasy. Thus these experiences, if taken too far, will bring humanity down to the inferior classes.


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