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The natural order of things has several characteristics: what was made to be big, nature will assure that it becomes as such; what was made to be small, Nature lets it be so and for anything that exists, Nature will provide its right function and purpose and nothing else.

These are points of vibration in Nature; they are mirrors for all forms of interpretations of the beings due to the fact that all people are all different and not always in conformity with what they have.

If tall, one wants to be even taller, if small, one wants to be big and, therefore, there are fights and confusions. If fat, one wants to be slim; if slim, one wants to be fat; if rich, one want to be wealth, so people are insatiable in all aspects of life. All people are inconsequent and reckless by nature, and that is the reason why there is unbalance among people.

If you had balance, you would not be like that; it is obvious that to a certain extent everyone is equal in nature but at other points they are all different.

That is the reason why everyone can be only what Nature made them for.

Sometimes, people make fortune, in spite of being illiterate; some others study so much in order to be rich, but all they get is to live in poverty.

The individual will be what Nature made him for. The individual may want to be rich, but he will never be that, if Nature made him to be poor. He may struggle his entire life and never have anything. Another individual won’t engage himself in so much struggle and his wealth will come naturally. Insome cases, those who were not made to be rich, may acquire fortune but, in the end, Nature takes everything from him. Some go to beauty institutes to be beautiful but once they stop going there, they get uglier than they were.

Whenever poverty gets to someone who was rich, they are said to have had rotten luck or been victims of bad business. One can argue about as many reasons as possible as to why one got in that situation; nonetheless the main reasons were always created by Nature, for no one escapes the influence of Nature. That is the sheer truth.

When a tree is born to be small, if it gets too tall, it will eventually fall, because it does not bring within its constitution the necessary elements that will make it resistant against storms; the small trees, otherwise, are made to survive because they are compatible with its natural constitution.

The same analogy could be applied to the humans, among who many want to be what they were not made for. The person who was born to be good will always be good, the person who was born to be bad will always be bad; the tree that was made to have thorns will always produce thorns. That is how things are in Nature.

One may argue: “What a pity it is for those who were born to be poor!”

It is no pity at all, it is the natural factor. The natural factor is what it has to be. For this reason, the night is night and the day is day. The Sun on one side and the Moon on the other; the earth here and the water there.

The extremes are different, and this is the reason why each one has his zodiac sign. Those who were born under the zodiac sign of the Sun will be very happy; those who were born under the zodiac sign of the Moon will be sad, and those who were born under the zodiac sign of the stars will be even sadder. Each one will live according to his natural formation made by Nature.


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