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(Severino dos Reis, Rational Culture Student, Belo Horizonte – MG)


Even though it is largely known that drugs have destructed more lives than wars, they are trafficked all around the world.

In spite of the fact that more and more people are ending up in the streets, trembling and agonizing under the effects of drugs, such as crack, the drug dealers are pushing them fiercely and unstoppably into  society. 

On the other hand, although terrorism, violence, criminality and wars are destroying lives, Religion, which is supposed to bring salvation and peace to humanity, is being utilized by many, who take advantages of people’s faith, to obtain unlimited money.

Despite all that evil on the part of man, nobody will assume their mistakes, everyone wants to stand as real saints.

In this article we will know how and why good and evil exist.

Whenever we talk about good, everyone steps forward to present themselves as the bearers of it. Being good is in everyone’s best intentions, for in the origin we were good, we were pure. However, when talking about evil, we tend to point our fingers to someone else; it may be a neighbor, a relative, that is, nobody is evil but the others.

However, the evil ones are not guilty for holding it in themselves. Actually they were born this way because of the high proportion of the magnetic energy over them; those who are under total influence of this energy become devilish.

Bottom line is: everyone resents their evil and wish they were good. And it is so because of their Rational origin. We all stem from the Rational World, the World of God, the Superior Rational, who is the supreme goodness.

So, when everything comes from God, why, then, does evil exist? There is no one who wants to be evil!

Evil exists because God had created life, but man without the power of creation, brought life beyond its proper and true state.

It is also possible to use this example to understand what happened in truth when the rational beings left the Rational World to trigger up this world where we live.

So, let’s get to the point. There was in the rational world we inhabited a part that was not yet prepared for the Rational progress. Some beings entered into this part, and, consequently, this part fell, causing its transformation until everything was deformed, hence the formation of matter.

In the transformation of the Rational Plain (the fallen part), which consisted of rational energy, the true good was weakened after the plain turned into water and earth. The water produced the positive vibration while the earth produced the negative vibration. The water contains the electric energy and the earth contains the magnetic energy.

The good in this world is illusory, but why?

Illusory good, since everything will change incessantly and there is no stability, from the day that turns to night. It seems that our children are small, but after a time you can see that they have changed, that they have turned into adults! And so it is with everything in this world.

Therefore the transformations are an important part of the universe project that God created so that nature could bring us back to the Rational World. She is realizing this project very diligently.

Up to October 4th, 1935 the apparent good had the function of balancing the actions of evil. It contained the impetus of the magnetic energy which produces the imagination for a bearable polishing of humanity, which was being prepared to enter the coming Rational Phase.

That is why the 4th October, 1935 represents the beginnings of a new cultural phase! The phase of civilization had come to an end, and, as a result, the thought process was completed, that is, the human connection with the electrical energy was eliminated, and we must connect with the rational energy for the development of reasoning. Our meeting with the true good.

It turns out that the paralysis of thought, which was being kept by the electric energy (the apparent good), allowed the magnetic energy, which is sheer evil, to run widely free and, hence, bringing about all the tragedies, destructions and wrongdoings that are to see everywhere in the world. 

After the prehistoric culture reached its highest point, the prehistoric people started killing each other because of the decay of culture, that is, nature had changed to a new phase, and everything that belonged to the previous phase was broken.

In civilization progress, many good things occurred: knowledge of God’s existence, scientific evolution, technology, medicine, astronomy, information sciences and so far.

Nevertheless, civilization has also reached its highest point, and the civilized began to destroy themselves because of their uncontrollable cultural progress, which is reflected in the military, political and social sphere. The scientists have been transformed into a frightening class that beat lives with horror, wars and destruction!

The result of this progress is the fire that has been developed and can suddenly destroy the world.

 Adding to that there is also the violence and slaughtering taking place all over the world.

That is why Nature has prevented the total destruction of mankind by changing the phases. Thinking as a human inherent capacity and the cornerstone of progress had reached an important stage in the human development. But as well as everything in nature, it began to fall. In the human head, there was the third organ, the pineal gland, which still lacked development, but this could only be achieved with the Rational Energy.

The ruling Culture now is the Rational Culture for the development of the Reasoning in the pineal gland. The Reasoning function will replace thought for the continuation of humanity.

The feelings are produced by thought; before the person does anything, he thinks: “Will I do this or that? Should I do this or that? What may be the consequences? What is going to happen?”

Despite all this process that goes on in the person’s mind, thought itself is being turned off by Nature and, as a result, people’s feeling are weathering to the point of leaving the mind totally dried out and, hence, all the craziness and misdeeds that are happening in the whole world.

The cause of violence is the paralysis of thought, for without thoughts there are no feelings. And without feelings, the person is prone to commit all kinds of atrocities and crimes. Besides, he does not take remorse or pain for what he has done. This is exactly what we have seen in the news every day.

That’s the reason why it urges that all human beings embrace the knowledge of Rational Culture, which is the source of Rational Energy for the development of the Reasoning. Only the Reasoning as the replacement of thought can restore the human feelings in the mankind.

When the person is reading the book Universe in Disenchantment, which is the blueprint of Rational Culture, he is receiving the Rational Energy through the reading. This energy is directly channeled to the pineal gland, where the Reasoning Machine is located.

The development Reasoning will prevent the person from killing, stealing, attacking, using drugs or doing any evil against himself or anybody. As the prophecy goes: the world will become a paradise, and all the spears will turn into instruments for plantation in the agriculture. No evil will be inflicted, for the Earth will be ruled by God’s will, so right as the waters shed in the sea.

Confucius said: the triumph of the community is for everyone to work for everybody. Nobody ever works for themselves. Everyone will sleep with open doors, therefore, locks will be unnecessary, since there will be no thieves.

That is what the replacement of thought by the Reasoning will signify!

That is what the prophecies are all about!

So, it is important that everybody develops the Reasoning. However, in order to develop it, one has to study Rational Culture which contains the source of Rational Energy. Through thought there will be only disgraces and misunderstandings. Check out the 1st volume of this amazing book: Universe in Disenchantment and you will obtain all the knowledge to set yourself free from the matter once and for all.

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