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(Extracted from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)





You lived completely ignorant of everything and of yourselves, in that category, ignoring its why, and ignoring the why of your existence. You really had no condition to know yourselves.

And for that reason, the world is of veteran ages and long centuries, in which the lapidation is more and more ferverous in more suave forms, for the owner of the thought and the imagination, produce infinity of artificial and natural beguiling,  for everyone, through these beguiling, to acquire the strength to withstand the lapidation made by the owner of the thought and of the imaginations.

The natural beguiling, the lapidation of the natural beguiling was hellish.

The lapidation was unbearable, when the heart suffered for the joys, for the ambitions, for the greediness, for the treasons, for the jealousy, in short, you were well lapidated by the natural beguiling, by the wills, by the caprices, by the vanities, by the natural wealth; the natural beguiling ill-treated everyone excessively, night and day.  

Everyone preoccupied with the natural beguiling, with the loves; the thought never ceased to lapidate all the beasts.

The natural beguiling were a terrible punishment.

The males thought of the females, and the females thought of the males, it was an infernal disorder destroying one another.

The hatred, the envy, the pique, the vengeances, the natural lapidation was an infernal banishment.

It appeared that everyone lived a hellish life.

If the natural lapidation was not good, imagine the artificial one!

So, there were two lapidations: the natural and the artificial one.

And there was another one much worse: the spiritual.   

That one was “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”.

For one to see that Nature´s natural lapidation was horrid and gloomy. The devastating gales, the artificial lapidation and the lapidation made by the inhabitants of the terrestrial Astral. All of them terrible.

The lapidation of the artifice: the wars. So that the artifice was horrible and frightening.

All three lapidations frightening and horrid.

And these three powers of lapidation did not leave anyone in peace.

Everything was appearance only.

The dejection of many was big, but the appearances appeared different.

The despair in the inner soul and the laughter and joy outside.

That was the life of the one who lived ignoring himself.

And for that reason, the inner soul caught fire due to the nervousness, for what was going on in life.

But always appearing the greatest calm, the greatest indifference.

The inmost suffering was horrid and frightening, for feeling one thing and appearing something much different from what you were feeling in the intimate, night and day.

All that for being under these three powers of horrid lapidation and that ended by being always destroyed by these three lapidating powers.

All that for living ignoring yourselves.

The disequilibrium in the inner soul and outside appearing well balanced.

The hatred intimately, the calm and the politeness outside.

And thus you represented two in one only.

One inside, inwardly and the other outside in the appearances, so different.

Inwardly not liking and outwardly appearing that is liking and sometimes vice versa.

Just to see the rottenness of the matter.

And that is why the misunderstandings are general for they appear what they are not.

And that is why the brawling is general.

And all that why?

Because you lived ignoring who you were. You planted the evil, and you reaped the evil; you planted thorns, reaped thorns; planted flowers, reaped flowers.

It was the frightful and horrid state of the Rational animal who lived for having a life, but could not say the why of it.

The ruling of life were the appearances.

Gall inwardly and honey outwardly.

The magnetic always in the inner soul, for it is always doubting everything, distrusting everything, afraid of everything, confused with everything, in the indecisions of everything.

The disequilibrium always inwardly and outwardly appearing to be well balanced.

Outwardly appearing sanctity, and inwardly the devil in human form.

All that for living not knowing one self.

And the RATIONAL seeing everyone inside out.

And the RATIONAL seeing everyone inside out and giving each one what they deserve.

All that for living ignoring who you are.

The inhabitants of the Superior Astral seeing everyone inside out, for energy is everywhere.     

No one is alone anywhere and no one is hiding anywhere, for the RATIONAL is seeing everyone everywhere, as well as all the inhabitants of the Superior Astral.

Thus, each one reaps what he plants.

For everyone lived ignoring who they were.

Now you cannot live thus anymore, for you have come to know yourselves, and who knows oneself, knows how one must live.

You know who you are, why you are thus, where you all  came from and to where all of you are going.

RATIONAL is one only. Why?

Because the Rational Energy is one only and the RATIONAL WORLD is one only and the truth is one only, is RATIONAL.

NOW, WHO IS STILL NOT Rational, is still in the Rational beast category, continues to be two-in-one only.

And to stop being thus as he is, he must read and reread to develop these three parts of the body, for if he continues as two-in-one only, one inwardly and the other outwardly, he continues in the Rational beast category.

And remaining in the Rational beast category where does he go?

To inferior classes for staying in the Rational beast category.

With the development of the Reasoning, of the Rational Clairvoyance and of the Rational Apparatus, you will stop being Rational beasts and will come to be Rational Apparatuses.

Then coming to be one only and stopping to be two-in-one only, for the Rational equilibrium remains.

This is for now, for Nature´s natural phase is Rational.

It is not for tomorrow or after, it is for now, the moment is now.

For everyone to stop being varying and out-of-balanced, so that everyone get away from the lapidation of these three powers and come to be Rational Apparatuses, for being connected to the most powerful energy of the world, the energy of the RATIONAL WORLD.



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