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Rational Greeting for everyone! (*)

We have been living in a world of conflicts, where the living beings battle against one another, in thoughts, words and acts, thinking they are right in acting in this way, or rather, that they will keep their superiority over the others. However, by acting so, they prove to be at the lowest level in comparison to the others.

These kind of people live on full ignorance of themselves, for they lack the knowledge of the reason why they act in such manipulative way. If they knew themselves they would see that behind their gruesome acts are the invisible inhabitants of the electric and magnetic realms.

They were deployed by Nature to fullfil the mission of bringing humanity back to its world of origin. Nonetheless to get to its world of origin, humanity will have to develop the Reasoning through the Rational Culture.

There is no accident or fatality; everything is planned out in the invisible realms by the invisible beings to apply all forms of dilapidation over humanity, who is always careless about the natural laws which rule the universe.

They decide on the government to correct through order or chaos, for accidents may be necessary as well as all other kinds of evil to awaken people to the importance of Nature and its new emerging phase, the Rational Phase!

No government will succeed if they are not complying with the Rational Phase.

It is useless and a waste of time trying to blame on anyone for the misfits in the Politics or Economics.

Actually, nobody can escape from the manipulative range of the supernatural, which can do whatever they want with people, who haven’t yet been awaken to this reality. The way to the full awakening of humanity is in the Development of the Reasoning.

The right way is the Rational Way. The invisible negative forces will prevail over humanity, if the humans continue persisting on thought. The phase of thought is over; thought attracts the influence of the invisible negative forces.

The world has to walk the way through the development of the reasoning.

While you live on dreams and illusions, ideals, ideology and creeds,  errors will prevail and drive humanity off the right track into total chaos.

And who produce the errors? The invisible beings from other dimensions who are in charge of curbing humanity until it finally recognizes the true owner of this world where we live in, so that it know from where it comes and to where it is going.

And, thus, in order to come to terms with the truth, it is relevant that one recognizes the fact that only after a lot of suffering and pain, humanity will accept it.

Nonetheless nobody is alike. Those who came to terms with the true mechanics of life are the most intelligent and, as a result, have been long studying the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT; they have achieved peace and security for their families.

Those who are lingering on the phase of thought are submitted to suffering and pain.

Those who grasped the Rational sense are able to understand that only through the Reasoning they can keep off the influence of the invisible inhabitants, who are in the task of bringing suffering and pain to humanity.

And they also know that evil is for those who do not reason and, due to that they fall prey to the influence of the electric and magnetic invisible beings.

The Rational Culture is at everyone’s reach because it comes from the true origin of humanity.

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