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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ)





The author of the above sentence refers to the life condition of any living creature, who for not withstanding anymore the suffering caused by his way of living, realizes that the solution will only come through a radical change in his life. And it is that prognostic of radical change that causes the poignant pain of the uncertainty, of the doubt and of the risk between the success and the failure of that great transformation.

There are living creatures that are like rocks, take long to see what is straight in front of their eyes, of good or bad. They have their learning ability atrophic about everything and everyone, that is; it does not develop, only regresses. These are candidates to follow on the descent, ending in the world of the irrationals, the habitat of the animal, vegetal and mineral species.

It is of the utmost importance for the Reasoning development, that the student of Rational Culture, when reading the Magna Scripture of Rational Transcendence “Universe in Disenchantment”, have always in mind that GOD is the One that literally speaks to him through the Scripture. And it was with that objective in mind, that HE took the materialized form of the humans, in order to make possible during HIS daily life together with them, to let HIS words printed in the definitive Work and savior of humanity.

The perception of that energy, the Rational Energy, the most important in the life of the humans for being the energy of their Origin and from which everyone was made, is gradually absorbed by the living creature´s innermost “I” as the Reasoning develops itself, until the Rational Culture student becomes conscious that he is interacting directly with the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, for being a direct derivative of that SUPERIOR BEING´s Energy.

That communication of the Book´s Divine Energy with the student´s energy, sometimes is done in a didactic form such as in a descriptive passage said suavely and sometimes in an impressive contusing staccato, aiming at alerting the student about the dangers he might be exposed if he does not wake up from the millennial dream of appearances and illusions in which he is drowsing to the reality of the Truth of the truths.

But there are other occasions when it flows freely with extreme sweetness, describing, for instance, what RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION is, or when examining the basis and logic of the RATIONAL WORLD, or discoursing about fraternity, peace and love of one for everyone and everyone for one, which is the Rational way one lives and cohabits in the Eternity.

The moment will finally come, in that the student will be totally sheltered by the SUPERIOR REASONING to all Reasoning and will Reason in the RATIONAL SUPERIOR´s own Reasoning. In this lofty moment, he becomes one only with the MAXIMUM ENTITY by the merit achieved in his constancy in the reading and in his steadfast pertinacity and determination to return to his World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

In other words, it is the “soul” bidding farewell to the matter. The seven reigns that form life here, the Rational Fluidic Body; earth, water, animal, vegetal, sun, moon, stars, that return definitely to their natural form of being in the RATIONAL PLAIN.

It is when it also occurs the dematerialization of the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD, who waits for that precious moment, materialized in the cocoon’s interior, which is the Pineal gland.

Whoever comes to comprehend, understand and be nourished by the complete meaning of the teachings contained in the Books “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture, will be liberating himself, by incontestable merit, from the cocoon, and consequently from the lapidation and suffering therein.

Who does not have that understanding, be it for indifference,   uninterest, discredit or for the fondness for the material things ruled by the electric and magnetic energies, this one will continue in the degenerating, deforming and descent process, coming to the stage of the human body transformation in quadruped animals and later in infinity of other species, until reaching the state of rock, which is worse still.

A delay of another seven eternities on top of the twenty one already lived!

Today, there are living creatures that are like rock and for that reason, from the matter they will not leave. However, there are others that do not know what they want; they are still being confounded by the beguiling of the electric and magnetic energies. These undecided ones need to be alerted as regards the existence of the only instrument that enables the living creature to acquire the knowledge of himself and to know who he is, where he came from and to where he goes.

For that reason, it is the duty of everyone who has been clarified by the Work, to divulge it to the four quadrants. Without that Rational propaganda even the ones who march in the Reasoning line are incurring in grave fault and losing the merit to attain their own salvation, which results in also denying it to your neighbor.

Therefore, when the pain of being jailed in the cocoon becomes worse than the pain of the risk of liberation, everyone already knows through the Rational Culture teachings that the only risk possible to be incurred in the liberation, is of becoming arrested in the present material conditions and degraded to still worse conditions.

Therefore, when working for your liberation, follow faithfully the instructions contained in the BOOK and take out from your lives that risk, for in the Rational Liberation one does not incur in risks or pain, only in one only absolute certainty; the RATIONAL SALVATION!


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