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(Irmão Racional, Rational Culture student, Brasília – DF)


And, then we started.

We set off in our own way.

And we did that, up there in the RATIONAL WORLD.

In disobedience to the call of Our Father, the call out from the SUPERIOR RATIONAL, who warned us several times: “Don’t get through the Part of the RATIONAL PLAIN which is not ready for Progress.

Nonetheless, despite all warnings, we decided to go for the disobedience, anyway?!

Evidently, as God’s children we had as Genetic heritage of our Father the capacity for creating.

We wanted to create, exert primarily our function, the one as Creators: we were the Children of the Sole and True Love.

And we carried it on to the ultimate consequences.  

We unleashed a chain of events which caused, without our noticing, a hecatomb. And the RATIONAL PLAIN, which was not ready for Progress, got slowly affected, suffering from this shock and everything started to recede, degenerating and deforming – all came about very naturally.

We, the creators of this disaster, held no conditions to go back to the highest Progressing World we left, due to the trespassing of the Rational limits, having to follow the effects we had produced which culminated to the total loss of our Freedom; we became hostages of our own creation.

As a consequence, we got deformed and degenerated.

The only thing left was our bond with that world set in the Pineal Gland, located in the isthmus of the Mid-Brain, reminiscence of the Glorious Body we had, made of Pure, Clean and Perfect Cosmic Mass.

The Glandule of the Reasoning, containing the RATIONAL ENERGY materialized, which is an inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD, had to wait for eternities up until the time, when after paying off for the crime of disobedience, it reached the necessary maturing state for its awakening and, finally, it could retrieve its condition as one of God’s children in tune with the Rational Energy from the RATIONAL WORLD, which can awaken the ORIGINAL STATE OF BEING, dwelling in the Pineal Gland.

This Pineal Gland is the cradle of the Rational Energy here on Earth, the inhabitant from the RATIONAL WORLD, materialized.

Thus, along this whole process, we had, besides that, the Forgiveness of the Father and the Forgiveness of the Mother: the Father sent his emissaries who reminded us of our True World of Origin, bringing to our memory the Progeny. Mother Nature, who has provided us with her own substance and allowed the Life, as we know it, laid down Life in its several forms of organization which, because of man’s interference, went out of God’s line.

Bottom line: we mistreated the Father’s emissaries and disrespected our Mother Nature with brutality, rudeness and ferocity, bringing the worst we could do unto her. She who is the Mother of us all; we also did harm to one another, mistreating our brothers the way we wouldn’t accept to be treated.

Then, time passed by.

And with it came the advent of the Rational Phase, prepared by the Father and the Mother.

In spite of all our stubbornness, the Father and The Mother provided Full Conditions for the return of  the God’s Children to the Rational World, so we could dwell the sacred chamber made for us by God in our True World of Origin; the ultimate forgiveness conceded by him, one more time.

And there you have it – the Rational Phase!

At man’s time in the year of 1935.

The Third Millennium came about wholesomely, fulfilling the prophecies of the Sage and Astrologists. And the SUPERIOR RATIONAL OF THE EARTH presented himself, bringing up the Knowledge that would set us free to regain our lost condition.

The Superior Rational of the Earth, Mr. Manoel Jacintho Coelho, did that in the simplest form in order to praise the Mankind, who obediently awaited for the Truth of the Truths!

So, he dictated along the forthcoming orientations of the SUPERIOR RATIONAL FROM THE RATIONAL WORLD, by using words, the Liberalizing Knowledge, which in its simplest form, concentrates the Rational Energy to feed the Pineal Gland: the last reminiscence of our Glorious Body that we had when we dwelt in perfect freedom our World of Origin, THE RATIONAL WORLD – our ultimate conquest of the lost condition.

The Knowledge of our Rational Origin contained in the books Universe in Disenchantment filled in the shelves of libraries and bookstore alike.

And the call out for the children of the True God was made. Everyone has been conceded the opportunity to return to their True World of Origin.

We are all degenerated and deformed; however, with the comprehension of the sage Knowledge of Rational Culture, grasping all that is written in the shining pages of the book, Universe in Disenchantment, and the reason why of our existence, we will eventually come up with the full understanding as to why everything happened the way it did; the whole deformation of the RATIONAL PLAIN, which was not ready for progress, but, despite that, imposed by us, bringing about the mislead of life and its organizations and our compulsory need for Obedience.

Hence we will be able to behave in tune with the Laws concerning our True Being, our True Individuality in pair with Nature, who prescribe the most basic and essential rules of all: don’t do to the others what you don’t want for yourself.

The substantive need to do good whoever it is will also come along, making us worthy of the Eternal Salvation which is our encounter with our True Origin. Therefore we have to avail ourselves of this phase to spread this Knowledge to the four corners of the world.

Once we are aware of the True Father, who is the SUPREME RATIONAL, we will know that in order to honor HIM we have to REASON,

for thinking and imagining will perpetuate our disobedience, which has brought only desolation over ourselves.

In the same token, to know who is our real Mother, whose origin is also Rational, it will be essential that we develop the REASONING. Nature has changed phase since 1935 and now it is the RATIONAL ENERGY that is governing HER – the energy of our SUPREME FATHER.

All this information is in the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT – The True Knowledge of the Eternal Salvation of Humanity. We are all children of the same Father and Mother.

It will come out naturally of ourselves, the natural movement of redemption to our Father, uniting us under the Rational Oneness and doing away with any reminiscent feeling of separation which we gathered at the act of disobedience that we planted for ourselves when we produced this deformation.

We will eventually realize that this state of degeneration and deformation, of critical disobedience, contracted even more debts with Nature.

All that was allowed to happen, because our Father, the one who made us in the RATIONAL WORLD is the True Absolute Rational Love, and we are HIS fruits; since primeval times the Rational Love is followed by Forgiveness, for Forgiveness is in the core of the RATIONAL LOVE.

Through Love and Forgiveness comes the REASON which sustains the world we live in.

If everything came down to the point where it is, it is, above all, due to the Forgiveness that allowed it.

In short: understanding WHO our FATHER is and WHO our MOTHER is, we will know who we are and to WHOM we are to redeem, making ourselves aware of how important it is to love the others as ourselves and do good to whoever it is, thus we are replicating the Forgiveness in our daily life.

That is what the Rational Behavior is all about and, undoubtedly, which should be followed, because it belongs to the SUPREME RATIONAL WORLD, the dwell of all complying Rational people.

By complying with the Rational World, one will assume the Rational Behavior and return to the RATIONAL WORLD in life, by connecting oneself to IT and leaving once and for all the status of disobedience which we started with when we entered the Rational Plain, which was not ready for progress.

To return to the Rational World it is mandatory that one reads the book which contains the instructions to return to the RATIONAL WORLD; this book is UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT OF RATIONAL CULTURE.

In this book we will gather proves and evidences of who is our True OWNER and to WHOM we owe unlimited obedience.



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