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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ – Brazil)




Who has succeeded to define the nothing?

No one, for no one can define something that does not exist.

For the nothing being satisfied with its own condition, he remains as being nothing, incapable to define who he really is.

But then, who is the true nothing?

The true nothing is the very one, the nothing really, the nothing as usual, the nothing at all, the inexistent, the untrue, the nothing of the nothing, the absolute nothing; for it starts from nothing and ends in nothing.

Exceptionally, in the matter, the nothing is the only thing that appears to be everything, however in the illusory form of the appearances. This is the most important challenge faced by the human being: to learn how to discern between the true and the false, between the real and the unreal, between the everything and the nothing.

Only the true knowledge of oneself, that is summarized in the knowing of which world one came from, in which world one is, and to which world one goes, will free the human being from the bindings that until today kept him fastened irremediably in the matter, in the sub condition of sufferer, of mortal and of… worshiper of the nothing.

Since the beginning, the human history always summarized itself in infinity of nothings:

The monster was a monstrous nothing.

The savage was a brutal nothing.

The civilized Rational animal, a sophisticated nothing.

And so on.

But where can the everything be found?

The human being has no condition to define the nothing and much less the everything, for he believes that the everything is everything that is visible, that can be touched, felt, evaluated, measured, defined, possessed, experimented and judged somehow.

This happens for the human being is a materialist who judges that everything is in the matter and that outside the matter nothing exists.

In 1935, the DIVINE PROVIDENCE created on Earth, ruled by Nature, a new Era, the Rational Phase era, the development of the Reasoning, the Clairvoyance and the Rational Apparatus Phase, which substituted the Rational animal´s thought phase.

The teachings of that new phase sent from the First World and delivered down here through the inedited work “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture, completely transformed the understanding and interpretation of what is the everything and of what is the nothing, here in the matter. And since these teachings are brought by the Reasoning, only who develops the Reasoning can receive, understand and apply them.

The Book teaches and demonstrates minutely and with great clarity, that everything that exists in the Universe is made of matter and, therefore, is false and inexistent, for the matter is a nothing that came from a pure, clean and perfect energy, the Rational Energy, however degenerated into two deformed and polluted energies: the electric and the magnetic.

These Rational teachings leave the free-thinker (who remains more and more ever entangled in the depths of his abominable ignorance), even more perplex and confused, for as far as he is concerned, the matter is the everything, in spite of his being plainly proved and certified of the contrary by Nature herself, of his unsustainable material condition through the sequence of very short lives ruled by the inclemency of the lapidations. A no ending beginning and end, which has been so for 21 eternities.

The Book also demonstrates that the true everything does not belong here in this world of matter, but in a very distant and very elevated World, superior to everything and everyone, where the RATIONAL PLAIN is. A small part of it degenerated itself from its pure, clean and perfect Origin, causing that second world, degraded, polluted , suffering and mortal, an unfortunate consequence of the First.

The Scripture explains and describes with richness of details, the whys of the descent of that part of the plain and of its materialization in such inferior and polluted levels.

According to that transcendental and unique Work, the RATIONAL PLAIN is part of a much larger and incommensurable complex denominated RATIONAL WORLD, where the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, the Reasoning Superior to all Reasoning inhabits, and with HIM our pure, clean and perfect brothers. These, sagely, did not follow the steps of some others who decided to enter a part of the plain that was not ready to make progress.

These “some”, are ourselves here materialized, and some others in invisible form, inhabitants of other levels of the space above: the Lower Astral, the Inferior Astral and the Superior Astral.

For not paying any heed to the RATIONAL SUPERIOR warnings and proceeding to progress for our own account, by our free and spontaneous will, that part of the plain that was not ready to make progress, disconnected itself from the main part of the Plain and started a no return movement of descent, taking everyone with it. In the course of that movement, everything and everyone´s pure, clean and perfect virtues were lost and materialized in what is known to us down here as the Universe.

Reading, rereading, studying and researching attentively the history of our lives, since the before being thus, and along the infinity of phases and eternities through which Nature went through, we will be able to understand and assure ourselves that the truth is in the everything of the everything in the Superior World and that the untruth is in the nothing of the nothing in the inferior world of matter.

Who is capable to understand and comprehend this difference, has come to Reason and is already in the return Road to his World of Origin.

Humanity´s true origin is in the RATIONAL WORLD, in the Rational Cosmic Energy form. The Rational Phase came to the Earth to provide to those who disobeyed our Father, the means to have the opportunity to redeem and recuperate themselves through the development of the Reasoning , becoming aware of the Rational teachings so as to acquire the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION and return to their World of Origin.

With the reading you will detach yourselves from the polluted and imperfect matter, the nothing that for being nothing is worthless, and will attach yourselves to the book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT of Rational Culture, which teaches the True truth, the everything of the everything, which in essence is the Road back to the RATIONAL WORLD.

That is the difference between the everything and the nothing, between being everything and being nothing, between the not being and the RATIONAL BEING.



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