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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ)



The word “surf” may be defined as a sports practice which consists in sliding standing on a fiber glass surf board from the crest of a wave to the beach, passing inside it or under it.

A “cow” is when a wave is formed heavily dug, almost cylindrical breaking on itself, throwing the surfer under it and submitting him to a long dive which can be fatal.

The surfer when dropping on a giant wave standing on his surfboard, scratching with his fingers the  big wall of water which continues to rise, and performing acrobatic evolutions on that almost vertical, monumental mass of water,  he runs the risk of  being thrown out of the board and take a deep dive (“vaca”).

That is the Brazilian term for defining the surfer´s misfortune upon receiving the impact of tons of water over his head and his fragile board, unless he exercises total equilibrium over his maneuvers and over the wave conditions itself.

That is the surfer´s activity, whose main job is to keep his balance on top of his surfboard from the beginning to the end of the ride.

Comparatively, the wave that the Rational “surfer” drops is the same one that the living creature lives, maintaining himself in equilibrium during the transition between two phases in this life in the matter: the Rational animal phase and the Rational Apparatus Phase. The ones who were born from 1935 onward were born to surf the wave which will take them from the phase of the nothing to the Phase of the Everything.

Nature is the same as she has always been, that same wave with all its innumerous characteristics, good and bad.

To know how to surf a wave of a lifetime in the transfer between one phase to the other is what makes the living creature become the one who already knows himself, who knows his wave and knows how to equilibrate on it, for he is already aware of where it comes from and to where it goes; from the RATIONAL PLAIN to the white sands of the beach that sparkles ahead: the RATIONAL PARADISE.

The life of all of us lay people, is more risky still than of the professional surfers who are always being rescued by life-savers trained on jet-skis. Our lives have a meaning far beyond what it means in the matter: nothing!

The History of Humankind was born in other epoch, in other seas, in other waves, much taller, much stronger and much more powerful, coming from the Energy Superior to all energies, the Rational Energy, in a world where 21 eternities ago everything was peace, concord, tranquility, purity, cleanness and perfection.

That wave started to form itself and to rise when some pure, clean perfect and eternals came out of the RATIONAL WORLD and entered into a part of the RATIONAL PLAIN that was not ready to enter into progress.

They were alerted and warned several times by our FATHER, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR,  but disobeyed Him all the time, continuing to progress by their own account not giving heed to His calls.

That was the exact moment that those few took the great “cow” that fell over them as if it were an enormous liquid mass over their heads: the displacement of that part of the plain that was not ready to make progress and that commenced a descent movement taking everyone that was with it, creating thus a split that since then separated all those Rationals from their World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

And where did they end up?

After a descent with nonstop consecutive transformations, during which those few and the plain went losing their virtues, these virtues gathered  and generated a focus of a cold and silvery light initially, and that later on started to warm up, forming the sun.

With the heat coming from the sun, as they lost their virtues, a part of the plain started to melt, coming from it a resin that some time later started to blister and later to burn, then toasted, becoming ashes: the earth.    

The other part of the plain, with the heat started to melt, becoming soft, then gummy, afterwards a thick liquid, then finer, finer still, for in the end to become water. There is how the earth and the water were formed.

Meanwhile the Rational´s subtle bodies went on deforming themselves until touching the top of the beginning of the materialization of the land and of the water, thus instantly materializing themselves.

It is important to mention that they felt nothing or noticed anything, for they were convict that they could as much as the RATIONAL SUPERIOR and thus they believed they could progress independently by their own account, under their own guardianship.

In the sequence, the first bodies to be formed were of the monsters, afterwards of the savages, then the Rational animals and then the Rational Apparatuses.


The Rational animal phase was the human being´s main lapidation phase. That phase also known by second millennium, was the phase in which Nature exerted its full domain over the living creatures through the electric and magnetic energies, who treated them  as their tools, and these tools did everything that was asked them to do by the two energies, but always thinking and imagining that they were owners and mandatory; rulers of themselves, of everything and everyone.

Thought and imagination are the negative state of unconsciousness in which the living creature presents himself. And Reasoning is the positive and conscious state, a part of the true equilibrium, the living creature´s positive state of being.

Artificial culture was made for the cultivation of the suffering in the sufferer´s life and Rational Culture was made for the cultivation of the Reasoning in the sufferer´s life. Two lives, two destinies, two classes: one that rises, the Rational and the other that descends, the Rational animal.

Nature would also extinguish herself in the free-thinkers Rational animal phase, were not for the arrival of the Rational Phase, the Reasoning Phase and of its development in the living creature´s head, who shelters inside the Pineal gland an Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD materialized in the form of Reasoning machine.

When the living creature matures, life loses sense for him, looses meaning, becomes uninteresting, it is all about living for living for there is no more interest in that kind of life. A for living without knowing himself he lives ignoring why he exists.

This is the right moment for the great leap forward, the moment for him to know why he exists, what is his origin, where he came from and to where he goes, before he rottens.

They are like surfers waiting for the big wave that will take them to the beach of white and flickering sand. A wave born in a much above and much distant world, a wave shaped as a Book entitled “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture.

For only with the development of the Reasoning everyone will be able to recover the equilibrium superior to the physical equilibrium of the thinker-surfer: the Rational equilibrium.  

The living creature is being demolished by the effects of the Magnetic Wave, for ignoring the cause. If he knew the cause he would not feel the effects, for he would know how to live with the situation, for being linked to the Rational Energy.

The Magnetic Wave started to destroy remnants of the second millennium because in the Rational Phase thought could not prevail and thus it never progresses, always regresses. That is the reason of the general liquidation; physical, moral and financial. General collapse of everyone and everything for the magnetic wave is in charge of delivering the Reasoning Phase clean of thinkers.

Who lives not knowing himself, with a failed thought, lives having no one to resort to and where to hold on. Different from the ones who already know themselves, for they live clinging to the Book “Universe in Disenchantment” and having with whom to rely on in the SUPERIOR ASTRAL, through the Rational Mediating Energy and in the RATIONAL WORLD, through the Rational Energy.     

He is also favored by Nature in her new phase , the Rational Phase, which only favors the ones who are with her and get along with her in total harmony and consonance.

These know all the causes, their origins and their effects, for the ones who do not know themselves are connected to the magnetic, being consumed and destroyed by the magnetic energy.

The ones connected to the magnetism are the remnants of the thought phase already extinct. And for being extinct, inaugurated the liquidation phase, the moral, physical and financial liquidation phase. A thinker who tries to think with a failed thought is a failed himself.

He is a failed being who is drowning in the “He who can saves himself, if he can“phase, and does not call for help for ignoring what is going on with his life and with everyone else´s. He cannot discern the extinct phase from the one in force, which arrived in 1935, for being beguiled by the magnetic´s elusive action.

He stares into the firmament with eyes open and sees nothing, not even the lights of the Inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD evolving in space calling everyone´s attention to come know the development of the Reasoning Phase .      

Spatial and also terrene advertising, for they also materialize as human beings on Earth but are not recognized by the somnambulist, walking dead  of the second millennium.

And the Rational beast, in the Rational animal class, does not perceive anything due to his high degree of rudeness and backwardness.  And where rudeness and backwardness rule, brutishness and monstrosities also rule.

That is the category of those who do not know themselves and ignore everything else in their surrounding,

Everyone ruled by the artificial and natural beguiling that resume life as they judge it to be.

1935 was the year that the Reasoning replaced the thought, therefore 84 years ago. We are in 2019 and the Rationalization of the peoples moves at the speed of a turtle, due to humankind´s ignorance about the change of phase that happened in Nature.

It is the duty of everyone who came to know himself, to exert their best efforts in the divulgence of the Rational Culture, night and day, day and night, in all ways, forms and manners, thus contributing to the extermination of the Rational animal´s rudeness who is still prey of the thought and the imagination, judging that both are eternals and that life in the matter is endless: being generated, being born, being created, growing up, maturing and expiring, to repeat the cycle infinitely, except for fatalities and accidents of course.

It seemed that they knew much when they knew nothing. And today, many already know the Rational mechanics, the celestial mechanics and the material mechanics, knowing and learning from top to bottom in the smallest details, in all forms and different manners, with base and with logic, proofs and verifications.

And thus everyone goes, little by little, coming to know themselves, becoming equal in their level of knowledge to the more advanced ones, studying Rational Culture in the Books “Universe in Disenchantment” in order to disenchant themselves from the Rational beast category and pass to the Rational Apparatuses class.

But, unfortunately, there are some who continue to prefer to be beasts, or savages, or even monsters, for everyone is different one from the other, and these are the rude ones that extrapolated their limits. They see the truth and do not accept it, due to their advanced state of rudeness, for being magnetized beyond the limit, and the pure magnetic himself resists being demagnetized.

These will lose the Rationality and will descend to lower classes and in the inferior classes they will run all the hierarchies of the beasts, plants and minerals that exist on Earth. There are so many billions of species and specimens that only seven more eternities of violent and powerful lapidation may bring back to the RATIONAL WORLD these monsters, savages and beasts in a new  condition of pure, clean perfect and eternal beings again


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