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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ – BRAZIL)







The world and its inhabitants became in such a way enchanted with themselves and with the apparent milieu that surrounded them, that they became irrevocably prisoners of the enchantment, of themselves and of their ignorance.


The world of matter, the second world, a deformation of the first one pure, clean and perfect, is a ball of electric and magnetic wires entangled in the knots of its own mesh by the deregulated actions that they exert on themselves, on everything and on everyone. It is out from that generalized confusion that sprouts the worst sentiments provoked by the magnetism´s virulence, almost impossible to be controlled in the extinction period of the thought phase. 

The lack of control is such that the great majority says: “SUFFERING WILL ONLY END WHEN DEATH COMES!” Gross mistake! They do not know that life is eternal, that death does not exist the way they think and imagine. What there is really is a transformation of a form of life to another one, from the visible to the invisible. While in this visible side, the living person still has the privilege of the beguiling that smoothes the suffering. These beguiling are the illusions, the dreams, the fantasies, the divertissements of all kinds. But when arriving at the other side, has to live, liking or not, wanting or not, with the pure suffering, unless he is already with the Reasoning well developed, that is, connected to the Rational Energy, the Rational Mediating Energy, that will stop the living creature to suffer the horrors of the invisible magnetism, where he has nowhere to hold on to soften his agony.

And everything and everyone living in that vicious circle: thought and imagination: imagination and thought; life and death: death and life. Without equilibrium there cannot be harmony and without harmony there is confusion only, for thought being originated from the ground and the development from the ground only produces materialism, negativity, lapidation and suffering.

That situation only came to be changed and transformed itself positively in 1935, with the coming of the Rational Phase, Nature´s new natural phase, then only accessed by the first students and readers of the transcendental Work of Rational Culture “Universe in Disenchantment”. With the coming of the Reasoning here on Earth, the Rational Wisdom superior to all wisdom subtracted from its readers the tormented dreams and nightmares, for the world then being illuminated by the Rational Light, the absolute and positive light of the Rational Consciousness, of the Absolute Truth, for you came to know yourselves, knowing where you came from, who you are, why you are thus, and to where and when you will go.

Thence, then, everything proceeded thus: the knots of the ball disentangled with the persistent, attentive and conscious reading of the Book “Universe in Disenchantment”, and the living creature freeing himself from the fastenings of the entanglement, finally disengaged himself from the materiality and climbed to his World of Origin in the eternity, returning to be a pure, clean and perfect being in the RATIONAL WORLD.

As stated in the Literary Work: who is Rational will never stop to be one.


If a human being started to ask himself, in his day to day life, the infinity of questions that are asked by a supposed character in the pages of the book “Universe in Disenchantment”, (just to clarify the reader), there would be today in this world of matter, only Rational Culture students reading the Literary Work obstinately to obtain the answers to their doubts, come to know themselves and return as quickly as possible to their origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

Unfortunately, it is not quite thus and that day of Rational happiness is still somewhat distant, for very little is asked here in this world of appearances, for they find that they already know everything when, in reality, they know nothing.


GOD, in His Supreme Wisdom and Inexhaustible Goodness, alerted countless times those few that unduly entered that part of the Plain that was not ready to enter into progress. They should have returned immediately, but they did not pay any heed to the calls and decided to stay and progress by their own account in that part of the Plain, disobeying purposefully  GOD, the generator, the creator and maintainer of all the lives.

Our Father, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, only refrained from telling them what the consequences of that act would be for they would never understand the real meaning. How could they understand, if they were living in a pure, clean and perfect world, where only the progress of the good, of the purity and of the perfection exists? How could they understand something that did not exist and was so completely different from them?  How could they understand the effect of a cause still to be? How could they discuss such a controversial subject about degenerated and mortal beings in a perfectly balanced and eternal ambiance of the RATIONAL WORLD? Impossible! Inadmissible!       

Thence, the disastrous consequence that resulted from that outrageous offence to GOD: the materialization of a luminous body of pure, clean and perfect cosmic mass, an Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD, materialized and arrested  inside the Pineal gland of a degenerated, degraded and polluted human being that had already been a monster, a savage and now a civilized being, however still with all the defects of a sufferer and a mortal being.

Only GOD, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, knows everything.



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