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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture Miguel Pereira, RJ)




A bridge can be defined as a surface built of iron, steel, wood, stone or other materials, linking two points separated by a valley, a river, an inlet or any other analogous topographic accident, in order to allow free transit of vehicles and transients from one end to the other.

There are several kinds of bridges that have been built, from the most primitive ones made of bamboo and bricks, for instance, up to the ones built of concrete and steel. They differ in their forms, but have the same aim: to allow obstacles to be transposed safely and without delay in the crossing. Bridges are called by the engineering here in the matter             Works-of -Art and, as the denomination evidences, they are artificial works made by free-thinker artists living in a world of appearances.

The living person who is born in the matter finds everything already made and ready. It is up to him to decide what he accepts and what he does not accept of whatever materially exists, and what he will do to transform that which is already implanted by Nature. However, since he cannot see beyond, for there is an invisible wall surrounding that physical complex, all the solutions he comes across are of material order that result in nothing, that is, everything stays the same; always thinking, imagining and suffering, for ignoring who he is, ignoring where he came from, much less where he is going, a stranger to everything and everyone, a pilgrim between two worlds.

That is the living person’s essence in the matter: he is born somewhere in one extremity, spends his lifetime in the crossing only to die in the other extremity. And thus humanity marches; being born, transiting, suffering and dyeing on top a passing element of connection between to points: life and death.

Nothing is to be taken for granted in this world of matter commanded by the electric and magnetic energies. Anyone of the unaccountable  elements of Nature, such as, for instance, earthquakes, epidemic illnesses or man’s actions destroying one another acting like beasts fanaticized by matter, can destroy that fragile structure, which is the living person’s life, without any previous warning. An occurrence  that contrasts vividly with the unaccountable (previous) warnings from our Father when we were eternals and  unduly exerted our will and free choice, entering a part of the plain that was not ready to make progress, ending down here in this grieving wall.

For that reason, it is urgently required that each one of us, immediately and by ourselves, start the building of a new bridge, however with its foundation supported by the Rational Energy’s base and logic so that we may be led in safety from this second world that we inhabit to the first one where we came from 21 eternities ago. And for that purpose we do not require engineers, planners, workmen, calculators, concrete and ironware. Our project is much simpler and sublime, for it is a project that comes from ABOVE, from the RATIONAL WORLD. It is enough to read the Instructions Manual that describes in detail and with fidelity how to build that connecting element with our World of Origin. It happens to be the UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT Scripture, dictated by GOD, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, to Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho, His representative on Earth, printed at the Rational Ashram, that describes in its pages the plant, the map and the compass to orient our liberation from this polluted and decaying ground of matter and the deriving transition through the cosmic space back to the World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

Lapidation here in the matter has always been cruel and painful, to the point of only the living person himself being able to define it, without, nevertheless, understanding it. Many came to the extreme of not withstanding the pain and letting go their own life. Many eternities of regressing progress went by since our pure, clean and perfect bodies of light extinguished themselves on top of the resin and the gum, respectively earth and water. In that way the materialization process took shape in the first millennium  in the phase of monsters, afterwards savages, later followed by the phase of the animals of Rational Origin, in the second millennium, when the hard reality became obvious to the living person with the development of thought and sentiment. A phase in which Nature, the owner of the thought, started to use the humans as its tools of lapidation and the electric and magnetic energies as the instruments, the only way to diminish somewhat the state of rudeness, brutality, backwardness and ferocity of the Rational beast, through the moral, physical and financial suffering.

These living creatures judged that the thought was their exclusive property, that the enterprises, the inventions and the discoveries were of their own creation through their thoughts, believing that they owned the copyright, or registered mark of the products imagined and conceived by them; in other words, they judged themselves owners of the world.

However, in 1935, the Rational Supreme Command extinguished the thought phase replacing it by the Reasoning Phase, and the free-thinkers entangled in the disorder and in the confusion of the unbalance caused by the weakening of the thought and of the sentiment, did not feel nor were capable to perceive the arrival of that new phase, the Rational Phase, the phase of the development of the Reasoning, that was duly joined by Nature as well.

Nature in its turn, following the Superior Orientation and abiding by its work of duty, ceased to feed energetically the thought, causing it to dwindle and dry. With the thought’s absence, the sentiment also extinguished itself, causing the behavior regression of some towards their past of monsters and savages, prevailing the brutality, the savagery, and the criminality. Regressive progress means magnetism in command, and as a consequence, the end of the pondering, of the respect for the human life and of the love for your fellow creature. A return to the primary course.

Since the Rational Phase is the last one here on Earth, that is, the last opportunity offered by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR to the disobedient living creatures for their salvation, it is past the time of each one of us to learn how to build one’s own bridge, since that it is something that one cannot do for the other, in order to link ourselves to our World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD. The reality that the majority has not so far realized, is that the bridge of matter links nothing to  nothing  and the Rational Bridge links this second world of matter that we inhabit to the first, the RATIONAL WORLD, that gave origin to this one through the Reasoning. There is, then, the definitive solution for our return to the RATIONAL PLAIN.

However, the existing traffic and linking ways in the human life are not restricted to these two. There still is a third one that points in the opposite direction and links the Rational animal’s  world of matter to the world of the irrational beasts, which is already in full building process by unconscious humans, open eyed somnambulists mentally lethargic, totally obnubilated, incapable to define their own “I”. That bridge is designed according to the form of an inclined descending plan, so as to lead the animals of Rational origin directly to the world of the irrational animals where they will remain deprived of their Reasoning for another seven eternities.

For that reason, it is said in the Vade mecum UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, that it is the duty of every Rational Culture student to relay to your brothers the knowledge therein contained in order to be saved and save your neighbor. And goes on affirming: “The living creature’s own merit increases and everything for him grows everything of good and well glitters for himself. It is talking amiably that the living creature makes himself understood. And for that reason it is the duty of everyone, in a much delicate way to do the divulgence of this Literary Work, for their own benefit and for all the living creatures of the world.”

Here in the matter, a wall is a wall and a bridge is a bridge, two diverse and antagonistic things. Who builds walls isolates himself ignoring that exists inside his skull an inhabitant proceeding from the RATIONAL WORLD, materialized in  Reasoning machine, that will remain as is, stagnated and with no salvation.

Who builds bridges opens himself up to new perspectives and possibilities of Rational progress, thus starting the dematerialization process of his Reasoning in the pineal gland, to finally become RATIONALLY IMMUNIZED. For that reason brothers, read, study, and reread the work UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, replacing once and for all the wall for the bridge, the thought for the Reasoning, definitely establishing the liaison link with your Final Aim, the RATIONAL WORLD, in order to free yourselves from the magnetic forces of the evil and recover the Eternal Life of pure, clean and perfect Rational beings, as you once were.



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