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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ)



To live in the Third Millennium with the same makings and maneuvers of the second Millennium, using the thought as if it were the Reasoning, is the same as trying to have a haircut using a rusty pair of scissors. It does not work. Worse still, the person continues trying and erring without noticing that the instrument is inoperative.

If a crazy person is asked in a hospice if he considers himself crazy, the probable answer will be that he is the sane one and that his interlocutor is the one who is crazy.

Still on the same Rational line, if a rude and backward person is asked if he considers himself rude and backward, he will promptly deny, for ignoring that he is a remnant of the second millennium, who is living in the Third Millennium phase of the development of the Reasoning, where the command was switched from the electric and magnetic to the RATIONAL ENERGY.

In the land of the blind (second millennium) even he who has one eye only cannot see, for being connected to the electric and magnetic energy, to the thought and imagination, both already extinct. Thus, one cannot feel or see anything.

In the Rational phase, in order to see one has to reason, one has to develop the Reasoning, the Clairvoyance and the Apparatus. Then, yes, one will see things never before disclosed, for one will come to know himself and to know the causes of everything that exists and of everything that is going on, as orphans of the thought that he is.

Yes! Orphans, because the command of the thought and of the imagination ended and another energy came in its place to rule Nature: the RATIONAL ENERGY. But no one ever told these people, and they became aware of that change as of 1935, when the contents of the Book entitled “Universe in Disenchantment” came to be dictated by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR in the RATIONAL WORLD and taken here on Earth by HIS Representative, Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR OF THE EARTH (two in one).

That Rational Knowledge came to stay, for in its absence no one would be able to make that crossing from the second to the Third Millennium and Humankind would eventually extinguish itself by itself. And the equilibrium would only be attained when everyone came to know themselves, to know the reason of everything that exists, the why of this second world and the why of everyone´s existence with their provisional and passing life.

Only then, people will understand that the thought was a primary phase of the material mechanics, and for being primary, a lapidation phase of the suffering and mortal living creatures, for being lapidated as Nature´s tool, owner of the electric and magnetic energies. Had they known Nature´s natural changes they would have been with their Reasoning well developed long ago.

And that is the aim of the Book, to bring to humankind´s knowledge the history of its existence, since the very beginning of its true origin in the pure, clean and perfect RATIONAL WORLD, until nowadays, in this second world of matter, degenerated and polluted.

The Book came to teach that if everyone would have known Nature´s natural changes, they would be with their Reasoning well developed, living in the Rationalization Phase, acquainted with the world of its race and knowing how to get back to it.

That Literary Work came to alert those who remained living artificially in the second millennium as if they were in the First Millennium, and for that reason not feeling the change of phase, the passing from the second millennium phase to the Third Millennium.

That transition of phases is the greatest and most elevated passage that Humankind is going through, for it is equivalent to its transposition from the nothing to the Entry Gates of the everything, which lead to the RATIONAL WORLD.

Therefore folks, eyes on the book “Universe in Disenchantment” and feet on the Rational Road, marching forward and upward towards our World of Origin, the Rational World, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR´s WORLD and of our pure, clean and perfect brothers.

The act of transposing from one world to the other means that one is flourishing Rationally. Today, everyone who came to know themselves have the general knowledge of what Rational Culture is and what the three mechanics and their equivalent are:

Material, Celestial and Rational.

Primary course, Secondary and Superior.

Inferior Astral, Superior Astral and RATIONAL WORLD.

For that reason, Rational Culture is the most elevated Culture that exists: the true God´s Culture, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR Culture, and the REASONING SUPERIOR TO ALL REASONING.

Only the true GOD can wright such a complete work with basis and logic, proofs and verifications, describing this world´s cause and origin and of all its inhabitants.

For that reason, every student and reader of the Magnum Scripture, which transcends everything and everyone in this second world of matter, knows that who is with God´s Culture is with GOD and that soon he will go back to his true world where he was originated 21 eternities ago, the ETERNAL WORLD, the RATIONAL WORLD.




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