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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira RJ)




Life in the matter is hard, as hard as the way back to the World of Origin, for the living creature has to continue transiting in the rough road of the lapidations and transformations until getting to know himself and reach the dematerialization process of the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD, materialized inside his Pineal gland in the form of Reasoning machine.

Only then, he will be heading in the right direction, in order to reach the state of purity, cleanness and perfection, which is the natural state of life in the First World, the RATIONAL WORLD.

Since the Rationals descended together with the part plain that was not ready to start progressing, lost their virtues and extinguished themselves in the beginning of the materialization of the water and the earth, how many changes and physical transformations for the better occurred in the formation of new bodies materialized in the matter:

From mud to lubberly monster.

From lubberly monster to little monster

From little monsters, to monsters, huge monsters and to monstrodonts.

From the monstrodonts to the backward savages.

From the backward savages to the advanced savages.

From the advanced savages to the man of the rock.

From man of the rock to the man of the caves and huts.

From the man of caves and huts to the Rational beast.

From Rational beast to Rational animal.

From Rational animal to civilized animal.

From civilized animal to Rational Apparatus.

From Eternity to Chronological time.

From the first millennium to the second millennium.

From the second millennium to the Third Millennium.

From the imagination to the thought.

From the thought to the Reasoning.

The disappointment which stays and does not cease to be remembered and recalled in the minds of those who progress Rationally, is the fact that everyone followed the Rational Heading without hesitance, however after so many positive transformations, many with their present bodies, living in the Third Millennium, still behave as if they were inserted in the brutal context of the lives lived in former times, in the first and the second millennia.

Some, still attached to the eras of the monsters and savages, and others to the era of the Rational beasts, regardless of the heavy lapidations which they have been submitted to along the millennia.

Hence the necessity of a longer time for the enhancement of these creatures of GOD, dominated and subjugated by the indomitable force of the magnetism that does not grant a respite: lapidates and destroys. And who is dominated by the magnetic energy´s force in full Third Millennium, has no escape; is immediately punished, loses the capacity to reason and goes to inferior classes of life, where he will stagnate for 7 more eternities, conditioned to the irrationality of the animal, vegetal and mineral kingdoms.

The magnetic keeps an arsenal of powerful weapons to punish his foes: appearances, fantasies, dreams, joys, wills, artifices, passion, love, ideals and Nature herself, among others. All that was necessary to exist for the lapidation of human beasts which, however, persist to exist in the current days like in the days of yore; “civilized” so to speak, destroying civilized, in a demonstration of backwardness and regression that only heredity and the knowledge of the materialized Reasoning explain.  

Everyone being prepared through lapidations and transformations to achieve the divine perfection and many needing to be punished with doubled power and much longer time to return to their original state of pure, clean and perfect beings.

Not everyone will reach that elevated Rational Status so promptly.

But no one is guilty of being thus, for everything that exists is the way it is and it was necessary and required for humankind´s lapidation since primitive eras until the present days.

Hence the maturation for the understanding and the comprehension of everything that exists and what occurs in this second world.

However, the original fault remains and for that reason the world that we inhabit is a consequence of our own acts, for before our being thus, we abused of the free will and of the free expansion of the will when we unduly entered a part of the Plain that was not ready to enter into progress, progressing by our own account and not paying heed to our FATHER´s calls, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR.

Our lack of attention to GOD´s calls, our generator and creator, the REASONING SUPERIOR TO ALL REASONING, and the fact that we judged that we could be equal or superior to HIM, was the primordial cause of the degeneration, decomposition, decrease, weakening, and extinction of our race in the polluted matter.

Therefore, in order to disembark from that wandering vessel, traveling in shackles in its dump and stuffy hold as slaves of the life that we live, suffering and dying and coming back to be reborn and to die again, everyone together shut inside that same exiguous space, without ventilation, without lighting, rocking from here to there and from there to here all the time, according to weather and meteorological conditions dictated by Nature the Owner.


To free ourselves from that condition of extreme inferiority, we must know how to answer the first question asked by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR to the human being in HIS Book “Universe in Disenchantment:”who are you that the illusion is such that you are incapable to define your own “I”?

The living creature needs to become aware that death is  not a bad thing, for,  as there are evils that come to be good, death is one of them, for it means an interval to renew and perfection him, in order for him to be able to return to his World of Origin.

And today, everyone flourishing Rationally, sailing on seas never sailed before, travelling on the ship´s Flying Bridge, its bow pointing to the Rational Horizon line, the Horizon of the true Genesis, the fountain of all of us sailors, blessed by the DIVINE PROVIDENCE, aware of who we are, where we came from and to where we are heading.

In the matter there is no treasure entreasured in day light and exposed to everything and everyone, except the riches that are part of Nature´s terrene reality, such as the air we breathe, for instance.

The greatest treasure entreasured and found here on Earth in 1935, was brought from the First World to the second world by the First and only Transcendental Rational Navigator, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR of the EARTH, LORD Manoel Jacinto Coelho, who provided to humankind the map, the plant and the compass, guiding  the sailors on their trip back to ETERNITY; the knowledge extracted from the  contents of the Book “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture.

For those who do not know HIM, or did not know Him materialized here, lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho is an Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD with the Reasoning fully developed, who by HIS unconditional love to HIS children, decided to come down  to this second world of matter, matching its inhabitants like any degenerated being deprived of HIS original divine body, to live with them, like them, equal to equal, to suffer and to teach the peoples of the Earth to IMMUNIZE THEMSELVES RATIONALLY through the Rational knowledge contained in the Transcendental Book “Universe in Disenchantment”.

This Magic-Book, with its Rational Gift, was brought here to disenchant humankind from its lethargic state, generated and maintained by the elusive appearances and materialistic attachments engendered by the magnetic.

And that, as if in a change of opposites, as the living creature moves away from the magnetism’s falsities he gets closer to the Truth of the truths, of the True Energy, which is Rational, which is also the RATIONAL KNOWLEDGE.

That is the Knowledge that will dematerialize the already fully developed Reasoning of the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD, which is materialized inside the living creature´s own head, inside the Pineal gland.

The owner of the matter, who is Nature, lapidates the human being in the matter through the electromagnetism, and the inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD feels the lapidation in the outer space, where he is located, and he supplicates to the living creature to free himself from that condition of total incapacity, so that both may reacquire their original corporeal form of Rational Cosmic Mass and ascend to their World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

This is the most appealing cry that the human being may receive in the present phase in which he is living, the Rational Phase, for the Inhabitant, by showing his affliction and despair to get out of the matter, ends up by transmitting his agony in the Apparatus sentiment.

He who has already felt that kind of vibration will never more stop to exert his best efforts to detach from the matter and ascent to the RATIONAL WORLD.

Life is repetitive since its origin in the RATIONAL WORLD.

Exemplififying: those many who entered inadvertently the part of the plain that was not ready to enter into progress and did not pay heed to  our FATHER´s calls of attention, are the very same ones who do not pay any heed to the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD´s pleas for us to read and develop the Reasoning, in order to dematerialize him, transforming their material bodies in a new corporeal cosmic mass form, pure, clean and perfect as they ascend (two in one) to their World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

Some others, acting likewise, did not give heed to the VOICE from ABOVE to follow the orientations of the RATIONAL ASTROLOGICAL ALFABET, which would orient them and would lead them back to the RATIONAL WORLD in one terrene lifetime only. They decided by themselves (a quite familiar attitude) to idealize their own alphabet, according to their interests and material conveniences.

These are the same ones who resist reading and studying the Rational Work which will re-conduct them to the RATIONAL WORLD. To see that the majority of the recalcitrant ones are repeating students, such as repetitive, transforming and viscous everything is in the materiality. For only detaching from it, which means disentangling oneself from the attraction that the malign magnetic exerts over everyone, will one finally ascend to Eternity where the progress is pure and perfect.

To see that, as regards the repeating students, even with the no ending explanations, repeated over and over, about what to do and what not to do for their own good, contained in the pages of the Rational Books Books, they continue to repeat  the same errors, eternity in, eternity out.

But now, as of 1935, it is an all new game and the magnetic does not grant a respite as he did with the previous lapidations in the Rational animal phase.

He simply directs the herd with his big fork towards the inferior classes of life with no forgiveness, with no appeal, with nothing else, for they are there to pay for,  and not any more to receive, to exist  in a world where Reasoning does not exist, where only IRRATIONALITY´s thorny flower flourishes, with which everyone will have to subsist for 7 long eternities.

He who can, saves himself, if he can!



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