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It’s a horrendous situation throughout the world, caused by those who insist living on the artificial basis, extracted from the human mind commanded by the invisible power in this universe where we live.  

Take a look at the situation of all countries where the Powers that Be pay no heed to the rights of the poorer, and the latter end up doing the same to the ones who are below them, so that people are constantly disrespecting one another.

In fact there are no Powers that Be in this world for they are all captive of the invisible power – the electric and magnetic entities – who are responsible for the irradiation of thought and imagination into humanity. Therefore there has never been a pure soul in this world, because there is no pureness in the invisible world. The invisible realms of power created all these institutions down here for the dilapidation of the Rational Animal.

See the backwardness of the world due to the unconsciousness of the invisible entities, which command this world and influence humanity through their thought and imagination transmissions. There is no Consciousness in this world.

In order to get rid of all these entanglements one needs to connect to the Rational Energy. We all have inside our heads a powerful gift which is the Reasoning that can be developed by its natural energy, The Rational Energy. The Reasoning though has been dormant in the pineal gland, waiting to be awaken by its natural energy, The Rational Energy.

The most powerful humans are nothing but tools of the invisible unconscious beings who have been manipulating humanity since primeval times; they erected the pillars of this artificial culture and rendered the human beings hostages of this irrational way of life.

Therefore, nobody is fully responsible for the suffering in this world. Everyone is under the invisible influences of these entities of the Electric and Magnetic; however this connection was necessary for the development of the Rational Animal. The dilapidating phase of humanity expired in 1935, when the second millennium reached its pinnacle, and everything started decaying. The ruling phase is the Rational Phase, the phase of recuperation of humanity. The representative of this phase is in the books of Rational Culture Universe in Disenchantment, which was dictated by the Superior Rational from our Origin.

Those who decide to continue with the unconsciousness, attached to these artificial culture, created by the invisible entities of the electric and magnetic, will get into disintegration and transform into the inferior classes of life, which is the irrational, under the custody of these same entities, for they will rule the irrational animal. The class of Rational animal will be annihilated.

Now it is up to you: either you go up or go down.

The current class now is the class of Rational Apparatus; there is no longer a class called Rational animal. The energy of the Rational Apparatus is the RATIONAL ENERGY, whilst the energy of the Rational animal is the electric and magnetic. Nonetheless the electric and magnetic energies will rule only the irrational animals. It is important to note here that before the person materializes again in this world, he or she will run all the stages of life in the invisible realms of life. So they will in their last stage grow tail and horns and hold a scepter.

It is so unfortunate when one disregard the truth, for they will be victims of the deceit. This is for anyone who is still attached to the electric and magnetic energy regardless their social class, education, nationality, color or sex; Nature will assure no privilege whatsoever.

Life is eternal, and whoever thinks there is goodness in the invisible dimensions is very likely to be deceived; he or she will be surprised to see horrendous things on the other side of life once they get there! And why? Because they are all enchanted just like us.

Those who study Rational Culture are perfectly aware of that because they know that goodness is where the origin of the human beings is, the Rational World.

The Rational World is the world of eternal goodness, because it is a world of pure, clean and perfect energy – THE RATIONAL ENERGY. And this reality can be fathomed only in the books Universe in Disenchantment of Rational Culture.

We, Rational Culture students, have been insistently, trying to warn about all that; no matter how powerful you are in the material world, everyone will fall in the same abyss if they don’t develop their Reasoning in the Rational Phase of Nature.

It is time for humanity to embrace their true Culture, the Rational Culture, and stop their chain of endless transformations into the inferior classes of the irrationals. And the way to do that is attaining the Rational Energy – the energy of the true natural of the Rational Animal

It is the developed Reasoning that can save the person and nobody else.

Nobody is special in the material world, where there is only degeneration, transformation and pollution. The before being is what we were in our original world – The Rational World.

All that and much more in the books Universe in Disenchantment.

We want to bring this knowledge to everyone who wants to know how this universe came to be; it is fundamental that the true knowledge of the origin of the human kind is spread in this world.

Man can no longer be captivated by the electric and magnetic energies that produce thought and imagination in everyone’s head. These energies are byproducts of this state of degeneration and deformation in Nature.


Wake up, people! The material life, in its both forms – visible and invisible, is the realm of horror.

Get the 1st volume of the Rational Books and learn about what is behind the apparent world. The Reasoning is a natural gift that we, humans, have and it connects us with our true world of origin – The Rational World.

God is the Superior Rational, the Creator of the Rational World, the eternal world of pureness and perfection.

Save yourself!


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