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(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)



The humans tried in all forms and manners to organize their lives based in an arrangement of appearances. It did not work for they ignored their true origin and the why of their existence in this world.

They based it, then, in the form they were acquainted with, the form they appeared in the matter, transmitted from father to son.

Thus were invented the false truths, the apparent truths, and thus the apparent lives were formed, the lives of the appearances, the lives of the dreams and illusions which eventually became their reality, by their own conviction.

Each one with his own, clashing with each other, the origin of the imbalance and the suffering always multiplying itself. Take a look at today´s world and see how it presents itself: in that state of absolute ignorance, in an infernal brawling state.

To think that you know life without knowing your why, is to ignore the truth of the truths, the everything of the everything, your reason to be, which is Rational. Which is the Reasoning, that derives from the World of Origin of everything and everyone, the RATIONAL WORLD.

In the matter nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything transforms itself. And the transformations that brought us to the deformed state in which we are, will lead us back to our legitimate state, true and natural of pure, clean and perfect Rationals, in our true World of Origin, the Rational World.

That is the difference between living as Rational animal in an apparent and fleeting existence, or living as Rational Apparatus linked to your true world of origin, in contact with your brothers of origin, pure, clean and perfect, annulling the thought with the conscious and positive development of the Reasoning.

Away with the torments, the sufferings, the annoyances, and the setbacks! Welcome the Rational virtues of the everything that shines Rationally, of the beautiful, of the brilliant, of the eternal happiness!  

There is the Reasoning, the voice of the Universal Concord, the Universe Supreme Voice of Rational Origin. And thus will be The Rational Paradise on Earth, where the perfection, the equilibrium, the just, the right, the conscious prevail; and since everyone is of Rational Origin, everyone will attain the RATIONAL SUPREMACY.

But for that to happen, it is necessary and required taking that knowledge contained in the Books “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture to mankind as soon as possible, for the ones who still do not know themselves be able to know themselves, develop their Reasoning and dematerialize the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD who is materialized inside the Pineal gland.

And thus, the Rational Apparatus´ material body becomes immunized by the Rational Energy of the evils of the animal phase, keeping its vitality in a healthy state.

And thus, today, from civilized to Rationalized, connoisseurs  of our race´s world, the RATIONAL WORLD, on the way to the Rationalization Phase, which will occur when everyone will be linked to one only energy, the Rational Energy.

Here is the arrival of the RATIONAL PARADISE on Earth, and then everyone moving naturally to the world of your race, the RATIONAL WORLD, for being linked to the energy from above, the Rational Energy.


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Sobre nalub7

Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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