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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of RATIONAL CULTURE, Miguel Pereira, RJ – BRAZIL)







The world and its inhabitants became in such a way enchanted with themselves and with the apparent milieu that surrounded them, that they became irrevocably prisoners of the enchantment, of themselves and of their ignorance.


Magnetism is a powerful energy, virulent and malignant, a derivative of a degeneration and deformation of the Rational Energy, when we extinguished on top of the earth and the water in the beginning of the formation of the matter. That energy came fully equipped with the all the gear, instruments, tools and means to magnetize, dominate and thus maintain everyone involved inside its field of negative force of artificial progress in the matter, being co-opted by its twin sister; the electric energy.

And thus, it was caused and unleashed a monumental battle engaged diuturnaly, in the Rational Phase, by the living creature recently awaken from his stony sleep and that formidable octopus with its powerful and involving tentacles that embrace and constrict, chocking its prey through Nature´s artificial and natural evils. The majority however, have not the slightest idea of what is going on and of the why this is happening to them.

These anesthetised became so much involved and dominated by that evil force, that they came to be and to act against themselves, which is the reason why the evil destroys itself by itself.

But for those who are reading, re-reading and studying the Transcendental Literature “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture with assiduity and dedication, there is no threat of any kind that might come to disturb them, for as it was mentioned before, the Rational Energy is pure, clean, perfect and superior to any other energy.

These students and readers came to know themselves and already know how to stop being as they were; degenerated free-thinkers, sufferers and mortals.

And thus, magnetism´s life will soon extinguish itself with the development of Nature´s natural phase, the Rational Phase, the Third Millennium Phase, the Phase of the Reasoning, of the Clairvoyance and of the Apparatus fully developed in the Rational Paradise of the Terrestrial Galaxy.                       


GOD of the RATIONAL WORLD, the Reasoning Superior to all Reasoning, the eternal God of purity, cleanness and perfection, generated, created and maintain everything, including the god-water, the god that here in this world generates, creates and maintains everything that is degenerated, polluted and imperfect, including himself.

A pure, clean and perfect can only generate another pure, clean and perfect. A degenerated, polluted and imperfect can only generate another degenerated, polluted and imperfect.

Water is the operator of that material mechanics in this terrestrial Galaxy. Just one drop of water only manufactures a being that proliferates itself and results in all the beasts of all classes that are there.

In case the Book “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture had not come to us humans, we would never comprehend and understand that this same water drop was long ago part of a pure, clean and perfect Plain that transformed itself and degenerated itself into microbes, visible and invisible viruses and microviruses, all different one from the other.

The cause is Rational, the making is of Rational Origin.


The water only goes down, always running and falling, and in a given moment it settles somewhere in whatever form it takes. Here in the matter we are made from water, therefore our natural is of descend and today we are settled in the Rational Phase, after having descended and settled in the phases of monsters, savages and civilized ones.

But the transforming water never stops, much less in the negative transformations of the descent of life in the matter, and if the necessary steps are not taken, water will continue its descent and settle down in inferior levels where lapidation and suffering are still greater. All that caused by the inexistence of Nature´s electric and magnetic beguiling for mitigating the suffering, and of the Reasoning , by means of its development, to accelerate the learning, the understanding and the return to the World of Origin.

But GOD in His most extreme goodness did not allow His creatures´ lives to be extinguished all of a sudden and, for that reason, He extended their suffering for seven more eternities, warranting in exchange, their recuperation and eternal salvation after that additional long period of irrational life, much lapidated and much suffered in the matter.


Those who lived in a pure, clean, perfect and eternal world could never be able to evaluate a world completely different from theirs,  made of degenerated, polluted and deformed matter, which they had never had any previous knowledge of. An innocent is an ignorant in being.

The same, by divers ways, happened to us here in the matter. We were conditioned to the darkness of the absolute ignorance during 21 eternities. We never had any previous information of true character about our first world, the RATIONAL WORLD, or about our brothers equally pure, clean, perfect and eternals.

However, with the coming of the Book “Universe in Disenchantment” we  became aware through the Rational Knowledge derived from the RATIONAL WORLD, of Who the RATIONAL SUPERIOR is, and who are we, from where did we come and where are we going.

Not everyone! Many cannot even capture the the Knowledge´s meaning and quit reading; others read superficially and do not assimilate nor retain what they read; and others  do not feel what they read and, for that reason, are not even capable to talk about what they read.

The truth is that we always need proofs. But even if GOD presented to our pure, clean and perfect brothers, up there in that part of the Plain that was not ready to enter into progress the Book “Universe in Disenchantment” to provide to them the proofs of what would occur to them if they continued to proceed the way they were proceeding, it would be to no avail.

For without feeling the reality, that is, the suffering in the heart of the self, they would not assimilate the Knowledge, then becoming necessary their  going through the condition of materialized Rational animals and be lapidated until deciding, or not, through their free choice and spontaneous will, to dematerialize the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD and return to their World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.  


The Rational Phase was the water divider that finally defined Humanity´s true history. The stagnant and polluted waters that conducted the shows of the arts, of the appearances, of the artifices and of the beguiling as reproduction machines of free-thinking beings, continued in their vertiginous descent from the class of animals of Rational origin, debouching and settling down in the inferior class of the irrationals where it will remain stagnated for 7 more eternities.

The waters that came to know themselves and to know what RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION is, through the reading of the Transcendental Literary Work “Universe in Disenchantment” transformed themselves, raised and ascended to the RATIONAL PLAIN, its true Origin.  The electric and magnetic water course divided itself into two under the ruling of the Rational Phase: pre-Reasoning, the one that descends and becomes irrational, and pos-Reasoning, the one that transforms itself, dematerializes the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD, ascends and returns to his World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.




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