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(Compiled from the Rational literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)




Who, today, came to know himself, is in the kingdom of peace and happiness, for having accomplished with fidelity and respect to everything and to himself and vanquished the obstacles imposed by the magnetic.

For the magnetic wanting to drag everyone to his class, is always trying to place pebbles on everyone´s clean road.

But neither with pebbles nor with stones can he vanquish the ones who already came to know themselves, with positive consciousness.

The magnetic sets his traps well, but who has already come to know himself walks over all of them, for he has with whom to rely and where to hold on.

But as the magnetic is in charge of the transformations, he wants everyone to continue to transform themselves, as he transformed himself, descending to the second class.                   

As he went to the second class, he wants everyone to follow him.

Forgetting that Nature´s natural phase is ruled by the Rational Energy.

And the magnetic, aware of Nature´s natural transformations, does not conform himself, for the magnetic originates from the evil, from the part that transformed itself.

And as the evil destroys itself by itself, he has to transform himself into his state of Rational, but wants to accomplish his mission of degenerated, deformed, polluted and weakened.

That is because the time of his transformation into his true natural state of pure, clean and perfect Rational will also come, for everything has its phase, its day and its hour.

And his day will come, for he is there in his lapidating function of that second world.

Now, the ones who already came to know themselves do not give the slightest attention to the magnetic´s menagerie, for they came to know themselves, they are above him, and for that reason, they have with whom to rely and where to hold, and he has not.

And for not having, he destroys himself by himself.

The inferior energy cannot withstand the Supreme Energy, the Eternal Energy.

For as a magnetic being of an inferior class, he cannot compete with who is of a superior class.

For vis–a-vis the Rational Supremacy the magnetic nothing is, for he already is a being destroyed by himself.

Who is linked to the Superior Energy rules the inferior energy.

The magnetic only means something for the ones who are linked to him and under his command.

But who is connected to the Rational Energy, the magnetic even fears the true DIVINE PROVIDENCE.

He fears for the magnetic is evil, and the evil is fearful.

For he knows that he destroys himself by himself and for being evil he is already a destroyed one.


Because who lives in this second world does not know himself.

And who lives without knowing himself, lives appearing what he is not, and for that reason the evil appears to be what he is not.

 And the first world knows who the second world is, for the second world´s destinies are in the first world.

And who is linked to the first world has with whom to rely and where to hold.

And who is linked to the magnetic is linked to the nothing.

And who is linked to the nothing has no one to rely on or where to hold on, for the nothing, nothing is.

To see that everyone who came to know himself is striving to leave the nothing being and go to the everything being, in their true natural state of pure, clean and perfect Rational being.

And who came to know himself pities the one who lives without knowing himself.

And that was the life of the enchanted ones.

Enchanted for being linked to these two energies of the ground, electric and magnetic, and being ruled by them through the thought and the imagination and ignoring why, for living without knowing himself.

Enchanted by the beings of matter, for living without knowing himself.

Today, everyone who came to know himself regrets the wasted time when they lived without knowing themselves, saying:”so much lapidation for living ignoring of ourselves.

Today we live in the state of Rational Consciousness, for we came to know our true World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD, and for that reason we came to know who we are, where we came from and to where we go.

Today, we have the sense of Rationalism, the sense of Rationalization, which is to know the true world of our race and to know how to return to it, developing the dematerialization of the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD, who is materialized in the form of Reasoning machine.

And in its dematerialization, after it being accomplished, the Rational Energy which was materialized in the form Reasoning machine, takes the corporeal form of its true natural state of being.

After readied and formed the body of the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD which was materialized, he returns to the RATIONAL WORLD, which is the world of his true natural state of being, which is the first world of the pure, clean and perfect ones, with their progress of purity.

And all these movements are Nature´s natural movements, for Nature´s natural phase arrived, the Rational Phase, the phase long awaited by everyone.

The phase of the Third Millennium announced long ago in the papyri of veteran eras and long centuries, and in the Centuries of Nostradamus and other sages and prophets of ancient eras, which announced the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION Phase, the people´s Rationalization Phase of the Third Millennium.



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