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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ)

God created us in image and perfection. We came to share with HIM the Eternity of the RATIONAL PLAIN in the RATIONAL WORLD, as pure, clean and perfect beings.

Some of us entered, for our own account and will, a part of that plain that was still in a formation stage and started to make progress in that part that was not ready to enter into that progress of purity and perfection, inherent of the perfect beings of Devine Creation.

That disobedience caused a displacement of that part of the plain and the formation of another world through the loss of the pure, clean and perfect virtues that started to leave the bodies of RATIONAL ENERGY of these beings and of the Plain itself that was not yet ready to enter into progress.

The Plain shifted itself, and started a descending trajectory, followed by the Rationals.

The lost virtues of the Rationals formed an intense focus of a bright light that later became the sun.

The Plain also went on losing its virtues, and in the course of the descent occurred the composition of this deformed Universe, the Second World where we inhabit, formed by the seven parts of the why of everything: earth, water, vegetal, animals, sun, moon and stars.

We went from beings created in total purity, cleanness and perfection, to the creators of pollution, degradation and of imperfection. And on top of all that, we went from eternals to mortals. Nevertheless, in spite of all that degeneration, we never stopped being sons of GOD, for HE always wanted thus, eternally.

We were never innocent, for we always knew that we were responsible for our choices and that our will was free, for the free-choice is a Superior Reason; we have always been and continue to be the only ones responsible for our decisions.

Our FATHER never did anything against us, much the reverse, so much so that HE warned us several times of the inadequacy of our actions in that part of the Plain. But we ignored what suffering meant and for that reason we paid no heed to HIS calls, giving rise to unforeseen consequences.

What our FATHER did after unaccountable warnings, was simply to let flow what we had freely chosen, judging that we were equal to the REASONING SUPERIOR TO ALL REASONING.

As a result, we ended down here and here we remain, materialized and being lapidated for 21 eternities, suffering cloistered in the matter, being born and dyeing sculptured in the matter! We were subtle bodies of Rational cosmic mass, pure, clean, perfect and eternals and now we are bodies of Rational origin, however made of polluted and mortal matter.

GOD did not create us for that, so much so that our Brothers that did not join us in that disastrous adventure remain in their World of Origin and today work actively in order to help us return to the Rational intimacy.

GOD did not create Man. Man, for his free and spontaneous will, is responsible for his animal appearance that imprisoned his True BEING, the RATIONAL BEING.

But GOD, the MAKER, in HIS infinite fairness, did not permit that we extinguished ourselves here in the matter, and at the appropriate moment, which is the Rational Phase, sent us HIS spokes-person, that materialized on Earth in the person of Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho, to save humanity.

And in order to free us from the matter, HE wore the beast´s dress, not being a beast at all, coming as he came from the Reasoning’s most lofty height to this depressive hole, which is the Second World, where we are under the fastening power of the thought´s electric and magnetic energies.

HE was born with the Reasoning already fully developed, to receive the messages from the RATIONAL WORLD to the Nations of the Earth, condensed in the Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, printed and edited under HIS supervision, for the return of the whole humanity to its World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD, through the RATIONAL ENERGY, by the development of the Reasoning.

Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR of EARTH, materialized HIMSELF in 1903, in the womb of a Brazilian mother in the city of Rio de Janeiro, then the capital of Brazil.

His birthday was on 30th of December, 1903, and His dematerialization and return to the RATIONAL WORLD occurred on 13th January, 1991.

HE left for us the most precious legacy that a human being could inherit in the present phase that the world goes through, for it happens to be an immaterial being contained inside a material being: the Book “UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT” of Rational Culture.

This unmatchable treasure contains the Rational Knowledge that teaches the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD how to free himself from the cloister inside the pineal gland, until then perpetual, unveiling to him the way to proceed straight away to his true World of Origin, the Rational Paradise.

HE also left the Rational Ashram, built under HIS surveillance by the students of Rational Culture of that time, where the printing shop is located for the printing and editing of the Books of Rational Culture.

The above dates are celebrated by the Rational students of Brazil and of abroad who come to the Rational Ashram every year to pay homage to the Major Divinity, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, WHO IS TWO-IN–ONE only: the RATIONAL SUPERIOR of the RATIONAL WORLD and the RATIONAL SUPERIOR of EARTH; Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho, the Knight of the Concord, that for His unconditional love for HIS creatures, came down here in flesh and blood to redeem and rescue us from this rotten world of matter to the world where we came from, the RATIONAL WORLD.

As HE said: “Everyone will return, some soon, others in a little while”.

Let us celebrate, then, these dates that mark here in the matter the days that Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, spent on Earth teaching us who we are, where we came from, to where we are going, how and when we go. And always divulging the Rational Knowledge to our Brothers, a duty HE personally instructed and stated in the Book “UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANMENT” of Rational Culture:

“It is necessary that the living creature be a fervent divulger of that which he knows in order to save himself and save his fellow creature. The living creature´s own merit increases and everything for him grows, everything of good and of well glitters for himself. If the advertising were of the evil, it would be compromising, but the advertising is only for the good and can only elevate the living creature more and more. All those that do not advertise that which they know and are aware of, for the good of their fellow creature , are in grave fault, diminishing their prestige, losing the merit to reach and be awarded of everything they need, they implore and they desire”.


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Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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