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When we come to understand the reality of existence, we come to see why mankind has always lived under the whip of suffering.

Today we are fortunate to be able to count on a Book, which brings us unprecedented revelations, which finally open our eyes to the above, giving us the highest perception of reality which we never had.

It is when people manage to get out of the hole of unconsciousness into the dazzling contact with the true consciousness, the positive Rational Consciousness, and begin to develop this consciousness, through its ENERGY, the RATIONAL ENERGY.

We are talking about The Book Universe in Disenchantment, Rational Culture. Having this source as a bedside book, it is how many people throughout the world are succeeding to walk in an authentic LINE of peace, love, brotherhood and harmony, which is the LINE OF FORCE IN NATURE, THE RATIONAL LINE, which is only seen by those who are taking seriously the revelations of the Universe in Disenchantment.

In short you have come to understand the Rational litigation about life and death.

Everything is energy; everything is existence under two vibratory frequencies: the pure, clean and perfect, which is the eternal vibratory frequency – the  Rational – and  the transient, temporal, electromagnetic vibratory frequency.

The Rational is where the TRUTH is and, therefore, it is eternal, the natural existence, LIFE itself, where the RATIONAL positive consciousness reigns.

The Electromagnetic world is where deception, appearances – all that seems to be – are and, therefore, it has a beginning and an end, it is artificial existence, DEATH, where unconsciousness reigns.

And so, there is no effect without a cause, for everything is energy in the form of beings, existing the upper invisible field, the invisible lower field and the visible field, which is the projection of the invisible fields, where humanity is.

And so the world we live in is a visible and invisible electromagnetic set, caused by so many inhabitants of a RATIONAL World, where these inhabitants, in the overflow of their free will, gave cause to this electromagnetic world of vibratory frequencies out of the natural and, as it should be, became unconscious.

That is what LIFE and DEATH mean, and those Inhabitants who were the transgressors of the natural, are us ourselves here today in this degenerate, deformed, polluted and weakened world, reaping the fruits of what we have planted.

So:  LIFE, an invisible world, the World of Eternals, the RATIONAL WORLD of natural existence.

DEATH, the World of Mortals, the visible and invisible ELECTROMAGNETIC WORLD of artificial, apparent existence.

And so, when we come to know all this in the Books Universe in Disenchantment, we are awakening to LIFE and disenchanting ourselves from DEATH – this is the resurrection of the dead!

In order for us to be able to understand the Rational Knowledge contained in the Book Universe in Disenchantment, we had first to suffer the consequences of the overflow of our free will, which occurred in the RATIONAL WORLD, going through two great phases in this lower world we are in:  the FIRST MILLENNIUM, and the SECOND MILLENNIUM.

THE FIRST MILLENNIUM, consisting of the unseen invisible magnetic beings, the magnetic energy of the earth with the function of stoning the Rational animal for the development of the machine of imagination.

THE SECOND MILLENNIUM, constituted of the invisible unconscious electrical beings, the electric energy of the water with the stoning function of the Rational animal for the development of the thinking machine.

Both the machines of imagination and of thought were necessary for the survival of the Rational animal in the reign of evil, which is this electromagnetic world, which, then, constitutes DEATH, and therefore, this world we live in has never had the true tranquility nor the constant health, much less what we call happiness.

Nature, with its phase-to-phase changes, brought humanity up to 1935, when the phase of DEATH was over, that is, the survival stage of the Rational animals in this underworld.

The phase of the return to the SUPERIOR WORLD, the RATIONAL WORLD, the world of the true natural has arrived.  Thus the phase of Rational Apparatus entered, for pairing humanity up with the RATIONAL WORLD.

By the SUPREME order from the SUPREME BEING of the RATIONAL WORLD, the SUPERIOR RATIONAL, the command of Nature is no longer made by the invisible electromagnetic powers, a.k.a, thought and imagination, which have been replaced by the invisible command of the RATIONAL WORLD, thereby constituting the THIRD MILLENNIUM.

Thus the function of REASONING, which is the function of the TRUE LIFE has long been initiated in this world of DEATH.

But in order to develop within ourselves the TRUE LIFE, which is eternal, it would be necessary to know all that is being revealed in the Universe in Disenchantment books, so that we, Rational animals, might become disenchanted with this world of DEATH in which we live, where everything is sheer appearance, and in this disenchantment, we’d come to know the Positive Rational Consciousness and, through it, we could expand what remained of our ORIGINAL LIGHT BODIES, which is RATIONAL ENERGY materialized in our head in the Pineal Gland, in the form of Reasoning machine.

Therefore, the THIRD MILLENNIUM brought us the Book Universe in Disenchantment, in order to, through the knowledge of the TRUTH of the TRUTHS, set our reasoning machine in function and thus, we can proceed to reason instead of thinking and imagining.

That is why thought and imagination lead to DEATH, because they are two machines in the brain that produce negative vibratory frequencies, which appear to be positive, and that, by being apparent positive, will lead the Rational animal to constant misadventures, keeping it in this world of mortals, down to lower and lower classes, to the lowest condition of granite, because Nature is of transformations from one life to another and from one form to the next.

See the danger in which the person incurs by postponing the knowledge of Rational Culture contained in the Book Universe in Disenchantment?

Unknown that the phase of thought is over, the person does not understand, nor does he realize that he is on account of nothingness, with his thought weakening day by day, until it gets completely dried up, making him into a cold blood being capable of committing monstrosities, as we have countless examples in the world today.

And hence, living unprotected, under the command of pure negativity, in a life without any meaning and without any value to Nature, because he is outside the LINE OF LIFE, the RATIONAL LINE.

LIFE is everything eternally good and beautiful; it belongs to the RATIONAL WORLD, the natural world of the Rational animal.

It is granted to the obedient ones who make themselves worthy of it by the development of the reasoning.

DEATH is nothingness, devoid of good and beauty. It belongs to the Animal World, the artificial world, the apparent world, the world of thinkers and mortals.

No one can bear such indifference anymore: either embrace LIFE, or continue embracing DEATH.

The will is free!

Both LIFE and DEATH are within each one of us. Let us all want to disenchant from DEATH to free LIFE, which is the REASONING!

Health and peace for all through the development of the Reasoning.



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Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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