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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira. RJ)


A young man right in the center of the crowd introduces himself as a medicine student and puts the question to the man in white: “If, as you say, we extinguished ourselves on top of the earth and the water, how do you account for our be living here and now with these bodies of ours, ingenious machines that no one until now has discovered how they were conceived and produced?”

“Good question young man,” replies the speaker.  “What  is at stake is a fantastic engineering work in the matter, performed by designers of another world, a World of Superior Origin, who created castings in the earth itself from where all of us were born, or better saying, sprouted from the ground like any vegetal, by Nature´s divine grace. But do not judge that we were like we are today and that everything was made in one week and God went to rest on Sunday. There is no truth in that. The truth is that initially we sprouted from the earth as lubberly monsters, deaf, dumb and blind, then little monsters, later monstrodonts and much later huge monsters. Can you imagine that?”

That was the first phase. Then came the second phase, the phase of the backward savages, followed by the more or less advanced and later by the advanced ones. Several eternities went by but it must be noted that in that evolving process of the matter in the matter itself, progress retrogresses, for everything is false, elusive and apparent. It is a tough and tortuous way of suffering and lapidation in order for us to be able to understand the reality of the true life, sole condition for us to return to the world where we came from, the RATIONAL WORLD”.

“The next phase was the one of the Rational beasts, the phase of the Rationals that became beasts, followed by the phase of the Rational that became animal, the Rational animal Phase that divided itself into two classes: the Rational and the irrational”.

That phase incorporated a newcomer: the drop of water.

If there is water, water generates everything. And there was water permeated in the ashes of the melted resin, burned and toasted by the heat of the sun, a propitious environment for the development of  visible and invisible viruses, bacteria and microbes, thus originating all the degeneration, deformation and pollution that resulted in the Rational animal and later in the irrational animal. The drop of water is known by semen, and the semen is the ovule, a small ovum inside the drop of water. That is the plant, the design of the material machine of the Rational animal formation. The ovule carries the invisible and visible micro viruses, microbes and bacteria. The water is a factory with a production line of degenerated and deformed lives that generates that infinity of beasts that vague on top and underneath the Earth”.

Someone´s voice was heard in the crowd asking: “Is that the phase that we are now in?” And the man in white answered: “That phase ended in 1935, also known as the phase of the thought, when we were supported and oriented by the owner of the thought, Nature, who made us her lapidating instrument. We earnestly believed that we were the creators and the owners of the thought and of everything created by the thought, since we were born thinking. Big mistake! Everything is created by Nature to lapidate the living creature and make him suffer more and more to quiet down his rudeness, his backwardness and his ignorance. That is the eternal clash between the free-thinker with himself, always doubting and never finding the right, trying to find the solutions through the thoughts and never finding them. That clash comes from immemorial times and is called suffering, caused by living a life without knowing oneself. As of 1935 the Rational Phase made its debut, rather, the Reasoning made its debut, the Phase of the Reasoning, the Key of the Portal of Entry to the RATIONAL WORLD”.

Another young lady that introduces herself as an engineering student makes her question: “How does one do to Reason and get in touch with the RATIONAL WORLD? I have to Reason a lot in the exams that I undertake in my university”. Says the man in white: “We are not dealing with that kind of Reasoning that you are referring to. That is a thought´s concentrated effort that you unduly call Reasoning for ignoring it. In reality they are two opposing things. The thought, already extinct, belongs to the matter, originated by the electric and magnetic energies polluted and degraded, and the Reasoning belongs to the RATIONAL WORLD pure, clean and perfect. The inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD communicate through the Reasoning Energy. RATIONAL: REASONING  REASONING: RATIONAL, all the same energy.

And he continued: “There is only one instrument able to teach the person how to Reason”. And having said that, he raised the Book above his head pointing to the ARCH and the KEY, saying: “ The KEY is the salvation, is the Reasoning, that in a nut shell  is the Rational Energy that will take us through the ARCH to our World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.


(Continues in PART 3)


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