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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ)



Old times, modern times. Times of peace, times of war. Times of nothing, times of everything. The everything of an illusion only, for in the apparent terrene and artificial material life, everything has always been thus through the times, an everything that is worth nothing, for it always has a beginning and ends by itself.

The artifice has no basis, nor logic, it is material fiction.  

Times, phases, eras or epochs are the same thing: TIME.    

Non transformable, observer and permanent static registrar, for what passes is matter of the second world, with its components in their perennial life of suffering and death transformations.

Time gained or time wasted, starting badly and ending badly. Temporal, artificial, natural and spiritual barbarities, kept mysteriously, not permitting to reveal the true cause of the unknown of themselves: Nature´s revolt towards the inhabitants of the second world.

A transformation originated and occurred in a very distant epoch, when Time did not exist, ETERNITY ruled in a certain part of the SUPERIOR WORLD,  the Rational plain, which displaced from the ORIGIN, the RATIONAL WORLD, and started its time countdown, through the transformations for the worse, originated from that timeless Superior World, when some Inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD unduly entered that part of the Plain which was not ready to make progress, disturbing the organization and the equilibrium of its energies and causing its displacement and descent in circular movements, carrying everyone that were in it.

That was the reason for the loss of virtues of those inhabitants and of the part that displaced from the ORIGIN.

These virtues being pure, clean and perfect lives both of the Plain and of the Rationals that were in it, transformed themselves into other beings, giving origin to the world in which we now live.

The virtues of the Rationals transformed themselves into a focus of dim light, that later heated up forming the sun. The sun being then caused by the virtues lost by the Rationals.

The plain proceeded in its descent and the heat of the sun started to warm it, transforming it into a resin that later blistered, toasted and became ash. The other part of the Plain started to melt, transformed itself into gum, afterwards into a thick liquid that became thinner and turned into water. The water penetrated the ash creating an ideal environment for the generation of visible and invisible viruses and bacteria, procreators of inferior lives.

The Rational beings who came down with the Plain, after losing their virtues, extinguished themselves in the beginning of the earth formation (ash), and of the water (gum), causing two energies the electric and magnetic, degenerated and deformed, originated from the Rational Energy, that in turn materialized  in the form of Reasoning machine.

Here is the starting point of the suffering and mortal life in the matter, caused by an unconceivable disobedience of some pure, clean and perfect Rationals who did not give heed to the FATHER´S calls, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, advising their return from that part of the plain. They instead, continued to progress by their own account thinking that everything was alright and that they were doing very well, as they still do today.

In the sequence, these beings until then Rationals, started to sprout from the ground such as vegetal in the form of little monsters, monsters, lubberly monsters, monstrodonts, and huge monsters. There is the beginning of the arduous lapidation work of Nature, started by the electric and magnetic energies, whose powers rule according to the law of the strongest.

Several eternities later, the monsters became savages, another long phase of much lapidation, until progressing to the men of the Stone Age coming to live in caves and huts, however without any kind of instruction.

The man of the Stone Age already had some notion of the things and in that phase that no one had instruction, more sophisticated shelters and dwellings emerged, such as straw huts and mud houses.

The magnetic energy provided the beginning of the instructive process through the imagination. They remained imagining things for a long time until coming to some conclusion. Thus was the beginning of the alphabetization with a thin varnish of civilization, through which they were induced to learn the letters, the figures and the alphabet by means of articulations in which they expressed themselves waving, shouting, stammering, singing and babbling.

Later came the electric energy to develop the thought for the improvement of the imagination’s makings, which evolved in such a way that came to the peak of civilization – the phase of the concrete thought, which concretized itself in the material mechanics. That was when thought reached its most elevated point being even confused with the Reasoning. By then, they already were free-thinking Rational animals.

That confusion started as of 1935, when the thought phase extinguished itself by itself and Nature moved to the Rational phase and came to rule through the Rational Energy.

Nature, in its final transformation, came to orient everyone towards Rationalization, which is to know one´s true race, which is Rational, and know how to return to one´s Origin.

That is the phase in which the second world is, the phase of the Reasoning machine, the phase of the dematerialization of the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD who materialized himself on earth 21 eternities ago and remained in that condition inside the Pineal gland of every living being, waiting his liberation.

Who progresses in the development process of the dematerialization of the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD will become a representative of the RATIONAL WORLD on Earth, in the quality of Rational Apparatus, concomitantly assuming his mission to evolve his Reasoning, thus collaborating to the Rationalization of the peoples.

With the dematerialization process and with the Reasoning developed by the study of the Book “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture, the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD reacquires his corporeal form of pure, clean and perfect cosmic mass and is brought back by the Rational Energy to his World of Origin, for having attained the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION – eternally free from all that is evil.

Whoever goes on thinking in the Rational Phase, goes down to lower classes, pitchfork in hand to lapidate his brothers and later proceed to the classes of the irrationals; animals, vegetal and minerals.

In the ascension process, an important detail: besides the study and the reading of the Work “Universe in Disenchantment”, one must transmit that Transcendental Knowledge acquired in the Books to those who still ignore it, in order for them to familiarize themselves with Nature´s Natural Culture contained in the Rational Books and, thus, being in a condition of doing good to all regardless and not wishing to your neighbor what you do not wish to yourself.

These are the ones who came to know themselves, who know the why they are thus, from where they are, from where they came and to where they go.

Save the DIVINE PROVIDENCE, who thus organized and provided everything to reestablish in these creatures the superior original conditions then ruling twenty one eternities ago, when they inhabited the RATIONAL WORLD.

There is the incalculable force and the absolute power of the Rational Energy, capable to transform itself into two very potent deformed energies, keeping its identity of purity, cleanness  and perfection materialized inside the head of the creatures, and bring back together the three energies to their pure, clean and natural state.

To see how far we will get with the development of the Reasoning machine, that everything highlights, everything grows, everything flourishes, everything progresses to the detriment of nothing and no one.

Therefore, the true gratitude of the second world´s sufferer and mortal who perhaps attains that degree of progress in his life, must be addressed to the First World, the RATIONAL WORLD, retributing his high gratitude with the seriousness and constancy in his reading and study of the Books “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture and with the divulgence of that Inedited Work in the milieu of those who ignore it.

And who thus guarantees and provides, is the DIVINE PROVIDENCE in the pages of the Book “Universe in Disenchantment”, on one side, and on the other through His Representative on Earth, Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho (1903-1991), the Knight of Concord, an Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD, gifted with an already fully developed Reasoning, who materialized among us, and who came here to suffer and to die such as any Rational animal, to accomplish his ONLY MISSION; to dictate and to build in over 1000  Books the RATIONAL CULTURE, of the RATIONAL WORLD, for the recovery and salvation of the Rational animal.

Unique make of a Unique BEING.



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Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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  1. nalub7 disse:

    SALVE, Gilberto!
    Extreme kindness of DIVINE PROVIDENCE, proving and proving how to act toward the wicked: showing them THE WAY OF GOOD.
    So did the SUPERIOR RATIONAL: We turned our backs on Him from the RATIONAL WORLD, and He came to reveal the way back to our True WORLD.
    It follows that there is no revenge for those who have come to KNOW by the development of reasoning.
    Grateful for the beautiful Rational explanation!


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