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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ)




Scientists, estimate that 7.8 million animal species exist in the world and only 953.000 have been catalogued and registered so far.

Vegetal species are estimated at 8.7 million with 215.000 described and catalogued.

Marine species amount to 2.7 million, including plants, animals, mollusks and crustaceans, divulged by the London Public Library of Science. Only fish make up 24 thousand species.

As regards the botanic, the Botanical Gardens Conservation International catalogued 60 thousand species of trees and 7.5 thousand of apples, for instance.

That is a small and incomplete sample of the sum of animal and vegetable species existing in this world of matter, excluding viruses and bacteria as well as all species encompassed by the mineral Reign.

This short initial approach is necessary for a better understanding of what Rational Culture is, who is the Rational animal, where he came from and which of the two ways he will take in the Third and last Millennium, that humankind will live on Earth: the way up, which is his return to the world that generated and created him; or the way down to inferior classes, for more sufferings, lapidation, deaths and rebirthings, a well deserved and necessary punishment for the assuage of the Rational beast´s rudeness and backwardness.

Humankind´s history started in a very distant and totally different world, for being an Eternal World where there are no deaths or sufferings: the RATIONAL WORLD.

Its Inhabitants were generated by GOD, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, Who created them to HIS image and perfection. For being GOD, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, His Reasoning is Superior to any other Reasoning, and His energy, the Rational Energy, superior to any other energy.

In that world there was a plain, the RATIONAL PLAIN, always visited by the Inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD, in their progress of purity, cleanness and perfection.

The creation of that second world of matter came about from a disobedience of these pure, clean and perfect Inhabitants, who came out of the RATIONAL WORLD and entered several times a part of the plain which was not ready to enter into progress and started to progress on their own account, not giving heed to the insistent calls of our father, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR.

That procedure, strange to the Rational Energy, caused a reaction on that part of the Plain, which displaced itself, separated itself and detached itself from the other part of the plain, starting a circular movement of descent, taking with it everyone who was in it.

During the descent, everything and everyone went losing their purities and for that reason, those beings and the plain stopped from that moment on, to be pure, clean and perfect. And these lost virtues went on gathering themselves and after gathering they generated at distance a focus of dim silvery light, which in time, heated up thus originating the sun.

And the focus of light gradually increased and became hotter still, deforming more and more, until a resin started to come out of it and started to blister, then become burned, after being burned, became ashes. Thus, from the ashes the earth was formed.

And the other part of the plain, with the heat started to melt, becoming soft, then gummy and afterwards a thick liquid, which with time turned thinner and became water.

And thus, the earth and the water were made.

This complete narration, encompassing the whole humankind´s  saga, since the very beginning until this day, is found with infinity of details in the Book “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture. 

So, we shall now pass to discourse about the following stage of that odyssey.

When those beings touched the beginning of the earth and of the water surface, they materialized themselves in it  and their new, transformed and materialized bodies started from there on to sprout from the ground, just as with plants.

With time, which, in the impossibility to be measured due to its enormity, was then, divided into twenty one eternities, appeared in the first millennium the phase of the monsters with all its different shapes and forms: little monsters, lubberly monsters, monstrodonts and huge monsters.

Following the era of the monsters, with the phase of the imagination, came the savages; the backward, the advanced, and the more advanced still.

Later, in the second millennium, came the Rational beast phase, which evolved to the Rational animal phase and later on to the civilized Rational animal phase.

After 1935, with the arrival of the Third Millennium, together with it came the Rational phase, the phase of the development of the Reasoning, the Clairvoyance and the Rational Apparatus.

The Third Millennium Phase is the last phase of life here in the matter, for with the extinction of the second millennium phase, the phase of the thought and of the imagination, as well as of the electric and magnetic energies, only the Reasoning Phase stayed and prevails, since 1935.

Every human being who lives in the current phase, the Rational Phase, has an Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD materialized inside the Pineal gland in his head who is really himself when he still lived in the RATIONAL WORLD, in the pure, clean and perfect state.

Therefore, for everyone´s salvation, there is only one way to follow, and one only choice to make, that is; dematerialize the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD who lies materialized inside the Pineal gland in his head, reacquiring thus, his corporeal form made of pure, clean and perfect cosmic mass, ascending to his World of Origin; or stay as a free-thinker Rational animal, in the Rational  phase of the Reasoning, awaiting to be dragged away by the magnetic to the inferior classes of the irrationals, and experiencing the lives all the existing animal, vegetal and mineral species during another seven eternities.


In the introduction of this text it is given an approximate idea, for illustration only, of the quantities of specimens existing in the Earthly Galaxy comprising only of terrestrial and marine animals and vegetal, excluding the minerals, viruses and bacteria.

Based on the assumption that there are 16 million animal and vegetal known species and assuming an average age of twenty years for each species, we come to the result of 320 million years.     

However, the estimate lacks precision and completeness, not only for the age supposition of each species and of the quantity of existing species, but for the non inclusion of microbes, bacteria and minerals, the latter with life times estimated in hundred of millions of years. Thus, it becomes impossible to evaluate and account for the quantity of existing species of rocks, granites, precious and semi precious stones and many others that exist on the surface and below the surface.

Just by way of example, taking the rocks alone, imagine yourself the enormity, the diversity and the quantities of that mineral; in the formation of the Rocky Mountains in North and Central America, the Andes Range in South America, and the Himalaya range, the tallest and youngest in the world,  formed 70 million years ago resulting from a crash of tectonic plates. That is where the Everest peak is located.  

What the Rational Culture alerts, teaches and clarifies, is that everyone who descends to lower classes than the level they are now, will remain there for seven more eternities, which means many millions of years, perhaps billions, being lapidated by the magnetic in that suffered condition of an irrational being.

As time goes by, there will be left in this world only granite and its derivatives and congeners, who will live as deaf, blind and mutes for several eternities still, equivalent to a life time in the matter of hundreds of millions of years.

Rocks will be the last living beings to inhabit the Earth before reacquiring their pure, clean and perfect bodies of Rational cosmic mass and ascend to the World of their Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

It is not easy to typify the suffering of one of these rocky beings, for instance, in the northern hemisphere, a cliff by the sea, motionless,  flogged by gelid gales, being pounded by giant waves, assemblies of huge masses of water, charging, hitting and returning just to reassemble and hit again, day and night, night and day, appearing that it will last forever.

Soft water on hard rock, hits so much until it falls through. But it takes millennia!

In order to avoid that tragedy, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR sent to Earth His sole Representative, lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho, THE RATIONAL SUPERIOR OF THE EARTH, bringing with Him the Book “Universe in Disenchantment”, Who in turn dictated to His students of Rational Culture, that typed it and printed it in the Rational Print Shop.

That is the GOD-BOOK, the humankind´s SAVIOR-BOOK, the Book which through its divine words therein printed, causes with the reading, the fluidizing of the Rational Energy, which perpasses the eyes and enters the head of the reader and student of Rational Culture to the extent he acquires and retains the Rational teachings.

This is the so called dematerialization and transformation process of the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD, who lays prisoner, materialized and immobilized inside the reader´s Pineal gland.

If there is persistence and consistency in the reading and study of the Work, that very human being until then lost, living like an open eyed sleep star, eluded by the magnetism´s beguiling in that world of matter, comes to know himself and to know where he came from and to where he goes.

He develops the Reasoning, the Clairvoyance and the Apparatus acquiring the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION state, being invested of his original corporeal form of Rational cosmic mass, brilliant, oval and eternal, detaching himself from the matter and ascending to his World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

 So, not to become a quadruped, a tree, or a rock, read attentively the Transcendental Work of RATIONAL CULTURE, “Universe in Disenchantment”, and when you become aware of whom you really are, where you came from and to where you go, pass along this Rational Knowledge to your brothers who did not yet become aware of the Scripture, thus, increasing your merit and concept before the RATIONAL WORLD, doing good to all, regardless and loving your neighbor as you love yourself.



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