reflexões racionais 16

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The developed and evolved thought progressed until reaching the divisory mark between the illusory knowledge of the animal of Rational origin, which is the ignorance of oneself, of everyone and of everything else, and the Rational Knowledge, which is the pure, clean and perfect Reasoning. It did not go further than that, nor could it go, for its mission was to lapidate and prepare the free-thinker to the new phase, the Rational Phase, the phase of the development of the Reasoning.


The only blame that the living beings may be blamed for, which they have carried with them through the eternities, is about having disobeyed our Father, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, for entering a part of the Rational Plain that was not ready to make progress. However, they did not paid any heed to GOD´s appeals and went on progressing by their own, causing the formation of the world of matter where we are today. Apart from that, they are not guilty of anything else, for everything else is a consequence of the unbailable crime that they committed.


The blind that walks with his head up, eyes open, who does not grope one´s way, does not use a stick, sun glasses or a guiding dog, he is a blind that lives of appearances, judging to be what he is not. He is a sufferer that values more the beguiling of life´s artificiality than his own life. An unknown of himself, of everyone and of everything else. A wandering somnambulist, without any value whatsoever.


Las Vegas, in the United States, is the beguiling capital of free-thinking adults only.


Disneyworld in the United States is the beguiling capital of free-thinking children, but also adults.


Brazil of the Carnival feast, is everyone´s beguiling  capital; adults, children, rich or poor, the way they are.


And why is Vegas, Disney and Brazil the world´s capital of the beguiling?

Because the visitors and performers of the shows therein promoted, are free-thinkers enjoying well deserved holidays from the sufferings caused by lapidations of the owner of the thought on their tools, they themselves, by the electric and magnetic energies. Holidays provided by the owner of the thought to beguile, deceive and assuage these people´s suffering and prepare them for the coming lapidations.

Because life in the matter is sheer permanent suffering and death. Without the beguiling, many would prefer death much before it coming naturally. Even with the beguiling, there are a few that succumb, living as an animal, one against the other, without guaranties of any kind whatsoever, for not knowing themselves and ignoring why they lived thus.


All that engendered by Nature and its Chiefs of Staff to lapidate the passer-by. That one that passes through life without reconnoitering it, that only passes without realizing what it is all about, about himself; that one is a passer-by. Passes from life after life in total ignorance of everything and everyone and ends up by being downgraded to an inferior class without even feeling what is really going on in his existence.


A Rational animal that does not exercise his Reasoning becomes irrational.


Why does the thinker ignore himself?

Because when he was born everything else already existed, and for that reason, he could not clarify the why of this life and the why this world is thus. And the way out of that condition of total ignorance that he found in the thinking phase, was to philosophize, which was not of much help, for it was a life of fighting for the nothing, for everything ends in nothing.

Philosophize means: live for living, not bothering and not caring for anything. Walking about, as the vain philosophy expresses itself – without a handkerchief  and documents, hand in the pocket and the guitar under the arm – ignoring where he came from, why he came, how he came and to where, how and when he goes.

But since each philosopher philosophizes his own manner, infinity of different philosophies came to exist,  causing the urge of the lapidation and  the suffering of the animal citizen of Rational origin, in order to prepare and perfection him as quickly as possible for the arrival of the Rational Phase.


The fierce irrational animal is not tamed, is not appeased, and is not domesticated. It is accustomed. The untamed Rational animal, when he finally gets accustomed to study and to learn what Rational Culture is, upon reading the Book “Universe in Disenchantment”, he will never disaccustom.

In the hard existence in the matter, ruled by the owner of the thought and its lapidation instruments – the electric and magnetic energies – the living person participates in two competition modalities: either the one that he runs after life trying not to lose it; or the other one that he runs away from death, trying not to be reached. He loses in both modalities. Always.


A Rational being stops thinking when he connects to the Rational Energy, coming to Reason. Upon coming to Reason, he disconnects from the things of the ground where the thought was originated, and connects himself to the things from the above, where the Reasoning comes from. He gets accustomed to Reasoning and who gets accustomed to Reasoning never disaccustoms any more, for he identifies himself with his Origin. There is the Rational bonus.

And upon connecting above, with his World of Origin, by the reading and rereading of the Supreme and Transcendental Work “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture, his only desire, will and choice is to return to that world where he came from 21 eternities ago, the RATIONAL WORLD, the Eternal World of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR.

Those that walk in the Rational Road will be illuminated by the Rational Light, recuperated and led to the RATIONAL PLAIN, where everyone came from.


And to attain that Supreme Aim, once more, for the ones that are interested, the Book is: “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture.



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