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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ)




The magnetic is the Rational animal´s  nº 1  useful enemy, for he only does the evil in the benefit of his good.

And he will only consider its mission over, after everyone ascended and he himself returned to his World of Origin to the RATIONAL PLAIN.

To see that the cause of the second world is the RATIONAL PLAIN, and the classes that derive from it, with time, will return to be what they were: RATIONAL PLAIN.

The evil created by Nature in the second world in which we live, was for a noble cause: humankind´s salvation.

For that reason, Nature made good and bad ones. The bad ones need the good ones and the good ones need the bad ones. The good lapidate the bad and the bad lapidate the good in that interim and passing life. And that is why every thinker is a sufferer and everyone has an end: both the good and the bad.

With exceptions, the remnants of the second millennium are all the ones that are there in the Third Millennium, living artificially for not having felt the change of phase, from the Rational animal phase to the Rational Phase.

Who is disconnected from Nature´s natural energy, which, in the present phase, is the Rational Energy, has no one to count on or where to hold on to.

If the living creature judges that he is being successful progressing for his own account, disconnected from the First World´s energy, that is pure illusion, for no one progresses for their own account.

The one who thinks that he is progressing for his own account in the second world is not getting anywhere; as a matter of fact he stays static, or moving in circles, exposing himself to the impious lapidations of these two energies: the electric and the magnetic.

Once upon a time, 21 eternities ago, some pure, clean and perfect ones, judged that they could make progress for their own account in the First World, in a part of the RATIONAL PLAIN that was not ready to make progress, despite the RATIONAL SUPERIOR´s insistent warnings about the impropriety of that initiative.

Without being aware of the transcendental transformation through which they were passing, they descended to the second world without ever noticing,  materializing themselves there in the impure, polluted and degenerated form that, since then, they present themselves.

To see that the magnetic himself does not know himself, and for ignoring himself he receives orders from the RATIONAL WORLD. Only now, in the Rational Phase, the magnetic is coming to know itself and stopping to be, together with the electric, a sufferer and mortal.

Therefore, there is no middle term: either one is connected to the  Rational Energy, which is the energy in force in Nature´s present natural phase, or one is connected to the magnetic energy which rules the Rational beast´s lapidation, who continues to live the second millennium´s life in the Third Millennium, an open eyed standing sleeper; an ambulant blind, sufferer and mortal.

The remnants of the Rational animal phase judged that the phase was eternal, for not having been Rationally acculturated and not having realized the new phase´s arrival.

This Knowledge came to the second world, through the “Nostradamus Centuries”, published in 1555.

Other prophets also announced the Third Millennium Phase, however, only from 1935 on, through the Transcendental Work of Rational Culture, “Universe in Disenchantment” one came to the proofs of what was previously announced: the arrival of the Phase of the Rationalization of the peoples, the Redemption Phase, the Reasoning Phase.

The phases of the first a and second millennium ended and the Third Millennium Phase begun in 1935 and will reach its end when everything and everyone return to their World of Origin.      

This is what will happen with the RATIONAL PLAIN and with all the Inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD duly dematerialized and again transformed into the state of purified, clean, perfect and eternal beings.

Life of who ignores himself is an elusive life, in which the living creature dreams of adventures, artifices and appearances without even suspecting what is behind these fantasies of the nothing.

Neither could he, because he is a materialistic being, enchanted by the Universe to which he is linked.

He ignores the fact that he is a tool, for he piously believe that he is the commandant, ignoring that, anesthetized, he obeys superior orders coming from the thought and the imagination.


These two, on their turn, are submitted to Nature´s ruling who really is the Supreme Commander of all actions that occur in the universe of matter.

Rational animal, a wandering, vagabond dreamer, errant of the galaxy, who does not know where he is vaguing, does not know himself and ignores his origin; where he came from and to where he is heading. A poor ignorant of himself and of everything else!

How much time wasted asleep with the enemy, loving him and ignoring who he really is!

Who really reads and studies Rational Culture with due attention and persistence, the Culture transcribed by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR to the Books “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture, will become assisted by three powerful Rational factors:

…by the Third Millennium, for bringing from the First World to the second world the Rational Phase, and together with it, the right time for the Resurrection of the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD materialized in the living creature´s head;

…by Nature´s natural ,which, in the Reasoning Phase, plays the role of the “Whole Rational” of the materialized universe, and assumes the Supreme Command appointed by the REASONING SUPERIOR TO ALL REASONING, to perform the rescue of both the recuperated, and the remnants of the sequence of suffered lives and countless deaths in the matter;

…and by the DIVINE PROVIDENCE   who will do whatever is necessary and required, for the ones who deserve, to liberate the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD materialized inside the living creature´s Pineal gland, for his rejoicing and   triumphal return to his World of Origin, which 21 eternities ago he left without feeling or noticing: the RATIONAL WORLD.

In this world of matter there is time for everything and the time has come for the development of the Reasoning.

Due to the fact that Nature´s natural is natural, and because Nature´s natural in the Rational Phase, is Rational, Nature herself comes and helps to develop the Rational Energy paralyzed in the form of materialized Reasoning in the living creature´s head, collaborating thus for the recuperation of its Rational function.

All the mutations and transformations come to humankind at the right time, through Nature, for they are Nature´s natural transformations. It is for that reason that everything works within the temporal limits of eras, phases and cycles, millennia and eternities.



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