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Once, a friend of mine and a recent student of Rational Culture, complained about constants attacks of asthma, followed by periods of sinusitis, pulsating pain in the head, difficulty to breath and all the bothering associated with the sickness, which are numerous. He asked me then, if what he had read in the Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT about the cure of a most varied assortment of illnesses was really possible to occur and  how long one would have to read to obtain results.

I replied that it depended solely on the reader’s intention and will, and that it would be impossible to determine how long, in a world where time does not exist. It is a question of the person’s merit and the RATIONAL WORLD is the one that decides.  Who wants to deal with a specific sickness or really become immunized to all sicknesses, must read trusting in what he is reading and connecting himself to the SUPERIOR WORLD, where the BOOK came from, for from up there we are, from up there we came, pure clean and perfect to materialize ourselves here in the form of degraded and polluted animals, sick therefore, however of Rational origin. We were, are and will always be Rationals in the first place, and animals in the sequence: Rational/animals.

The primary objective of the student/reader of the BOOK is to start becoming less animal and more Rational through the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION process. And as the reading goes on, it Rationalizes the reader to eventually become a Rational Apparatus; that is to say, linked with the world where he came from, the RATIONAL WORLD. It is through that link, that junction that the communication with the World of Origin starts to flow, as well as with the Rational Clairvoyance. The interaction becomes permanent, and at a certain moment one starts to live in two worlds as if it were one only.

But life in the matter is evil and interferes all the time, cutting off the Rational communication liaison so hardly established. These are the electric and magnetic energies sabotaging every time the Rational fluidic communication. It sounds grave, but it is natural, for the thought, at the service of these two malefic energies never ceases its lapidating work, a thousand times per minute, twenty four hours per day, every day. A suffering required and necessary to definitely separate the animal from the Rational, freeing the Rational Energy Body from the animal’s material body.

There is only one medicine that can revert this morbid scenario: the Rational Energy. In the Book’s pages, forming sediment in letters, words and phrases is the Rational Energy, that the reader goes on little by little dematerializing fluidically and assimilating its Rational meaning. As the depth of the reading and the learning advances in the reader’s integral being, the opposite happens with the other two energies that diminish their intensity and little by little withdraw and extinguish themselves as the reader becomes Rationally Immunized.

The human being is an uninterrupted sufferer, for he shelters concomitantly in his thought, caused by the owner of the thought, two different, variable and predating energies. And what does that give cause to? To a permanent short circuit of smaller or bigger proportions. The electric energy proceeding from the water, burning, and the magnetic, from the earth, very violent, destroying. In that environment there cannot exist peace, or calmness, or balance, or health, or life, or nothing. Only suffering manifested by the physical body still alive, and by the sick mind. And the cause of the health’s degeneration in the whole world lies in the biomagnetic field’s negative alterations caused by these two energies.

While, when the living being is energized positively by one energy only, the ORIGINAL ONE, pure, clean and perfect, the person’s life changes radically, for having come to live together with the Devine Energy inside himself. He comes to know himself, recognizing the world where he came from, what caused his coming, how did he come, what he is doing here in this little world of nothing, where is he going to, how is he going and what he must do to get there. He comes to discern the True Truth from the elusive truths, the right from the uncertain, and the real from the unreal. Comes to be illuminated and enlightened by the RATIONAL LIGHT.

When developing his Reasoning as a result of the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION process, the living person starts the dematerialization of his own Rational being, pure, clean and perfect, materialized inside his head, his scull, inside the pineal gland itself.

So then, Reason my friend, you Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD, imprisoned in that solitary ward for millions of millions of millennia, since you were a monster, afterwards a savage, later a civilized, later on still, an animal of Rational origin and now coming forward as a Rational Apparatus candidate!

We cannot afford to procrastinate.

It is time to put a stop to that unsustainable situation for a very special reason. We are in full Rational Phase that established itself here on Earth in 1935. Thought fragmented itself, divided itself, pulverized itself, dried and ceased to exist; magnetism took over, then. Now, the command is Rational.

Therefore, there are two possibilities of existence from now on: developing the Reasoning to return to the World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD, or staying where you are and as you are, awaiting the descent to the world of the irrationals for another seven eternities. Seeing that, during the irrationality period of your unaccountable future animal bodies, your Reasoning will be wandering in the space, receiving the malignant discharges of the magnetic applied directly to your Rational conscientiousness that will not be any longer dormant as it was in its previous materialized state.  

Therefore, friends and brothers of always; exert trust, perseverance, assiduity, patience and awareness in the reading of the Scripture of the Scriptures UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, the Healing Book, the Reasoning Book, the Liberation Book, the Salvation Book.

So then, Rational Energy for everyone!



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