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(Compiled from THE Rational Literature – THE SUPERIOR RATIONAL)




It is time for everyone to recognize that this life is an illusion, and only when they reach their true places can they enjoy the good.

Life is good, the way everyone lives it is what is bad and that’s why everyone suffers.

If the way of life were not bad, no one would suffer.

Happiness will only be achieved through the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION; so, the way of life will be good.

As long as consciousness is dominated by material beings, the world and life will suffer the consequences of this horrendous brutality. What makes the living being like this is the backwardness, and the more people think of themselves as advanced, the more the suffering will increase, proving the great backwardness of all.

For the materialist the value of the material beings is worthier than life itself. This is the great delay, which everyone sees as true consciousness, spending time and valuing it more than life itself.

No one wants to suffer in the world, but as long as they live like that, they have to suffer. The material being has its value, but the value of life must always come first.

Life must be the most valuable thing in the world, opening way to the valorization of other things.

Suffering is reigning all over the world because they value the material beings rather than valuing themselves more. They’re wrong.

First the living and then all the other things. In time, they will come to the conclusion that life is the most precious thing in the world, and then the reigning confusion will end because they can no longer bear the brunt of the suffering.

Suffering is a very good teacher for the rude ones who, over time, come to the realization that life is short and that it is no use bothering or suffering for the things that remain in the world, and will acknowledge that only a very rough and backward individual seeks to suffer with no results.

Later you will interpret life very differently from what you interpret today. Later you will see that all these wars, all these struggles, all these sacrifices do not work for mankind.

What benefit has that all brought to the world?


It has only shown damage, more suffering and bad consequences.

Therefore, it is very easy to conclude that over time it will all have to undergo a major transformation, as the suffering is increasing, to the point of becoming irresistible and, therefore, having to change the way of living.

Then, the detachment of things will come about producing in the heart of people the contempt for the material beings.

By then, they won’t take the old living standards anymore, because life will be completely different from this one, and it will be rationally immunized.

When everyone gets to that point, the way of life will be very different, because everyone will be adopting the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION.  The RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION cannot solve everything overnight, for it obeys the natural course where everything is resolved naturally.  Therefore, long before everyone is IMMUNIZED, everyone will already know and adopt this Literary Work. And the future generations will already be educated under other systems and ways – the Rational method.

So, yes, they will be born in a completely different world and life. The material beings will have no value, the value will be given to life because it is Rational, everyone will be living rationally. The way people live currently, they talk about the Rational Knowledge; however living like animals, like human beasts, contrary to what Rational is.

As they live more wrongly than rightly, they live spiritually, in experiences, suffering as free thinkers, incomplete of everything.

 Immunized, they will live very differently. Full of everything. An Immunized living in this world is like living among a lot of animals. And the living being, in the midst of a bunch of animals, feels uncomfortable, makes it completely different from what animals do, because they have no peace, nor give it to anyone. They don’t regulate, they are animals.




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