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(Prof. Porfirio J. Neves, Rational Culture student, Nova Iguaçu – RJ, Brésil)


One of the main tasks in the book Universe in Disenchantment is to clarify about the material body and its essences; its constructions, functioning and its purpose in the existence.

It is so obvious the attention given by the Rational Superior to this aspect of our existence, which is the material body.

What concerns its origin and purpose, the study of the book will demonstrate the nullity of the matter. It is null because it is temporary, that is to say, it always comes to an end.

It is useless trying to base on the matter, for it is destined from the day it was born to be terminated one day. It is our daily burden so that we can learn to value the eternal by recognizing the nature of the transitory reality. The above is the priority, then comes what is necessary for life from the below.  Nothing but the necessary, for there it lies the equilibrium of life.

Nonetheless there is a transitory aspect of life which everyone should take on board and that is: there is a material body which needs our care, because that is our liability to Nature and all we have in this life.  Respect is the least we can tender to it, therefore, we need to follow the natural guidance to a better future of humanity.

The fact that we once lived as pure, clean and perfect Rational beings in an eternal world of pureness and now, then, turned into material beings with temporary life is nothing but a tragic reality.

It would be expedient to remind that the body is not the life but its manifestation! The body is terminated but not the life! Life continues! The existence of the body will be over one day, and life will prevail.

In the first volume of Universe in Disenchantment, one reads: “You smell the perfume, which is fluidic but you can’t see it. The odor is the consequence of the perfume. The liquid is visible but not its smell, and it is likewise for everything in this world.”

The perfume can be applied in two senses, namely, in the liquid state, which is visible or its odor, the fluidic state, which is invisible.

In the same token, the Rational Superior will call our attention to the essence of the material body. Each body has its essences, odors and vibrations which can be sensed but not seen.

It is thought that this essence is the spirit which is incarnated in the body. Nonetheless, it is no spirit but the essence of the body. It would be a mistake if one said that the smell is incarnated in the perfume. Absolutely not! The smell is the essence of the perfume and it is so for everything else. They all have its fluidic part.

The body is deleted but its essence passes on and so is life. It is manifested by the body.  

The essence is what animates and conducts the body just like a car and its driver. Without the driver the car won’t go anywhere.

What we call death is the transformations of the body until it reaches its essential part, which, eventually, will form another body.

This was just an example, and this is the reason there is no death but the transformation of the body. It is wrong to say that the body has a spirit incarnated in it, because every spirit is another kinds of being with their own essence too.

But let’s linger for while on the example with the car and consider the following:

The car may be gone but it is the driver who will pay the fines. Likewise, the essences bear all the liabilities from this life to the next.

In the next trips or bodies, this essence will change according to its good or bad development. When a driver is full of fines to pay, there may be a time when he won’t be able to pay them in due course, and this may have him lose his car or change it by a bicycle.

Thus it is life, our chance to learn as we go along its path. If the driver is careless, he will never get anywhere.  If he suffers an accident it is the end of the trip, life will pass and in a tragic way. For some this trip ends in peace, for others in tragedy.

The car may be all right but, if the driver is drunk, nothing will work all right.

The drunk driver is to the car as the essence is to the body – the life itself. If this life is deceived and enchanted, then its body like a car will always drive on the opposite lane.

But another situation may also happen and in this case, if the drive is sound and well but, somehow, was careless about tuning the car, correctly, then, he will very likely have problems along the way.

The best way to live is when the driver and the car are fine so everything will be fine too.

The tragedy may come about whenever there are two cars running awfully on the road and suddenly they get on the same area.

The appearance covers some aspects of this reality, because sometimes the car looks good but what is in it is very hard. The biggest risk is judging by appearances.

Most people like the great majority of cars won’t collide. The collisions will happen at specific conditions; however, one can never know for certain when some tragedy is on its way because of the appearances. Something may be all right or not. How are we supposed to know?

The hearse is the vehicle which will take the driver on his last trip, only this trip will not be the last one yet. Let’s consider the hearse as the system of charges imposed by Nature on those in debt with her.

As we perceive the new phase today, the Rational Phase, we can assume that life is now watching the dismantling of its vehicle, for there is a new vehicle forthcoming, which has been improved and is more advanced.

This is what these transformations aim at, for the body will suffer natural or artificial damages; therefore in order to continue with life it will be renewed.

We call it death, but it is not.  The car is sent to the shop chop but not the driver. Life which is the driver will follow the dismantling and renewal of the vehicle.

If the vehicle is full of debts there won’t be enough resources to restore it, likewise, it is the body. If it is loaded with debts it won’t suffice to be completely renewed and, consequently, life will have to fit into something way less than desirable, that is, in the inferior class.

That’s how life works. The driver who commits many traffic offenses will not be able to maintain his car because of the fines which will make it impossible to continue.

Yet the new road, the Rational Phase, is already ready to receive all back to its natural state because the two sides are united in one.

Taking the book Universe in Disenchantment, which offers the real sense and direction, the person will unveil all his past and envisage his future so that he will be able to find the best option to pay off all his debts by knowing himself and his true world of origin – the Rational World.

It is thus that one can succeed in a better state of existence by becoming a Rational Apparatus, the more advanced stage of life and leave forever this life of the soil.

By reading the book Universe in Disenchantment everyone will take care of the best way of his own life. Because this is the real road to eternity. The material body will be set aside for the essence to continue in an eternal life body of pure, clear and perfect Rational Energy. All this will be possible by the development of Reasoning.

Rational Culture is like a course of how to recycle and maintain the vehicles of life at best. When reading and studying Rational Culture, one prevents from being fined and acquiring even more debts in this material life. It is therefore essential to read and disseminate the knowledge. Obedience, perseverance and patience are all that matters.

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