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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ – BRAZIL)




The heading above is a citation by Juvenal, a famous Roman poet who lived in the first century of the Christian era. This citation is found in his Satire X, and is part of the author´s answer to what people should wish for their lives: a healthy mind in a wholesome body.


Nowadays, already in the validity of the Rational Phase, we students of Rational Culture, besides looking for the sanity of the mind and the wholesomeness of the body, dedicate ourselves to the development of the Reasoning through the reading of the Transcendental Scripture of Rational Culture, “Universe in Disenchantment”.

And in order for us to attain success in that endeavor, it is required that the animal energies that rule ourselves in the matter be with their natural operating fully.

This is because the absorption of the Rational Energy during the reading happens through these two energies, our driving force, that gradually go on transforming themselves into Rational Energy, that is, into Reasoning.

In case the living creature is not healthy, in case his state of health is not balanced and his energies are not harmonized and vibrating in the right level, that adverse condition does not allow him to access the Rational Energy during the reading, for his state of liveliness is depleted from the energies that animate him in the matter. His attention will be attracted to other topics, generally with a negative tendency and the reading will become superficial, therefore useless.

An innocuous reading, for in it nothing works, due to the electric and magnetic energies being misaligned and discouraged, therefore in a confused and unfocused state, incapable to allow the living creature to make contact with the Reasoning Machine.

Therefore, it is indispensable to know how to look after your physical body to be able to develop  the Reasoning, which is the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD that lies materialized inside the Pineal gland, awaiting our action so that he may return to his World of Origin, which is also ours, the RATIONAL WORLD. If we do nothing for him consciously, he will not be able to do anything for ourselves, everything will remain as it is, and we will descend to inferior classes of life where Reasoning does not exist.

Always keeping in mind that everything that we possess and keep was granted by the work and grace of the DEVINE PROVIDENCE, and it is with that grant that we must learn how to live and use the precious time of our short lives in reading, studying, and researching the contents of the Book “Universe in Disenchantment”.

Everything up there like down here.

Everything down here like up there.

For that reason, everything that came down in the Plain´s descent and materialized, degenerated and deformed itself here, will return to its true place, the RATIONAL PLAIN, in its true original form, pure, clean and perfect, in the Creator´s Eternal World, which is the RATIONAL WORLD.

Here we came for our own free and spontaneous will; here we live progressing for our own account; and here we are, learning to know ourselves, which is what we need for that final transformation from the class of animal of Rational origin to the Rational class.

Therefore, it is required and necessary to keep the minimum physical health so that the corporeal energetic functioning may, through the Reasoning, absorb the fluidized Rational Energy in  the pages of the BOOK and reconnect ourselves to the eternals in the RATIONAL WORLD.

To see that the development of the Reasoning is the everything of the everything of everyone´s life, the Rationalization being the linkage to the world of our race, the RATIONAL WORLD, the true world of the Rational animal.

Living life here in the matter, everyone depend on the animation provided by the electric and magnetic energies for everything. In the development of the Reasoning, part of these deformed energies have already adhered to the process and became coadjutants. We will only stop to need them when we attain the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, for we will then be directly linked to our World of Origin’s energy, the RATIONAL WORLD.

There is, finally, the reencounter with GOD, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, with our brothers pure, clean and perfect, with the RATIONAL PLAIN and with the RATIONAL WORLD.

There is the unique Rational animation, pure, clean and perfect, leading everyone´s lives.

There is the duplicity of lives possible to be lived simultaneously, in perfect harmony, in two diametrally opposed worlds; the RATIONAL WORLD, pure, clean and perfect and its consequence; the second world, the world of degraded, deformed and polluted matter.

The enjoyment of physical and mental health in the matter, and the conscientious study of the Scripture “Universe in Disenchantment” are fundamental elements for the acceleration of the learning and consequent development of the Reasoning, of the Clairvoyance and of the Rational Apparatus; and also to reach the following, the last and definitive step in this suffered life in the matter: the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION.

Having that duly established, death comes to be defined as: the extinction  of the degenerated energies that gave life to the living creature in the cycle of his multiple and passing terrene existences.

And life comes to be defined as: RATIONAL ENERGY, pure, clean, perfect and eternal.

Praised to be the DIVINE PROVIDENCE, who has never abandoned us to our own destiny.



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