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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ – BRAZIL)







There are today, materialized in this world of matter, two pure, clean and perfect Rational Energies.

The first one is the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD materialized for 21 eternities inside the Pineal gland of the living being; the second is the Transcendental Work “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture, arrived here after 1935, in the Third Millennium Rational Phase.

A third Energy was generated here in the matter in 1903, sent from the RATIONAL WORLD by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, the Reasoning Superior to all Reasoning, to receive the Divine Scripture dictated by HIM to be printed in the printing shop of the Rational Ashram, in the suburb of the state of Rio de Janeiro, then the capital of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

It is Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR of the EARTH, therefore two in one, who remained here until completing His mission in 1992, leaving as His only successor and representative  in this degenerated, degraded and polluted world the Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, with its required and necessary teachings and knowledge for the dematerialization of the Reasoning machine.

Two pure, clean and perfect energies that were materialized here with the purpose to save a third one, recuperate it and lead it to its true World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

Lord M.J.C. is the introducer of the materialized Reasoning in the Book´s pages, and the Book itself is the Rational tool, its contents becoming again fluidized Rational Energy, as it is absorbed by the student´s eyes, Rationally immunizing him.

That is the great gift coming from the DIVINE PROVIDENCE: the last resort for those who wish to save themselves if they can. And that is also the great indebtedness  that the sufferer and mortal has to these two superior entities, two in one, which will only be redeemed when the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD dematerializes himself and returns to his World of Origin.

Therefore, with the knowledge in hand, strive to read and reread to develop the Reasoning´s dematerialization, the true natural state of being. The development phase which has long been announced as the Third Millennium Phase of the Spatial Progress finally arrived, for Nature´s natural is now Rational.

And thus, with the coming of the Reasoning, the Rational beast category as well as the Rational animal class will  extinguish themselves naturally, and together with them the appearances, the mysteries, the enigmas and phenomena; the beguiling, the lapidation, the ignorance about oneself, the open eyed  somnambulism, the never-ending births and deaths, in short, the materiality.

With the arrival of the Reasoning´s development phase, the Clairvoyance and the Rational Apparatus also came with it. Many finally came to know themselves, acknowledging; that originally they were pure, clean and perfect beings coming from the RATIONAL WORLD; that they disobeyed God and as a result descended and materialized themselves together with that part of the Plain that was not ready to make progress; and that they will return to their World of Origin when attaining a fully developed Reasoning.

The human being that has come to know himself does not want to be like this any longer; he wants to return to where he came from, deactivated from the matter and activated in the Rational Energy, which is the Rational Light that illuminates  the Terrestrial Paradise, for the joining of the two worlds is now in the advanced stage of transforming two in one only: the RATIONAL WORLD.

No one is able enchant a disenchanted one for there is no energy more powerful than the Rational Energy to achieve that feat. But anyone can disenchant an enchanted being by the thought and by the imagination, for being already inside the Rational Phase, where Nature´s natural is Rational. It is enough making our brothers who are still dominated by the electric and magnetic energies, therefore ignorant of the Rational Culture, aware of the materialized information in the pages of the Transcendental Work “Universe in Disenchantment.”

This is what it is to sow the good in order to reap a still much greater good.

The enchanted brutal beasts and the philosophic philosophers who do not disenchant themselves and continue to brutalize  and philosophize their empty philosophies without finding a solution for life, these will remain under the yoke of the magnetic energy, a powerful degeneration of the Rational Energy, which will lead them coercively to the inferior world of the irrationals.  

There, they will experience the life of all specimens that exist in the matter and will continue to be born, die, transform themselves and suffer for seven eternities more, however with the guarantee that everyone, without exception, one day will return to their  Rational Base of Origin, in the RATIONAL PLAIN.

Up there, everyone is one. Down here each one is one.

Let us be, then, everyone for one and one for everyone.




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