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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ)







We live in an imperfect world, really caused by ourselves long ago, due to being very disobedient to the SUPREME of the WORLD where we were originated.

In long ages of countless past civilizations, for civilizations are transient as well as everything that belongs to the matter, we were offered by the DIVINE PROVIDENCE the inedited opportunity to abbreviate our stay here on Earth, through the ASTROLOGICAL ALPHABET impressed in the  palms of our hands.

Through the reading of the lines of life impressed in the palms of these peoples´ hands, they became precisely aware of how they should behave in the society of that time, what career or profession to follow, with whom they should marry, and so on.

Those who abode by the Rational astrological orientation ascended to the SUPERIOR ASTRAL, where they stayed expecting the arrival of the Third Millennium Phase, the Rational Phase, for then, to return to Earth in the condition of pure, clean, but  still imperfect beings, since they took on the identity of the SUPERIOR ASTRAL´s inhabitants with their REASONING developed, free from the influences of the electromagnetic field that once dominated them.

Those who did not follow the Astrological Alphabet’s orientations created their own materialist alphabet, which is still in use on Earth, built on top of the electric and magnetic energy pillars.

As a result of this repeated disobedience, they became imprisoned tools of these two energies, which came to exert their negative dominance over the living creatures´ lapidation, controlling and imposing through the thought and imagination, everything that the thinkers should do and create for their own suffering, so as to mitigate humankind´s rudeness, savagery and brutality.

And to make the suffering of these creatures worse still, Nature caused them to judge that the thought that sprouted from their minds, bad or good ones, well or badly succeeded, was of their own authorship.

The Third Millennium arrived in 1935 and inaugurated the Rational Phase on Earth through the pages scriptured by GOD, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, in the Book “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture, thus closing down the phase of the second millennium, for the ones who adopted the Rational Culture in their lives, putting an end slowly and naturally to the electromagnetism’s predominance over the “Universe in Disenchantment’s readers. 

As well as we received the Astrological Alphabet in the palms of the hands directly from the Superior Nature in the second millennium, we also received in Nature´s new phase the Scripture “Universe in Disenchantment” for our salvation and return to our true World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

Until then, one lived in a continuous sequence of interruptions, so that the living creature could renew himself and the lapidation could make itself efficacious on their brutal rudeness, for many still carry in their intimacy the hereditariness of the times of monsters and savages.

At this moment of transformations that we live for the resurrection  of the impure, polluted, imperfect, mortal and suffering being, the Book “Universe in Disenchantment” teaches: “in the Rational animal phase, you transformed yourselves, being born again as Rational animal. And now, in the Rational Phase, it is completely different, for the Rational Phase is the Phase of everyone´s return to the RATIONAL WORLD.”  

Then, asks the intrigued student of Rational Culture: “how can we return if we still did not dematerialize the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD arrested inside our Pineal gland?”

“And who came to know himself living his whole life in the Rational Phase, when he dies for the last time in the matter, does he ascend to his true world, the RATIONAL WORLD?”

The answers, as usual, are in the Rational Work of Maximum Transcendence “Universe in Disenchantment”: “That is Nature´s natural evolution, in which everything goes on changing for the better through the transformations, and everyone transforming themselves from old or sick machines to new machines, until the arrival of the RATIONAL GENERATION.

For in the matter everything is thus, everything that has a beginning has an end.

When everyone passes to the class of Rational, you will be connected to the Rational Energy, and only Rational Apparatuses will be born from these machines, for everyone will be connected to the Rational Energy.

Sons of the Rational couples are already born connected to the Rational Energy, for the couples are connected to the Rational Energy. They are generated and formed inside the Rational Energy; they are born already speaking, singing, understanding everything. And thus, everyone becoming more and more neat, for the sons of Rationals are Rationals, and the sons of these Rationals are neater still, where the world will become a RATIONAL PARADISE”.

Therefore, the ones who are reading, re-reading, studying the WORK with due seriousness and attention, will be led to the Superior Astral, from where they will return with their Reasoning developed in order to proceed in the work of divulging the Rational Culture among the peoples of the world, wherever, until its total Rationalization.

This process is the one that will lead Earth to become a RATIONAL PARADISE, where everyone will be RATIONALLY IMMUNIZED, in peace, in love and in concord.

These Nature´s natural doubts of a being still in the Rational development process, have their answer in the Truly Truth, which is one only and eternal: the RATIONAL WORLD, the RATIONAL PLAIN, the DIVINE PROVIDENCE, the REASONING, the INHABITANT OF THE RATIONAL WORLD and the BOOK “UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT” OF RATIONAL CULTURE.

For that reason, everyone, one way or the other, wanting or not wanting, will return to that unique, eternal, pure, clean and perfect world, the world of our true origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.


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