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The world that we inhabit is of successive changes, a world in transformations, for being out of its natural state – for that reason nothing is eternal.

How many phases have gone by that the majority ignore! And how many have elapsed only remaining in the historical registers.

From phase to phase, all of them different, Nature goes on providing the evolution of the peoples.

In each phase, different procedures and understandings, that everyone must adopt and obey to stay harmonized with each of Nature´s phase and thus be able to count upon HER support, protection and orientation.

The phase in force is the Rational Phase, for the development of the Reasoning that put an end to the thought phase since 1935.

That transition that we still live in, for everything is a process of natural change, will be understood by everyone upon reading and studying the Books Universe in Disenchantment of Rational Culture.

That change of phase, the last one of the life of the matter, came to bring benefits to humanity never attained in previous phases.

But, such as all other phases that we had on Earth, the Rational Phase requires special understandings for the humanity´s procedures to be in harmony with the phase in force.

Everything has its time to come into force: its beginning and its end.

If the Phase is Rational, then the literature must be Rational, which is the literature that no one or any institution whatsoever has previously known.


Because the thought phase was in force for the civilization of the peoples, through their pertinent literatures: philosophic, scientific and religious.

But since the phase is now for the RATIONALIZATION OF THE PEOPLES, which is everyone coming to know the true world of its race, which is one only, RATIONAL, and learn how to go back to it, humanity did not find anymore the solution of its problems and of its life in the literatures of the thought phase.

And if it did not find, it is because these literatures were made only with the aim to lapidate and civilize and not to reveal the TRUTH about WHO ARE WE, WHERE DID WE COME FROM, HOW DID WE COME, WHERE ARE WE GOING TO AND HOW.

Everything has its proper time. And the time has come for everyone to come to KNOW THEMSELVES.

That is why the thought phase has ended, for having accomplished its function of lapidation and civilization of the peoples.

Now, in the KNOW YOURSELF phase, all humanity, all the institutions need urgently to be brought up to date, making no sense anymore to continue favoring these literatures of the past.


Because they were not made like compasses to REASON, rather as instructions to THINK and IMAGINE.

The insistence in making the literatures of the thought phase as basis in the Rational phase, causes the living creature to run the risk of becoming absolutely disharmonized with Nature, losing the merit of being supported, protected and oriented by HER, and in that condition, falling in total disequilibrium, failure, and moral physical and financial liquidation.


Because who determines and rules is Nature and not the man, for SHE is the maintainer of everything and everyone and must be obeyed and respected in her determinations – SHE is the HOUSEWIFE, we, the guests.

And thus, Nature being the OWNER of everything and everyone, we are not saying that the literatures of the thought should be excluded, no, since all literatures belong to NATURE!

We are saying that we are going to give PREFERENCE, since nothing ends once and for all, everything has a natural process, thus, what no more attends humanity´s necessities, slowly becomes obsolete, for having nothing in its belly that corresponds to the requirements of the phase in force, that currently is the Rational Phase, of the development of the Reasoning.

The literatures of the thought phase were excellent for the epoch, attended very well the objectives of that phase, but did not attend the objectives of a superior phase, the Reasoning Phase, that came into Nature to put an end to the collective unconsciousness, a result of the thought and imagination lapidation.

And about the Reasoning, the past literatures ignored it, for they mistook concrete thought for REASONING, even existing the “LOGICAL REASONING” subject in public concourses, but that in reality is not a “LOGICAL REASONING”, rather a LOGICAL CONCRETE THOUGHT.

REASONING belongs to another energy, of a superior sphere, that the institutions and the philosophic, scientific and religious communities never came across.

And they need to know and be brought up to date in order to be able to continue their work next to humanity, however tuned in with the new ENERGY that is ruling Nature: the RATIONAL ENERGY.

And in order for everyone to get to know that TRANSCENDENTAL ENERGY and get connected to IT, it is fundamental and indispensable to learn everything about that energy in the books of the Culture of that ENERGY, Universe in Disenchantment, otherwise you will remain outdated as far as Nature is concerned, as you already are.

The consequences of that outdating is not finding THE DEFINITIVE SOLUTION for the serious world problems, in all areas.

Then, the people´s revolt against the institutions, making them discredited, causes disharmony in the families (between parents and children), at schools (between masters and pupils) in the religions and philosophies (between teachers and followers), and synthesizing, between government and the people.

The people´s dissatisfaction is general because it does not find its balance in any institution, for all of them are in disharmony with Nature, for not adopting the procedures of the Rational Phase, the natural phase in force in Nature, where it is found the satisfactory solution for everything and everyone.

And why all that?

Because of the ignorance of the fact that the thought phase ended in 1935, extinguishing the validity of all its makings, thus being the cause of the moral, physical and financial unbalance in the four corners of the world, independent of race, level of instruction, profession, sex, age, philosophical-scientific and religious option.

And for that reason, for the phase in force is RATIONAL, everyone has to adopt the Rational Phase procedures in order to be balanced, to be in harmony with Nature, counting on HER.

Bringing the institutions up to date with the Rational Phase – there is the solution for all humanity’s serious problems and for  definitely conquering the universal peace, adopting the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT in all the corners and nooks, but mainly in all levels of the schools, to avoid the failure and mass liquidation of all institutions and consequently, of the whole humanity.

Rationalization now!



Humanity´s True Origin!



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