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(Gilberto Carnasciali, Student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ – BRAZIL)


The reflexive pronouns are used to indicate the reflexive action, falling over the subject. In this case, they always come before or right after the verb in agreement with the subject. There you have the double role of the subject which produces and suffers the action simultaneously:

– Peter came to know himself after reading the books of Rational Culture – UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.

– Joanne killed herself for not knowing herself, she couldn’t bear the ignorance and the world suffering of the material life.

Dear, friend, if you are not a reader of Rational Culture, you have to bear in mind that your head contains an octopus of thousands of tentacles known by the name of “thought”, which pushes you back and forth;

it twists you around getting you mixed up and confused with good thoughts for a certain time, and other evil thoughts which sways at other moments. You feel pushed aside, for you are the joker in this mess. There is no equilibrium, nothing is right and there is no perfection but only sorrows.

You get stuck thinking when you are moving, you think when you are running.

You even think over your own thoughts and not least over your own imagination. You think when you are awakened or when you are sleeping.

It is all fruits of electromagnetism. Crazy stuff. And why over-thinking?  Just to suffer, suffer and suffer. That’s all a process of dilapidation; suffering bringing about torments, lack of solutions.  And, because it won’t suffice to resolve anything, more and more thoughts come along as a result of gigantic waves which produces insolvable issues.

You are puppet of the fearful magnetic, which treats you like a ragged doll and you take it all for granted, saying that’s life as it is and that it is all natural, for no one can avoid suffering. You are totally in agreement with the fact that it is worldwide, so why caring too much about since it is much better to accommodate with its existence, accept it and wait for the death at the end of the day which, by the way, we never know when it is coming. That’s the real hell we face in life.

Nothing that is temporary, passing, transforming, ending, can be right. Nonetheless this tortuous way is the only one leading the human being to the Divine Grace of Goodness, so that he can walk till he gets to his right destiny, or better, the ripening and perfectioning necessary to reach that state of pureness which we lost one day, when we entered the part of the Rational Plain, which was not ready yet to progress and, as a result, we descended with that part to the abyss, where we are materialized.

There is no other alternative but to trail the bumpy ways of the suffering, then there are no other means for a rough evil natured being, totally set back, to gauge all the stages to the Maximum Rational Elevation without going through the primary dilapidation courses, then the secondary and, subsequently, the Superior one which has all been set by the RATIONAL WORLD.  

And what is the way which can take us back to our state of pureness, cleanliness and perfection?

The way is organized, guided and commanded by the owner of thoughts, who gets all its tools to dilapidate one another, so that everyone can get to meet the Reasoning that holds the right and leads up to the World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.  Where there is Reasoning, truth, happiness, certainty and equilibrium.

It is necessary to be able to understand, know and discern the meaning and the difference between these two forms of communication: The Reasoning and thought. Then, acting under the influences of the the electric and magnetic energies, one gets dilapidated without mercy to be awakened from the insidious walk sleeping life one leads, full of appearances, so that one can be free – or, at least, clarified in one’s ignorance of all that is deformed that exists in life.

Now comes the question: “what life if everything ends with the death? And what life and death if both are deformed elements of the matter in the matter itself?”

It is all sheer illusion! The human being has not yet been aware of the fact that it was living out of its true state. However, this is the task bestowed by Nature – the owner of thoughts – which can clarify about its creeping condition, in which one lives down here on Earth and, in the process, making one mentally open, sufficiently to this new input that is coming from the superior world through the writing of UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, the literary works, which contain the Superior Rational Fluid sent by the Rational Superior to all Reasonings, materialized in form of words in this magnificent GOD-BOOK.

By reading and re-reading this portentous Works, the reader will gradually substitute his thoughts by the Reasoning as the person develops it in himself in a slow, natural and progressive fashion and, subsequently, pretty faster in ties with the Rational Energy, which will take him up to the condition of Rational Apparatus with the Rational Clairvoyance well developed.

There you find the importance of thought for the dilapidation and suffering; that is the means to enable the decayed, polluted and subjugated human being to go back to his Original World  – the Rational World.  Under the determination of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR , this is the right and praised moment to initiate the RATIONALIZATION of the People, for we are in full Rational Phase, since the phase of thought was terminated in 1935 and, hence, it is the PHASE OF THE REASONING that has taken over and is in charge.

Now the time has come for us to know who we are, why we think, what the purpose of thought is, why it was made and what is the objective and its creator. The time has come for us to leave this massive ignorance of ours, stop looking into the mud and drive our vision to the highest realms of pureness.

The thinker believes that thought is an organ of his intellectual property, because he is unaware of who devised it to govern and dilapidate everyone – no one but Nature herself. It is due to this craving ignorance that the thinker has always been a sufferer. The Reasoning, though, implies the change of this world of matter to the true world, the true world of everyone’s origin in the state of pure, clean, perfect and eternal.

The Reasoning has never had its value thoroughly assessed by the Rational animal due to his total ignorance and which is among everyone.  You mixed up Reasoning with thought, believing that the Reasoning was working in the phase of thought which had not happened yet.

The Rational animal always lived unaware of itself just like the irrational; however it is going to be not long before the Rational animal is able to develop his Reasoning and go back to his world of origin, THE RATIONAL PLAIN, lest he goes downwards into the inferior classes and loses his Rational condition, the only bonds he still has with the Superior World, for the Reasoning is the inhabitant of THE RATIONAL WORLD materialized in himself. This means he will be submitted to more 7 eternities of dilapidation and suffering.

Now, then, comes the question: aren’t the 21 eternities which we have lived and suffered so far enough?

One might ask the Rational Culture student, a better informed apparatus about the conditions of salvation which prevail today: “Would you throw away this privilege which has been granted by the reading of these magnanimous works written by the Rational Superior?

“Would I dare discarding this great opportunity of going back briefly to where I came from and lived in the purest, cleanest and most perfect state? Or better still, would I disregard the Supreme knowledge, which is the Reasoning to become an irrational animal just like the ones that were born before me on this decadent world, stripped of any value?”

There you have a message to all those who have initiated with the reading and studies of Rational Culture and left them behind to go back to illusory apparent things of the material life brought on by the electric and magnetic.

That’s something which we should reflect and reason before we assume any Rational conclusion: those who live for thinking will die of thinking and will repeat the cycle for more seven eternities. Those who live for reading the Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, and reasoning over its contents, will never die, because they will be led with all merits and honors the their Eternal World – the RATIONAL WORLD.

THE DIVINE PROVIDENCE brought in the Rational Energy materialized in the book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT for the salvation of humanity. THE RATIONAL SUPERIOR personified in the human form of Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho, born in Rio de Janeiro, the former District Capital of Brazil, in 1903.

He brought the knowledge of Rational Culture to the public in 1935 in Meyer, in a spiritual center called “Tenda Espírita Francisco de Assis”, and, then, he build the Rational Retreat in the carioca suburbs of Nova Iguaçu where a print office was set up to publish the Rational works composed of more than one thousand books, the salvation tablets of Humanity!

Those who think don’t know themselves, therefore, dear friends, develop the Reasoning so that you can meet your true selves; reading and re-reading this Master Piece and transmitting to your bothers the knowledge acquired through this reading. You should do good to not matter whom and never wish bad things to your next since you don’t want it for yourself. These are the guidelines to achieve universal concord. This is the real movement of People’s Rationalization in the RATIONAL UNION. There you have the RATIONAL ENERGY in the form of Reasoning – the energy of the true natural state of everyone.

Rational :Reasoning
Rational :Reasoning


Everything is Energy. It is all the same, for Rational is Rational, everything is Energy. Let’s be it again.

Hail Everyone!


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