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Rational greetings to everyone!


All institutions were created by Nature through thought and imagination.

Nature, using the Rational animal as a tool, made thought and imagination, external invisible forces, belonging to the world we live in, irradiate in the head of the Rational animal whatever was necessary for the dilapidation of the Rational animal to undo his backwardness, rudeness and savagery and the whole ignorance over the world we live in.  

All that composed the primary course of life for the development of thought and imagination of the Rational animal. Thus the institutions came about.

Nonetheless,  everything in the material life has a beginning and an end, which is the final point because it is out of its true natural state in a perishable and transitory world, for it was once, long before it had been transformed into matter, part of THE SUPERIOR WORLD, the world of pure energy – THE RATIONAL WORLD – the world of the eternals.

Because we live out of our true natural state, this is the reason why we are living through numberless transformations with limited lives, in which the electric and magnetic energies assume the form of living beings.

As there are stars, whose life has been long finished, their light is still reaching the Earth till the point it will also be over one day. Therefore all institutions are electro-magnetic produced by the stars which are created in the head of the thinkers by thought and imagination (invisible beings from space, over the Earth and under the Earth) for the development of the Rational animal’s intellectual and instinctive part.

However, it is the end of this primary course of our learning, when a Superior Energy gets in the scene from the eternal and transcendental world – the world of our origin. Nature concluded the primary course for the Rational animal, because she assumed that the Rational animal had assimilated its contents.

Hence, a great change of phase in Nature, including in the astrological part, brought to light the RATIONAL PHASE, which is the superior course of learning for the development of our Rational side, the development of the Reasoning and, likewise, our return to our World of Origin – THE RATIONAL WORLD.  

The stars are under the command of this new ENERGY, THE RATIONAL ENERGY, which is brand new in this second world where we live in, however, it is, at the same time, even older than this world, because it is the true origin of everything and everyone: THE RATIONAL WORLD.

The stars changed their way moving towards the Origin, however, its irradiations, the last coming fluidic influences sent to the Earth before this alignment, are still reaching the Earth but with less and less intensity until the day they will be completely reversed.

Hence the shock felt by all human beings with the weakening of the Rational animal’s thought, which is getting feeble, and resulting in the total crumbling of the institutions that have been created by thought.

This is the cause of the moral, physical and financial unbalance seen in the four corners of the world.

All that had come about primarily in space, involving the invisible realms, and then it materialized on the Earth.

Their extinction happened previously in space and, then, followed up in the rough material instance.

The Rational Energy is, despite that, on the Earth to save everyone and everything. Nonetheless, this ENERGY will respect everyone’s free will, and it is up to each individual to make the decision to connect to it, for those who want to live in agony will be in agony as a result of their own option not to develop the Reasoning (pineal gland).

The will is free, however, here we are to warn everyone of the consequences that will be entailed by the non-development of the Reasoning, which is our link to the superior courses of life; the phase of Rational animal is over because the phase that was giving it sustenance and light will be turned off. 

Nature is of transformations and if the Rational animal does not connect himself to the light of his own origin, he will end up going down to the inferior classes of life, where he will live as an irrational animal. There are two ways only: going down or up, that is, changing to irrational animal or assuming our true form of light being in the Rational World. And for that one must develop the REASONING, and set free, once and for all, from the artificial culture created solely for the development of thought.

And, thus, it urges that the people and the institutions get rationalized in order to prevent their total termination.

We should, though, highlight the fact that the good invisible beings, which had been working in the phase of thought to keep a reasonable level of equilibrium in humanity, have for a long time retreated and are no longer aiding who is out of the Rational line. So many prayers are going unheard by those who are in need of help; so many scientific experiences which never worked for the solutions of the human’s problems; all that due to the fact that Nature has changed phases and is no longer sustaining thought in the head of the thinkers.  

Reflect upon all that has been said here, my friend, and make your decision, bearing in mind that whatever it is the consequences, it is of your full responsibility and nobody else’s. Freedom will come to whoever wanted to free themselves from this chaos on the Earth.

More information about the Rational Phase you will find in this blog (where we keep more than 1100 texts about this subject), as well as in the other sites under the responsibility of the Rational Culture students.

And the books of the superior course of life, of Rational Culture, are the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, which can be found in the link below.


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