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(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)



In these 21 eternities you were everything.

For you passed through the phase of monsters, you passed through the phase of savages; you have already passed through the phases when no one had instruction.

You have passed through the phase of the caveman, of the burrows of stones, of the caves of stones and of the holes in the ground.

You have been through the beginning of the formation phase of the letters and figures, and all these phases, phases of the jigsaws, phases of the halters, until making right the letters, the words, and the numbers.

The beginning was very sad and laborious, everything made by the magnetic energy, through its tools. The magnetic energy transmitted the imagination, for the world was an electric and magnetic setting.

To see, as in the beginning of everything, much sacrifice was demanded, it was arduous, much suffering was demanded, much fights, for some wanted to know more than the others.

Thence the misunderstandings, you were ferocious because no one had instruction.

You lived like true beasts, one against the other, disputing knowledge that simply did not exist.

To see how much you were lapidated in these twenty one eternities; and everyone who came to know himself fears the past, which until today is as one can see, no one is born knowing, everything depends on the learning with sacrifice.

Today, when the imagination and the thought came to the top of their development, imagine the past, in the beginning, when everyone started to be born from the ground, dragging themselves as little monsters, then lubberly monsters, afterwards monstrodonts, later monsters and finally huge monsters. 

In that phase they understood themselves by means of squeaks, by means of roars, by means of shouts, by means of waving.

No one could speak, like in the present days when everyone is born and must learn how to speak.

See now how much you grieved, how much you suffered!

Then, came the savage phase, the phase of the stammering, the magnetic energy at work, developing the voice, the speech and decreasing the awkwardness with the tongue.

And all that demanding much sufferings and martyrdoms.

To see what you have been through in these twenty one eternities, everyone ignorant of the past, for upon transforming from one life to the other, forgets the previous life, for a new life is born.

The transformation of old machines, sick machines, to new machines

It is the new life, the new formation, loosing track of the previous life, for being a new life, a new machine, of a new generation.

And thus you came transforming yourselves, as everything transform itself, until reaching the top of the development of the thought and the imagination.

As you will reach the top of the development of the Reasoning in the course of time, because you will transform yourselves and the transformations are a kind of purification.

You will become at every moment more refined, more developed, more evolved, as there is there, the top of the development of the thought and the imagination.

And the top of the development of the Reasoning will come with Nature´s natural evolution.

To transform means, to improve means to purify with new machines, different from the previous ones.

Previous ones more backward and the new ones more advanced.

Now, then, everyone who came to know themselves, do not want to be subject to the martyrdoms of life in the matter , do not want to be martyrized by life in the matter do not want to be anymore slaves of life in the matter.

And for that reason, everyone who came to know themselves does not waste time anymore with useless things for they do not want to return to this second world as a sufferer and mortal.

Yes, they want to go back to their true world, the RATIONAL WORLD.

The world of the pure, clean and perfect, with their progress of purity.

Everyone who came to know themselves want only the reality of the conscious life, positive, Rational.

Everyone who came to know themselves is already in the Rational class, to become linked to Nature, for Nature´s natural phase is Rational.



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