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Everyone seeks happiness. And in that search many suffer, others destroy themselves and others lose their lives.


Because they ignore the fundamental in order to find it inside oneself and that is so simple!

Then, let us take notice of that simplicity?

Look, who follows the next steps, WITH ABSOLUTE SURENESS, will be successful in everything in life and will be in possession, forever, of the so much dreamed constant happiness.

In the first place you must work the DETACHMENT, which is indispensable for one to turn into oneself.

Remember that everything that has already existed and that has been taught to you until today is inside you; your personality, your way of feeling and seeing things, of liking or disliking. Therefore, stop looking outside of you, for of the things outside of yourself, you are already overflowing, being the result of them.

Now, start to question, to analyze. Start to delete everything that is not logical, for in the process you will certainly come across many and many contradictions.

At that point you will note that the majority of the concepts that roll around in today´s world are anti concepts, therefore negative ones.

“AGAINST what or against whom?” You ask.

Against the person´s peace, against Nature and against yourself really. It is when you realize and start to see that you have been through your life filing thrash in your file of values. And with thrash inside, no one can be happy.

And what to do to delete everything that is of no use any longer, and retain what is useful and healthful for that peace which is called happiness?

Well, since you already have reached the conclusion that your cultural knowledge made you buy something you did not want, the next step is to provision yourself with cultural knowledge with basis and logic that meet everything and everyone indistinctly, without any loss for anyone and anything.

Then, you have reached the second step to be taken: to know a TRUE culture, to replace the culture you always kept and that offered points of TRUTH, but that, unfortunately for not being complete, fed you with infinity of lies that today compose this elusory world, where the lies came to the extent of wanting to crush the few TRUE points offered.

And then you ask: “But then, will I have to start all over again, will I have to go out and look for something which I ignore?”

Our answer is no, for that Superior Culture where only TRUTHS exist, is already on Earth for your happiness and everyone´s happiness.

It is the Rational Culture of the “Universe in Disenchantment” Books. It is the Reasoning Culture that came to Earth in 1935 to replace the thought culture, the artificial culture, philosophical and scientific.

The Reasoning Culture is the one that is going to teach us to clearly identify the chaff from the wheat inside ourselves, making their separation.

Then, yes, through the reading of these books “Universe in Disenchantment”, you will be able to easily identify the thrash that you keep inside yourself as something valuable, and make that beautiful clean sweep of your interior, to free yourself once and for all of everything that bothers you, disturbing your peace and causing you to blunder in almost everything, or really in everything that you do, be it in the family context, in business and in your relationships.

We explain and let it be very clear that it is not some kind of miracle. The thrash that you kept in your inside, caused your ideas and opinions to be against the others, against everything, against yourself and, consequently against Nature. How can you be happy thus?

Now comes the best part, the third step, which is taken naturally as a consequence of your interior sweep: you discover inside yourself something precious, omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent , that had always been watching your deceitful walking, for not having noticed before this great FRIEND of yours, which is your TRUE “I”: the Reasoning, a Superior Energy, the true creature of GOD, who was paralyzed in the center of your head, in the Pineal gland, waiting your permission for HIM to guide your life, so that you make everything out right and make no more mistakes ever.

Then, you enter triumphantly in the fourth step: you continue to read “Universe in Disenchantment”, to get to know that GREAT FRIEND, how does he act, the why HE only causes you to make everything right with no loss for anything and anyone.

The fourth step over, here comes the beauty of the fifth step: your relationship, little by little, with your REASONING, where you are going to learn how to listen to Him and follow his transcendental orientations so that you get yourself steady in this SUPERIOR fluidic relationship.

How many joys in that fifth step upon obeying each instruction that you receive from your Reasoning, for Nature, happy with your behavior, awards you things that you always dreamed of and never attained! And more, with greatnesses that you never imagined!

Then when, for your persistence and patience in the reading of the Book “Universe in Disenchantment “ you come to live under the Reasoning´s imperative ruling,  here comes the sixth step, the one of your control over your animal part  which you start to adequate to the way of the RATIONAL LINE.

At this beautiful and fraternal point, you are saving from the darkness all the invisible companions that have always been around you and that led you to the Rational Culture at the cost of much suffering and pains and much lapidation, so that you found your true LEADER, which is your REASONING.

And finally, the glory of the glories, the last step, the seventh step coming from the continuity of the Rational Culture reading and study, when all your visible and invisible companions, electric and magnetic, illuminate themselves and surrender to your REASONING, bidding farewell to you who become fully and integrally taken by the RATIONAL ENERGY, GOD´s true Energy, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, the REASONING SUPERIOR TO ALL REASONING; freeing yourself eternally from your thought and your imagination, which converted themselves into Reasoning.                                    

There is the conquest of your felicity: you come to Reason day and night and night and day, never again thinking or imagining, for you come to rule yourself and not be ruled anymore by the animal world, which stops inhabiting your interior, for having been transformed, for having been converted into Rational.

You become, then, a powerful one, for everything that you do shines and glitters, for everything and everyone is being benefited by your RATIONAL LIGHT, where resides  the good of everything and everyone only, and does not harm anyone and anything.

Then, wherever you go or are, everything and everyone balances. You come to be a living creature that everyone and everything loves and respects, becoming RATIONALLY IMMUNIZED from everything that is evil and bad, for you are elucidated of all turpitudes,  fulfilling your true point of self-denial with yourself, which is your Reasoning.

Reasoning is there in your hands in the Books “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture, the fundamental of life to be happy and successful in everything, for “Universe in Disenchantment” is the map, the plant and the compass to reach what you really are: a PURE RATIONAL!


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