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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ)




Reasoning is an Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD who materialized himself in the form of Reasoning Machine.


Because a few of them came out of the RATIONAL WORLD and unduly entered a part of the Plain that was not ready to enter into progress. That part of the Plain displaced itself and started to descend.

After grossly disobeying GOD, those few started a long jaunt during which they went on losing their virtues, which are lives that transform themselves into other lives, until their bodies, made of  Rational cosmic mass, extinguished themselves on top of the beginning of the materialized formation of the earth and the water.

Here is, then, the Reasoning, which is an Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD, the Rational Energy itself, materialized in the form of Reasoning machine.

Rational Energy has its own light. Rational Energy is LIGHT itself. The electric and magnetic energies have their light derived from the Rational Energy´s deformation, therefore, they do not have their own light, despite being very powerful, for also being generating and creating forces.

The Reasoning machine´s Reasoning is pure, clean and perfect, has its own inner Rational Light, however without a function, for it is materialized inside the living creature´s Pineal gland.

It is the Inhabitant´s same light as when he inhabited the RATIONAL WORLD, which materialized itself in the second world, in order  to screen that Inhabitant during the deformation process of the world of matter in the first and second millennium, awaiting the right moment for his liberation in the Third Millennium.

A generous RATIONAL SUPERIOR´s concession, HIM and His own world, the RATIONAL WORLD, both one thing only: the Immanent Origin which we will only know and identify, remember and recall, when we go back to the Origin.

And who goes back?

Those who dematerialize their Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD that lies dormant in the Pineal gland.


Reading, re-reading, studying and learning keenly and persistently, with intense desire and will to disclose one´s Origin, that is minutely described in the pages of the Transcendental Work “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture.

Through that study, we go on slowly acquiring the Rational Knowledge of our Origin and our Race, learning who we really are, where we came from, to where we go and in that process gradually and naturally dematerializing the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD.

For, until 1935, when the Second Millennium ended, we lived ruled by the electric and magnetic energies, the energies of the thought and the imagination, as tools of the life that made and maintain all lives, that made all that artificial progress, all that infinity of beguiling for the lapidation, suffering and death of the living creature.

Thus it was the extinct phase of the thought, of the Rational animal, for Nature changed phase with the arrival of the Rational Phase.

Here is, then, when the Rational Light finally appears on Earth, the pure, clean and perfect Light of the Rational Divinity, who is GOD, breaking off the darkness of the elusive appearances of our materialistic vision of things, and coming to illuminate mankind with the Reasoning Superior to all Reasoning.

Nature acquired its own Light when the RATIONAL WORLD sent to Earth the RATIONAL LIGHT inserted in the pages of the Book entitled “Universe in Disenchantment”.

The one who reads and learns about the transcendental reports contained in that Providential Compendium of Rational Knowledge, will enlighten himself Rationally and will return to his World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.


Developing the Apparatus, the Reasoning and the Rational Clairvoyance, acquiring in the course of time the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION.


RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION is the greatest developer of the Reasoning, for the more the living creature immunizes himself, the more the Reasoning develops itself; and the more the Reasoning develops itself, the more it reasons in its own Reasoning, generating a continuous motion that is Rationally fedback, which is the self-Rationalization, that is, the acceleration of the transformations of the electric and magnetic energies into Rational Energy.

Therefore, hands on the Book, on the reading, as well as on the divulgence of what you have learned to deserve your return to the coexistence with your pure, clean, perfect and eternal brothers, who anxiously await for you. For they made the right use of their will, not exceeding the Rational limit by not entering the part of the Plain that was not ready to enter into progress, as you stubbornly did, ignoring our Father´s calls of attention.

Praise be to the DIVINE PROVIDENCE!



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