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(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)




As everyone may notice, many words and many subjects are repeated here, but one must be aware that all that has its effects; it is the same as a character that changes his dressings, who changes infinity of dressings. The character is one only, but the dressings are different, the vestments are many and all of them unequal.

There is the doubt of only thinking in one character and not, however, feeling the vestments modulations. This is very easy to interpret. It is the same as a person that, once in a while, changes his clothes; each clothes a representation, with its very long historic. Therefore infinity of clothes and each one with its very long historic, appearing to be always the same character with different clothes.

That is the reason of your not interpreting the way I expound, and judge that the repetitions are unnecessary. They are not unnecessary. The character is the same one; the character has to be repeated always, but the clothes has to be different, and each clothes, a great historic, a beautiful historic.

For those who use the persistence and the natural effort, the triumphs will come; they will overcome all the obstacles, acquiring whatever they desire and much beyond still. The natural effort is the one that is within each one´s possessions and strength. Natural effort is not quite an effort, for it is enough being natural for not requiring greater effort, but for the conviction of a duty in benefit of everyone, so I make you aware.

The natural effort is everything that the living person does without sacrifice for his own benefit. Therefore, these two things reunited bring to the living creature the solved culminating point, the desired and decided culminating point.  Whoever’s desired culminating point are his desires solved, his ideals achieved, for reaching another superior point, which is the equilibrium of the well living. It is in the character of the good comprehensive person and the good complier the achievement of the good for himself. Joining the caprice with the persistence and the natural effort, the faster still you will achieve the desired solutions.

Whoever wishes to be immunized, needs only to read, read to the end of this Rational Scripture to achieve all the immunization’s power. He must not do like some, who barely start to read the beginning of the Scripture and already want to be immunized. They have not reached the end and want to be masters of all the immunization´s knowledge. That cannot be! Only with the persistence in the reading you will come to the culminating point.

The Scripture is to be constantly read, until the more important passages become engraved in everyone´s intimate, for your own knowledge and for the clarifying of the remaining. The reading is not poor in arguments, poor are the ones who read, for they forget and remain the same, in the stiff doubt of an inglorious pantheon. Those that forget know nothing, and for that reason, are  inglorified ones.

It is with constancy that things are learned; without constancy everything becomes unnoticed. This is not meant for everyone, only for a few feather headed ones to whom everything passes and is forgotten.

Therefore, with persistency in the reading, everyone will achieve what they want. Enough only the persistence, which is what lacks most in the impatient ones.



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