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“Life only hurts those who live unaware of themselves, and because they live without knowing themselves, it is why the whole world is going through this phase of horrors, fear and inhumanity, a phase of ” save yourself if you can “. (RACIONAL SUPERIOR, the author of the Books Universe in Disenchantment)

The greedy ones who are vain over the limits, envious, materialistic, arrogant, conceited, disrespectful in various ways and manners, can impart their behavior to the others and also suffer from being unbalanced and feeding the magnetism in themselves, which is what leads to all kinds of imbalance.

And so the life of the unbalanced Rational animals can be neither easy nor  peaceful, nor joyful, because it is a life of darkness, without solution, an empty and meaningless life, because it is a life of destruction of the others and of themselves.

And with that, they harm everything and everyone, because they are living submitted to the unconscious primary energies, the electric and magnetic ones, remaining equally unconscious, because they don’t know the Energy of true consciousness, the RATIONAL ENERGY, which has been running in Nature since 1935 .

And by harming themselves, everything and everyone, they also harm the salutary progress of the whole Universe, which, in its turn, seeks to straighten up people at the cost of much polishing, which is the suffering, so that the abusers may understand that they are wrong.

If you do not understand the message of the Universe, you are destroyed by it. Now in the Rational Phase, which is the most beautiful phase, the phase of its adaptation to the RATIONAL LINE, which is the line of purity, cleanness and perfection, of connection to the True Universe that gave cause to ours, it will not admit anything or anyone that stands in its way, trying to hamper its progress. Later on it will liquidate everything and everyone who are still on the fringes of the RATIONAL LINE.

Therefore, since 1935, which was the year in which the RATIONAL ENERGY came into force, the Energy of the line of purity, cleanliness and perfection, everything has been very difficult for the Rational animal that is not interested in improving himself in order to attain the righteousness of character with  absolutely balanced and RATIONAL conduct , which means, a conduct that does not harm anything or anyone.

And so the life of the Rational animal, since 1935, has become controversial, confused, because the Rational animal does not know how to reason and he still mixes up a high concrete thought with the reasoning, but that sooner or later will be proved as being a mere action of thinking, for admitting attitudes that are not in harmony with their peers and Nature in general, where the privilege of some is admitted to the detriment of others.

And can these unbalanced ones be fixed?

Yes, they can as long as they want, because the will is free. Each person can be whatever he wants to be, but inevitably he will have to remain in the world to which he is connected to – and this is a universal natural law.

Want to be a bad guy, disrespectful, arrogant and all that? So it may be, but in that case these negative qualities are belongings of the class of the irrational animals.

The Universe fulfills the will of those who want to be whatever they can be. It keeps the person connected to the energies of the ground, electric and magnetic; it brings the person to the fall and liquidates the person, making his transformation (known to us as death) into the class of the irrationals as two – foot or four – foot creatures.

Do you still want to preserve your whole integrity of an uncorrupted character, absolutely balanced?

In this case, it is imperative that you get yourself connected to the RATIONAL ENERGY, the Energy of PURE WELLNESS, the Transcendental Energy of our True World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD, the ENERGY that develops THE REASONING, THE RATIONAL ENERGY which will lead the person through the paths of openness from all points of view about his life, providing solutions to all his problems and all protection, security of the UNIVERSE.

It is so mandatory to connect yourself in life to the RATIONAL WORLD, the world of THE ETERNAL REASON of everything and everyone.

And they will ask:

“And how to connect with the RATIONAL ENERGY?”

Our answer to that is: it is very simple! Reading, rereading and studying with great attention the book Universe in Disenchantment of Rational Culture on a daily basis. This is the first stage.

Second stage is putting into practice that you learn in the book Universe in Disenchantment, learning to take care of your own life, stepping up in good and beautiful character and collaborating to get the lost ones on the Rational Path where they will find help and shelter.

Third stage: disseminating with your behavior the Higher Culture you are learning, Rational Culture, as well as providing the dissemination of Rational Culture through the media and wherever you go, individually or in group of readers of the book Universe in Disenchantment or through Bands of Rational Culture composed by readers, created especially for the dissemination of Rational Culture.

Fourth stage: collaborating in all ways in order to expand the Rational Phase on Earth, as much as possible. So here you have the four stages.

These four steps will happen very naturally according to the individual’s efforts and progress. The result is that the person will improve his life fantastically in all senses.

On this walk of TRUE LIGHT, everything that you do for the Rational Phase will be praised! Each person will do what he can do and making all his merits worthwhile.

And so, it is very easy for everyone to understand that no one is to blame for of the suffering of anyone in this world. Nonetheless, by not accepting that Nature has changed phases and persisting on the phase of Rational Animal, the person will not be able to receive all that the new phase has to offer.

It is of Nature’s will that everyone goes back to their true natural world, THE RATIONAL WORLD.

Nature, who does not admit being harmed, is also working for her return to her original state of Rational Energy. She will be implacable with those who stay in her way attached to the inferior energies, the electric and magnetic ones.

She will simply allow them to go to the lower classes of life, the classes of the irrational animals.

Attain the eternal equilibrium by reading the book Universe in Disenchantment of Rational Culture in order to level up with Nature.

If Nature feels threatened by your unspeakable actions, she won’t hesitate crushing you, and make no mistake, she will if she has to. She is superior to you and to everyone else.


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