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Hello, folks!  (*)

Time have changed and, certainly, everyone is gradually coming to this conclusion: there have been significant changes in Nature which, from phase to phase, shifts to shifts, along eternities, have brought us to the point we are today, which has settled us on this last phase of the material life.

Is the world ending? No, absolutely! The world will transcend: visible and invisible beings will turn from materialistic, who follow the kabalistic knowledge of the Tree of Life, which is thought and imagination, to replace the diverging functions of the Kabala (the organogram of thought/imagination) by the unique SUPREME FUNCTION OF THE REASONING, which belongs to the extra super cosmic field)

Thought/imagination served as tools for the compliance of the instructions given by the Tree of Life for the maintenance of the material life – being visible and invisible.

The difference in people’s lives after understanding this and starting to develop the REASONING, through which they will set free from the Kabala of thought/imagination, will be in such a way that they will be forever free and full of bliss and contentment.

They will see that with thought/imagination it was impossible to reach the true transcendence, which is our return to THE FIRST WORLD, from where we come, THE RATIONAL WORLD, since there is no effect without a cause.

 Kabala is, in effect, a set of hierarchical functions which comprise four dimensions. The one on the top is which emanates the spiritual command, the command for dilapidation, going through other dimensions.

Below the top, you have the commands of right and left, whose functions are to filter into positive and negative influences. The ignition to these forces is the DESIRE. The desire is danger.

Below these commands are other commands irradiating ideas and the intellect, always in accordance to the direction the person is following.

Then, we get to the commands of astral formation, which irradiates in the person; through these commands the idealization of projects, positive or negative. And, finally, the commands to the execution of projects, namely, their materialization, their operational aspects, which are positive or negative, depending on the options made by the person, who was under a certain influence, which caused him to have this or that desire.

This process is obeyed by the whole invisible electro-magnetic field of the second world, where we live in. This is the process from which all philosophies, sciences, doctrines, religions stemmed.

The process is always the same, however, as each nation has a different command in the invisible dimension of the electric and magnetic fields, a different command, to which each nation is subordinated, will prevail and be considered their “God”, that is, the invisible power hovering over them, at the top of the spiritual dimensions.

Check the following diagram of these hierarchies involving the main functions in the primary electro-magnetic field in which we live:


Needless to say, so many divisions were caused by so many demiurges and each one of them provided its own cultural, philosophic, scientific and religious segment. It was within this scheme that the Kabala came about, making the social coexistence even more complex than it was supposed to be; today in spite of their apparent material evolution, people are still getting hard to understand one another which has turned them into intolerant and reckless living creatures with ravaging effects on each other’s life.  

Check the following chart and see how these negative influences are played on the Rational animal, who can do nothing but only think and imagine and, as a result, would never be able to prevent the cabalistic vibrations. We said “would never be able” because there are now means to leave this slavery, which was, to a certain extent, important to show us through pain and suffering how important it is to go back to our World of Origin – THE RATIONAL WORLD.


This the tree of the material life to which the whole humanity was connected, and they will continue so, if they don’t detach themselves from thought and imagination, which are emanations of ethereal nature to perfect the Rational animal in the phase of thought and imagination. Thought and Imagination being emanations of the spiritual Nature were necessary to remove the animal side of the individual, preparing him to absorb the present phase, THE RATIONAL PHASE.

As it is the end of the phase of thought and imagination with the arrival of the instructions on how to develop the REASONING, which is the SUPREME FUNCTION of the human mind in the pineal gland, Nature stopped feeding the mind with positive thought emanations which brought unpleasant consequences to the modern life and people in general. This is the cause of all physical, financial and moral decadency all over the world.

With the advent of informatics and internet, a lot of lies and disinformation have been disclosed on how we have been manipulated. Despite all that it has been important for our maturing and awakening to the new phase. These are times of indignation and revolt of humanity for being deceived during all this time.

However, being revolted and indignant won’t do any good because the invisible forces of this electro-magnetic universe which we inhabit did what was right to keep a relative “equilibrium” among people who, by the way, have been way too rough and backward to the point of killing one another cruelly.

The  invisible forces from this world did their job well, although they were likewise totally unaware of the beginning of this world, namely, they never knew the ETERNAL TRUTH neither FROM WHERE WE CAME AND TO WHERE WE ARE GOING.

This is the reason why all the sciences, philosophies and religions were created to keep the critters, which are all of us, under control, so that they can live under reasonable harmony.

Thus, whenever the materialized Rational wanted to know beyond what they could assimilate, they were told that these were mysteries of God.

Since we were free thinkers, slavers of thought, we could never really reason, so we accepted the unknown as mystery of God without ever realizing the deception behind this acceptance. God is THE ULTIMATE TRUTH,  and where there is TRUTH there is no mystery.

And, besides that, GOD IS SUPREME, THE ABSOLUTE FATHER of everything and everyone, because God do not exclude.

All that was only possible due to the fact that we bore the natural sentiment given by the REASONING, the pineal gland, evidence of the existence of a Superior World, and it is this same sentiment that propel us to go for the search of this Superior World, even though it had been so hard to find, not before we were aided by the Superior World to which we connected through the RATIONAL ENERGY. If depended solely on the inferior to communicate with the superior this would never happen. All came from the superior class transforming to the inferior classes of life.

Thus because we are thinkers, still connected to the inferior electric magnetic field of life, it is the reason why we are submitted to the kabalistic influences. Actually, we should in part be thankful for that, for it helped mature our knowledge about our existence and about the existence of this world. Due to the Kabala we perceived our existence connected to a superior being which is the reason why so many gods are worshipped, depending on the nation and culture, where it is cultivated. Nonetheless not even the ascending masters of the electric and magnetic could give us the real notion of God because they never met HIM. Their vibrating frequency was too low to reach the SUPERIOR DIMENSION, the DIVINE DIMENSIONS – THE RATIONAL DIMENSION – which is far too much above the electric-magnetic dimensions, which are the spiritual dimensions. The Rational Dimension is the cause of this universe and, thus, not reachable by the electric and magnetic. In order to attain this vibratory level it is necessary to connect to its natural energy – THE RATIONAL ENERGY.

This world in which we live is the product of our disobedience to the SUPREME WORLD, being this world a punishment of our self imposition.


And the SUPREME RATIONAL is defining the end of this long time sentence for both visible and invisible beings who are tired of so much pain and suffering and, for this reason, longing to go back to their true home – THE RATIONAL WORLD.

As a reminder, the will is free and, for this reason, the SUPERIOR RATIONAL respects everyone’s free will.

Therefore those who want to abolish their suffering once and for all and are willing to regain their rights to live in the world of the pure, clean and perfect beings, THE RATIONAL WORLD, all they have to do is to read, study and research this amazing MASTER PIECE dictated by the SUPREME RATIONAL, which comes from Brazil. The name is UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, RATIONAL CULTURE.

It is its daily study that will lead you to the point of total understanding of why we are here, from where we come and to where we are going. A full description of this formation will be given to both students and readers.

Now comes the question:

“What about the invisible beings, the Ascending Masters and the other spirits? Will they also come up with the same knowledge?”

It is very simple: through OUR reading of the book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.

The rebellion of the invisible beings against the materialized Rational animals is because of the fact that the latter refuse to know what RATIONAL CULTURE is. This attitude precludes the invisible to access this high vibratory field where all the records of our existence are. The true knowledge of our origin is essential for the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION.

There is no worse ingratitude than denying the ETERNAL GOODNESS to those who did all to mitigate our rudeness and backwardness!

What is the inevitable consequence?

It is what has been going on since the RATIONAL PHASE arrived on Earth: the invisible beings of the positive part stood down, leaving the world without spiritual protection and, as a result, the negativity spread over all, bringing about this phase of total liquidation and fallacy of this world.

Now it is up to the person to make his own decision, in that, he can either accept all that has been happening bringing despair and suffering upon the world, not recognizing that even the invisible beings were deceived or take up this reality as their ultimate reality. The time is running short for such decision to be made. Good thing is there are lots of indexes of this deception all around.



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