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(João de Castro, a student of Rational Culture, Brasília, DF, BRASIL)


The German researcher Harald Kautz-Wella has been doing researches about chemical trails for over 20 years and, now, holds important proves about the function of it in the atmosphere, environment and human health.

After examining particles of substances collected in the water, earth and flora in the days of high concentration of chemical trails in the air, Harald Kautz-Wella has come to the following conclusion:

“The samples contain a large quantity of nano-particles on the basis of a mineral material called Black Goo, which is easily assimilated by the human body, however, what is the most intriguing, in regards with that, is that experiences in laboratories have demonstrated its hyperactivity when exposed to high electromagnetic charges, with which they assume such precise geometric affinity that they end up composing any form previously programmed by the source.

Bearing this in mind, any information transmitted to these particles will respond in the following fashion: a certain magnetic frequency produces a photon (spark) and, since light is information, this particle will gather together to electrolyze the body, making it susceptible to any emotion or function.

As the human organism cannot be mentally manipulated, therefore, it is a lot easier to inject in it information, which will be patterned by the mind such as sadness, despair, panic and so on and so forth…

The biggest trigger of all these functions in the nanoparticles is the HAARP, located in Alaska.”

It seems that we are living in surreal times, where the dividing line between science fiction and reality gets thinner and thinner. All that reminds us of the film Matrix, where Neil finds out that the human beings live in a virtual reality to each they are connected by electrodes in the form of cables in piercing their bodies.”

Therefore the most important and urgent thing for humanity to do right now is to detach itself from the mental subordination of life to the electromagnetic field, responsible for thought and imagination, so that we do not suffer the destructive action of the nanoparticles, which transmits emotional imbalance.

Only the Rational Energy which, for belonging to a superior and transcendental Field, has the function and Power to do the detachment through the development of the Reasoning (Pineal Gland).

Here we have a more sophisticated illustration of such reality, since the electrodes are simply the nano particles.

This is the reason why we all need to develop the REASONING with its own energy, THE RATIONAL ENERGY, for it was the magnetic and electric energies – imagination and thought – which inspired the Social and psychic Architects to search, incessantly, for the destruction of humanity, which represents, in short, the ultimate dilapidation of humanity. All that because we have been living in a world to which we do not belong to.  And, by the way, that is a topic which we have been approaching for a long time in blogs and Rational Culture sites.

We have come across this subject about Chemi- Trails in the Internet. It is though interesting that the newspaper Folha de São Paulo released an article about it. It is though superficial with no basic in-depth, reason why, we decided to go deeper into it to develop a more accurate view of it. Nonetheless, according to Harold Kautz-Wella, the dissemination of these nano particles in the air is of military nature, which aims at establishing a sort of techno-fascism!

There is an interesting aspect in the reality which is put in the following way: “EVERYTHING IS MYSTERY UNTIL IT IS DISCLOSED, WHICH, SUBSEQUENTLY, WILL BE CHARACTERIZED BY “FUNCTION”

Mystery is thus the absence of the true knowledge.

Nowadays in the Rational Phase, which is the last phase of humanity’s unconsciousness, we know that the concept MYSTERY is totally outdated, thus, an anachronism in today’s world. We should call it FUNCTIONS to be identified for the complementation of the human knowledge.

In the next article we will talk about the core of these obscure sciences: “Black Goo!”


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