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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira. RJ)


In a square somewhere in any Brazilian town, a man dressed in white was making a speech in a powerful voice. Sometimes he pointed to the space, sometimes to the ground, sometimes to the area surrounding him, saying: “I was the coauthor of all that that you are seeing; the sky, the clouds and the stars; the mountains, the rivers and the oceans; the forests, the deserts and the glaciers. I took part in the making of everything that exists in this universe that we inhabit.”

 People started to approach and assemble in order to see and listen to that man fully dressed in white, that sounded incoherent with what he said, appearing like an out-of-balance egocentric, however with a very special energetic catch in his voice, in his manners and in his attitude that attracted everyone´s attention in an irresistible way. And in so far as matters related to the Cosmos, he expressed himself in an unusual fashion, very different from what one gets from preaches said in temples, churches or synagogues, but nevertheless making everyone almost certain that he had something true and important to deliver and share.

And there proceeded that figure in white, carrying on with his speech from the top of a bandstand in the middle of the square: “You may not believe this, but I also helped to create the sun and the moon, the stars and the planets. And I say to thy,  fully conscious of what I am saying, that it is for that reason that I am here in this life, grieving like an animal that I am, grieving like any other animal of inferior classes, grieving like all of you grieve, with no exception”.

“And do you want to know some more? Like me, all of you participated in this damned building project of a world made of matter, when all of us still had our original privileged bodies made of a Rational Energy mass, with no fault, pure, clean and perfect. We were thus, in that form, and we inhabited a Plain made of the same energy, where there was a progress of purity and perfection. But the undue use of the will and of the free-choice, which are free up there as well as down here, stimulated by some of us that had the unfortunate initiative to enter a part of the plain that was not ready to progress judging that we would make progress on our own, caused everyone to perpetrate the greatest mistake of our lives. That marked the beginning of the origin of this world of matter in which we now live”.

At that very moment, someone in the audience interrupts the speaker and asks: “After all, who are you that stand up there like a prophet, but does not disclose the proofs that might justify all that that you affirm with such conviction but that no one has ever heard of?”  

The man in white skips his somewhat acute posture and soothing the pitch of his voice, takes out from the  rucksack pending on his shoulder a book, and raising it above his head walks towards the middle of the crowd showing the illustrated cover to that bunch of curious people that squeezed themselves for a better glimpse. Pointing with his indicator finger to the golden Arch drawn on the cover of the Book, he said: “If you go to Nova Iguaçu, you will find there an Arch such as this one in a place called Rational Ashram. There, live people like you that have already read and continue to read this Book entitled UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, which tells the true History of Humanity with all its particularities. It narrates how was the descent of the part of the plain that was not ready to make progress after it detached from the other part that was in full progress and where very sagely our brothers that decided not to join us in that crazy adventure, remained”.

Then, a very chic and perfumed lady, smartly dressed, standing close to him asks: “But what grave thing have we done to receive such a terrible punishment, if at all this quite good life we live can be considered a punishment?”

The man with his typical gesturing and in a moving voice, replies: “My good lady, we offended God, we offended our creator, and we disrespected the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, the Reasoning Superior to all Reasoning. Mind you, we were alerted and warned by HIM unaccountable times, but we paid no heed to his callings. For that reason we started to descend and those  very pure and perfect virtues of our bodies of Rational Energy went on degrading, polluting, perishing and materializing themselves jointly with the plain in the resulting formation of the sun, moon, stars, water, earth, animals and vegetal, in other words, the Universe as you today know. These animals are us who arrived here when the plain had already started its materialization in the form of water and earth after a long interregnum of many eternities and transformations. There, our original bodies extinguished themselves still in their subtle form, but already very deformed and polluted”. 


(Continues in Parte 2)                                                                                                              

(*)  Text in Portuguese:


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