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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ – BRAZIL)




Beguiling was in former times a powerful anesthetic that propitiated a relief, an apparent good, and a suggestive good that moved, impressed and soothed the lapidation. That domination of everyone by the self-suggestion was necessary to assuage the sufferings of their lapidations.  

Today, by the evolution of the progress and the education, one stopped believing in tales, histories and legends and came to feel the lapidation as it really is: inclement and impious. The beguiling came to become rare in the living person´s life and when it happens it is soon overrun by some kind of Nature´s natural or artificial disgrace.

That is because Nature is not fooling around. The more the Rational Phase establishes, affirms and imposes itself, the more vulnerable  to the lapidation the  open eyed dreamers become, for they still ignore themselves, do not remember from where they came, neither know to where they are going.

The thought had to have its end, for the Rational animal phase ended. Some remained with their thought weakened, living a little better for they still feel and differentiate the good from the worse. Others had their thought dried once and for all, as everything in the matter has a beginning and an end. The thought extinguished itself and with it the people´s sentiment, which transformed the humans in real monsters, destroyers of everything and everyone.       

The critical moment has arrived, and with Nature´s natural undergoing a process of self Rationalization, the beguiling entered into an extinction process, being replaced by the suffering, which is ruled by the magnetic, the pure evil, the most powerful and destructive force in the matter. Now, the empire of the evil takes over the command replacing Nature´s functions, for she is now fully integrated and dedicated to the Rational Phase.

Who woke up and came to know himself, stopped being a tool of the owner of the thought and of the imagination, thus upgrading to the superior class of Rational Apparatus, connected with Nature´s new energy, the pure, clean and perfect Rational Energy, for the Apparatus’ command is in his true World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

The negative effect of all that transformation caused by the change of phase from the animal of Rational origin to the Reasoning Phase, is printed daily in the world news media, with perverse details. A true circus of horrors with the participation of the invisible ones of the Lower Astral.       

That is the why and the importance of the Rational clarifications that the reader and student of Rational Culture must disclose to their ill-advised brothers, divulging to them the teachings of the Rational Literature “UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT”. This elusive world that we inhabit has become a furnace, Dante´s Inferno, where the confusions, the misunderstandings and the disequilibrium are absolute in all layers, in all levels, in all peoples, in all nations, in all dimensions, visible and invisible.

There is not anymore the least concordance, much less courtesy. Declared and undeclared civil and military wars burst all over the world, some disguised, and the urban violence as well taking its toll. We live today in a state of permanent threat and belligerence. These are fratricidal wars. Peace succumbed.

Not to mention the battles against Nature´s noxious natural elements such as the species that appeared with the dengue mosquito, then the chicungunha, and now the yellow fever a mortal species extinct by sanitarian doctor Oswaldo Cruz last century and reappeared recently in Brazil.

The true peace can only be found in the reading of the teachings inside the pages of the Book “UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT” of Rational Culture. Only that transcendental Work carries the true peace in its essence, for having been dictated by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR from the heights of the RATIONAL WORLD, to the RATIONAL SUPERIOR of the EARTH, Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho, the Knight of the divine Concord, Peace and Love. Only these teachings can pacify the human´s inner being.

Life, which is of Rational Origin, the most precious thing that the living creature received directly from God´s divine love for His creatures, lost all its true value. It passed from the divine perfection to the transitory and mortal degeneration and degradation. This is not life. It is the opposite. You do not know what life is. You do not know from where life came, how it came and to where it goes. You only know life because you are alive and have proof of that by seeing and verifying the death of your neighbors.    

As a matter of fact you are a walking dead,  for you know nothing and judge that you know everything  filling yourselves with pride for knowing what you do not know: the origin (where you came from) and the destination (to where you will go).

And if a human life came to be worth nothing, what is the value of everything else in the matter? None! Sign of the times. It is the end of times with the extinction of that pretense way of life that we led in this world, as has been announced ages ago by the old time prophets. But even living in that cross fire situation, inside that infernal boiler, no one appears to realize the extension of the catastrophe. You complain that you do not know where all that will have its end, but continue to judge, and to be resigned and to say that life  is thus, that life is just so.

There is the proof that the human being gets used to everything, as much to the good things as to the bad ones.

And thus you proceed in that living and dying sequence, as open-eyed blinds, enchanted and insensibilized, true somnambulists in the imminence of throwing yourselves in the common grave of the sentenced to the descent to the inferior classes.

Here is a short description of that enchantment: the government misgoverns; there is corruption everywhere and there is no healthcare, or safety, or education. But in February there is Carnival, there are holidays in Brazil; in Disneyworld there is a most varied and elusive amusement program, for children and for adults, and in Las Vegas there is multiple killing with sharpshooter, betting, gambling and great shows. Two billion reais are spent monthly by tourists who enjoy their beguiling abroad!

And thus proceed the unconscious ones heading to the abyssal depths of the irrationals class.

The Rationally clarified and matured human being has the duty to advertise the Rational Culture to whoever is inclined and available to listen. It is the Rational form to express himself loving his neighbor as he loves himself, and doing good to all regardless.

But the sad reality noted is the lack of interest that the majority shows for the clarifications that the Rational Culture is disposing through their envoys; the Rational students.

It is the materiality resisting the Rationality.

True rock fortifications, inexpugnable, insensible to God´s calls, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR. You have behaved thus in your World of Origin when you unduly entered a part of the Plain that was not ready to make progress, and ended in the form you present yourselves today; failed, physically, morally and financially.

Rock fortifications are passing and soon dismantle themselves by their untenability in the new Reasoning Phase, transforming themselves in dust and suffering for a much longer time the displeasures of the irrational life of the animal, vegetal and mineral species.  

As Nature´s natural completes its Rational development cycle, the second world goes through the death of the transformations and resurrects in the Third Millennium in a Rationally illuminated re-flourishing, its inhabitants renewed by the Rational Energy purity, with the Reasoning, the Clairvoyance and the Apparatus developed and already linked with its World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

After the magnetic tempest, the Rational Bonanza.

After the suffering in the matter, the blessedness.

After the temporality of the untruth of the nothing, the eternity of the truth of everything.

There is the end of times ruled by the electric and magnetic energies, and the rebirthing for the eternal life ruled by the Rational Energy. Who reads, studies, researches, feels and divulges the Work “Universe in Disenchantment” will ascend to his World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD, and will stop definitely to be a sufferer and mortal being.

Therefore, read and reread to free yourselves and transform yourselves again into pure, clean and perfect beings. Grasp the Book, detach yourselves from the matter and ascend to expose to view from up there, the tragedy that befalls and spreads itself over the Earth, since for the ones who stay, there is no salvation.

Fortunate are the ones who find in the Rational reading their Rational mantra, and with it their way back to the RATIONAL PLAIN.



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