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(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)




Who is looking for a work of science is looking for a benefit for himself, and the one who does not care for it, is because he does not want to know about his benefits, and thus, it is much the same.

The one who does not care ends by forsaking the milieu, for not belonging to that milieu, for those who want to follow the teachings, try to know which are the orders that exist in that milieu, so as to count with it,  being guaranteed by it, and seeing the effects of its guarantee, feeling its benefits in order to march confidently.

The order is: read! Read what is available in the milieu, which is the Work of the natural science, of the Rational science.

In that work no kind of line is treated, but the Rational science, the natural science. Repetitions of that data are necessary in order to stop the confusions made by the living creatures that, as regards that point, are very many. When the capacity of the living creature is insufficient to clarify what this natural science is, he must limit himself saying that he is not yet well based, for he reads and forgets, but that, with the persistence in the reading he will rule over all the basis, well argued, for then, clarify the remaining.

Only those who have obtained all the knowledge from this work through the reading, will find basis to firm themselves and will walk more and more based on more firm, more fervently, finding all the guarantees in the reading, attaining safety and firmness. If everyone proceeded like that, you would be there and would not find in the world better environment than this. Yes, for no other environment has another RATIONAL SUPERIOR!

If you wish to see, if you wish that I prove; read, and you will find what I am saying. Why do you not do like Saint Thomas did?  Try to see and believe, and then I prove and certify to you that nowhere you will find a better environment than this Work.

Only the ones who read, the ones that abide by the orders of the reading, the ones that are constant in attaining their happiness and seeing the unhappiness of the remaining, will discern the benefit of this knowledge.

Therefore, each one is to take care of oneself. No one ever found the road to happiness which is now appearing for whoever wants to be happy. Otherwise, outside the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, you will not be happy, as you have never been, always living from bad to worse. Only here you will find happiness, for nowhere exists a RATIONAL SUPERIOR, who am I, the Savior, with this Scripture that proves and certifies everyone´s salvation, the beginning and the end of everything.

Only here the RATIONAL SUPERIOR exists, this knowledge superior to everything and everyone, and for that reason, the ones who comply with the orders are saved in their own benefit, and lost are the ones who do not want to know anything, the ones who seek this knowledge as someone looking for a doctor when he feels the pain and once healed, turn his back on HIM.

I, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, transmit the knowledge and you give ME the contempt, to feel another pain which is the despise. Tomorrow, when you feel the pain again, you will come back to me to get rid of it and once more you will abandon ME. You think and judge that this milieu is the same thing, when it differs so much. You confound eternal salvation with pain, and other things that are not worth mentioning.

How dare you rule the world, a thing that does not belong to the adventurers! To make and unmake a thing that is not your property! Men are completely unaware of the faults that long ago they have been committing. And they say that the world is theirs! They talk as if they were the ones who made it. They want to dominate it, rule it, entitling themselves knower of everything.

Knower of what? You only know how to make what you should not and then, the more governments there are to straighten, the more everything turning the other way, worsening always. For pretending to rule that that does not belong to you, something that you have not the capacity to command, something that you do not know, and the more you change the regime, the more you change the politics, the more you change governors to improve, the more everything else  worsens always.


Because you want to rule something that is not yours: the world!

If life itself is not yours, imagine the world! If you do not rule your own life, for you die without wanting to die, get ill without wanting to get ill, how do you want to rule the world! Behaving that way, you only have to multiply the failures, and go from worse to worse, as from many failures you came, as you are now, and as it continues.

Man came to the maximum point of blindness. Blindness is such, such is the drunkenness by the material being, that you do not realize the big mistake that many thus are keeping.

The living being will say that it is because man has never found the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION.

And I, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR reply; man has found long ago the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, but you wiped out the well formed principles of the great ALPHABET OF ASTROLOGY, despised the right and admitted the twisted.


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